Grammarly is an online tool for checking Grammar, Spellings and Proofreading. The application helps you in writing error-free and easy to read articles.

The extension work with browsers like Firefox and Chrome for online spell check and can also be downloaded to work with MS Office.

The application also helps you in detecting plagiarism by comparing your article with billions of existing web pages.

Grammarly also helps you in improving your writing style by providing a readable score for your writing and ways to improve it.

This article is more of the Grammarly Affiliate Program review to examine if the Grammarly Affiliate program is a Scam or Legitimate and how much money can you make with this program.

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Grammarly Affiliate Program- Quick Review

Name: ​Grammarly Affiliate Program
Website: ​Click Here
Owner: ​Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn
Price: Free to Join




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Grammarly affiliate program is a legitimate opportunity for making money online. It pays $.20 for every free sign up through your affiliate link and $20  for upgradation to premium membership. 

Grammarly also pays $25 for placing a banner or writing writing a post on your website.

The Grammarly Affiliate program has the highest conversion Rate and Experienced Affiliate marketer can make up $1000 or more by promoting Grammarly Spellcheck extension.

But in case you do not have your own website and do not know about How to drive traffic to your website, You may not make any money either with Grammarly or with any other affiliate Program.

As a newbie, Your first aim should be to learn affiliate marketing  and upgrade your skills so that you can take full advantage of these Legitimate money making opportunity.

Though You may find a lot of free training material available on Social Media Platforms like Youtube or Facebook but chances are that most of it would be Outdated and may not be organized in a planned manner.

In  my opinion , and if you are sincerely looking forward to make passive income online to support your family, You should Join a step by step training in the affiliate marketing provided by leaders in the Field. The training will provide you all the tools to become a successful online entrepreneur.

How To Become Grammarly Affiliate:


Becoming Grammarly Affiliate is not that all difficult. You can visit Grammarly website and create an account. 

Once you have filled the application form for becoming an affiliate, the company will review it and inform you through a confirmation mail if the form is approved.

You may also note that you can join grammarly affiliate program through ShareASale or Commission Junction affiliate network

The approval Process may take upto 72 hours or more.  If you have an existing website or blog, the approval chances are quite high.

In case you do not own a website, You can approach them with a plan to promote their program and if they like your ways, you may still be accepted into this affiliate program.

You will get unique affiliate link and promotional banners once your application is approved and then you can start promoting the application and make money.

Role of a Grammarly Affiliate?

The of any affiliate is to promote the products whether it Grammarly or any other network. 

People prefer to work as an affiliate as they are not required to create own products and saves on the cost of development. Moreover as an affiliate you have the choice to select the brand and established products.

You may also have the option to select a legitimate Product with comparatively less competition but I would always opt for a product with high competition because whenever there is a competition, there has to be a demand.

When a product is in demand , there are better chances of Selling it. To sell such products you do not require a loud and pushy sales pitch.   

The Legitimate products which offer a free trial are much easier to sell and Grammarly offer a free lifetime version with many features.

Grammarly affiliate Program, therefore,  is a good option to make money by offering people a genuine and useful product. 

How to Promote Grammarly and make money Online?

There are many ways of promoting an affiliate Product. You may start with one any way and later on may other ways also. 

I  promote the products by writing the reviews on my Blog. If you already have a blog in related niche, You can straightway write an excellent Grammarly review.

You may find lot of reviews online but I would advise you to use Grammarly yourself and get familiarized with it thoroughly before writing the detailed review.  You can share your experience with the tool and by discussing various features you like and something which you may not like or feel it could have been better

You can also promote Grammarly by writing a tutorial on "How to use the Grammarly Tool"  for checking plagiarism  or you can teach people about " How to download Grammarly Full version" These tutorials will help people finding the answers to their question and probably they may download Grammarly using your affiliate links and you may earn money.  

Besides writing review ot tutorial, you can also use Grammarly banners on your blog widget area. Site visitors may visit the Grammarly website by clicking the banner and you will make a commission when they signup for Grammarly. 

You can use social media posts or PPC campaigns to promote grammarly. 

I hope by now you have some ideas about how to promote Grammarly and ready to join Grammarly affiliate Program.

I have not gone into details of affiliate marketing techniques in this article as the article is primarily planned to discuss Grammarly affiliate Program.

In case you are a newbie and do not know the affiliate marketing techniques, You may like to explore a step by step training that I use to learn affiliate marketing. The training has helped me establishing myself as a successful online entrepreneur making 6 figure passive income.

How Much Money Can You Make With Grammarly Affiliate Program?


Making money with affiliate program would depend on more than one factor. You efforts, skills , patience and persistence would definitely count.

In order to understand how much money can you make, We must look out at grammarly affiliate commission structure.

Here's how much Grammarly pay you for promoting their product.

1. You get a bonus of $25 when you get accepted for Grammarly affiliate Program and write a Grammarly review.

To receive this bonus you must download a creative from Grammarly website to place it on your blog and reply to the welcome email received from Grammarly Affiliate Program.

2. When any one signup for free and start using Grammarly, you get $.20.

3. For every upgrade to Grammarly Premium, you make an affiliate commission of $20.

4. If someone Join Grammarly Affiliate Program  using your Links, You make a referral commission of 10% throughout your life.

5. You can make between $10 to $50 for referring any customer.

5. Once you reach a milestone of making $2000 per month, you will get additional $200  as a bonus, $400 on reaching $4000 per month milestone and so on. 

How do you Get Paid?

You can get paid in either of three Way

1. You can transfer money in your Paypal account.

2. You can ask for the check payment , if you live in USA.

3. Money can be transferred to your bank directly.


Grammarly Affiliate Program is a legitimate opportunity for making money online. I would say that product is very useful and easy to promote.

You need not make any false promises or use any tricks to sell the product. All you have to do is to invite the people to use grammarly for checking grammar, proof reading article and detecting plagiarism as a free member. 


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