The Kibo Code Review:

If You have landed on this probably due to strong Buzz created by The Kibo Code eCommerce Training. The training is created by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

The training is about an unconventional System which Steven and Aidan have themselves used to make $76993 in Just 24 Days.

  • Without Amazon FBA
  • Without Facebook Ads
  • No Inventory Required
  • No Chinese Products
  • No upfront Product Purchases
  • Technical Knowledge Not Required.
  • Web designing Skills Not Required

If you are planning to start own eCommerce or Dropship Business for making Passive Income, the Kibo Code is the best training.

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The Kibo Code - Quick Review

Name: Stream Store

Owner: Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Website: Click Here



The Kibo Code is a 8 week long training program that train you and help you in making Passive income with the latest unique eCommerce method which has never been taught earlier.

The methods taught in the Training have not been used till Now. The people buying the system immediately will have first mover advantage.

 Before I discuss more about the System, Let us know more about the Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth, the Owners of the System.

Steve Clayton is an expert online marketer. He Started online business in 2003 after leaving the corporate Job.

He started making more than $50000 with Google PPC before starting eCommerce business. 

Now  eCommerce business is his main business generating 7 figure Income stream for him. 

Aidan Booth started his online business in 2006. he wanted to make passive income so that is Geographically Free.

Within few years he established himself a successful online entrepreneur making 7 figure income and moved to Argentina from New Zealand.

They Launched "7 Figure Cycle" in 2018 and program was highly appreciated and helped people achieving Success. 

That's why a huge buzz is already created for the Kib Code even before  its Launch. 

How Kibo Code Works?


There is one Famous brick and mortar Store in Tokyo. Japan that has been selling products worth Billions Of Dollar Every Month. They sell almost every product you can imagine. 

The Kibo Code have replicated the same mode online.

  • Your Store front will be Loaded with thousands of different type of Products.
  • You will analyze the best selling products with the help of tools provided with the Kibo Code.
  • The best Selling products will be made more visible to the Store Visitors.
  • The products that are not selling will be replaced with the new products.
  • .The system will be followed continuously to boost the sale by keeping the saleable products in front, removing non saleable products and adding new products for testing.
  • This would result in having only stacking only highly convertible products in your online store.

Like the Japanese mega Store, your online store will be focused on the Profitable products and not on a single niche.

Since all the products would be high in Demand, You will be able to make $3K or more per day easily without spending money on buying the paid traffic.  

As a member of Kibo Code you will have access to the complete system that include your Store Front with product pages and product database. training , Softwares, tools to identify the profitable products and support. You will be able to interact with the whole community using Kibo code and ready to share their success stories and experiences. 

The Following Step are involved in setting up your Store and start making huge income.

  1. 1
    You will be buying a high traffic generating Domain name by using the tools provided inside the member area.
  2. 2
    You will set up the store with high converting theme by following a simple procedure
  3. 3
    You will load the store with selected products from more than 3 millions products available. The tools will help you in selecting the profitable products. As I said earlier , your store will ne be focusing on a particular niche but  on profitable products.
  4. 4
    You will learn to use the untapped source of traffic like Google Shopping and Bing Shopping for generating high quality targeted traffic for your Store.
  5. 5
    The traffic will be converted into Sales.
  6. 6
    When Sales are generated, the USA based suppliers ( Not China) will ship the Items to your customer. You are not required to maintain inventory or warehouse.
  7. 7
    You will learn to move the highly selling product on visible area of your store and eliminating the products that are not selling. The process will be followed  continuously till your sotere is fully optimized and loaded with only convertible products.

Is Kibocode Worth Joining?

Kibo code is much different from other eCommerce training Programs and offer a unique solution on running the online Store. Anyone can get started with this program irrespective of prior experience.  

It provides an extraordinary Opportunity for those who are new to online marketing /eCommerce or have been struggling to make any sales in the past.

The program is not a get-rich-quick type of scam or done for you type of push-button solution.

Like any other business opportunity, it require hard work, dedication and persistence.

The Kibo Code provides the complete step-by-step training , inbuilt  tools, and software necessary to start making passive income online.

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