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Laid off or LockDown? Do not know what to do next?

You can turn your time into passive income. There is a Saying " When Going gets tough, Tough Gets Going"

During the crisis period, you may find your mind occupied with lots of worries and fears. There would be a lot of information floating around and panic may set in.


You watch TV or read news Papers or Log Into your social media account, you will find most of the people discussing the worst scenarios.

We may not be able to certify the authenticity of misleading information but most of us get stuck with Panic and Anxiety.

What is the Alternative?  Get busy with something and utilize this time doing what you would like to do.

Learn Lockdown Formula and Start making Passive Income

The Lockdown Formula - Quick Review

Name: The LockDown Formula

Owner: Dawud Islam, Jono Armstrong and Zeeshan Ahmed

Website: Click Here

Price: $9.97


Recommended: NO


Today I will walk you through complete details of the lockdown Formula i.e how it works, Cost, Pros and Cons.

The review will help you to decide if you can invest your time and money in this product. The Product is launched by Jono Armstrong to supposedly help you to fight Lockdown Period during Covid-19 and the recession thereafter.

The Sales video is presented by Dawud Lawn who himself is an experienced digital marketer. I have reviewed a lot of his products already and most of them were below par.  

He is known for researching the products already available on the market and refine them to the extent to be good for newbies. It is really difficult to create some useful product from a Scam

Zeeshan Ahmed is also part of the team. Zeeshan is an upcoming entrepreneur and Lives in Thailand. He is originally from Pakistan and English is his second language.

The Creator of the Program gives you the following Commitments.

As claimed by them :

  • The Program is not Like any other Money Making Program you have seen till now
  • No Prior Experience Required.
  •  No Technical Skills Required.
  • Suitable for Newbies.
  • Possible to See consistent results by working 1 hour every day step by step training for making money online
  • Complete Over the Shoulder Video Guide

What is the Lockdown formula?

The Lockdown Formula is a training program that allows you to learn to make money online quickly with affiliate marketing. 

You can use this simple-to-set-up system with basic squeeze pages that take people to an offer.

it also offers you full traffic generation training. The System is developed to help the members start producing online money from the ground up.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business and not a quick rich scheme and any product offering you some quick money always raise red flags.

There are many tools available in the market for creating squeeze pages with the click of a button but a squeeze page or even a complete website will not make any money unless it gets targeted traffic.

One module of this training program is devoted to the requirement of traffic but it does not dive deep into how to get site visitors.

There is no shortcut to success and if you really want to make money, you will have to follow some good step-by-step training that holds your hand and teach you all the aspects of Affiliate marketing.

Lockdown Formula Training Modules:

The Lockdown Formula is divided into various modules and sub-modules. Each module will teach you some specific techniques and their practical implementation.

Different Modules are as mentioned below:

  • Module 1:Introduction To the Training
  • Module 2 : What is affiliate marketing.
  • Module 3: The Main Affiliate Networks
  • Module 4: How to find Offers and get approved.
  • Module 5: The Lockdown Formula Part 1, 2 and 3
    • Part 1 will give you access to the free software required for creating Squeeze Pages.
    • Part 2 will teach you to use the Software and create Squeeze Pages
    • Part 3 is the discussion centred around the requirement of traffic for promoting these squeeze pages for making money

The trainer will walk you through the different concepts of affiliate marketing, getting started, and driving traffic to your offers so that you can generate unlimited passive income.

The Front end is available at $9.97 and upsells and downsells are shown below.

Upsell 1: The Lockdown Formula Pro ($27)

You will get 6 DFY campaigns where you can add your affiliate links. All the pages will be hosted for you and each page will have a review video, product demo, and bonuses delivered on your behalf.

The Pro version will also give you access to the unlimited Squeeze page builder.

Upsell 2: The LockDown Formula 6X Super Solos Pack ($47)

This upsell will provide an opportunity to send 6 Solos to the 16000 members of 25 MMO membership sites run by the creator.

Upsell 3: Quadruple Reseller Rights ($67)

You can sell The Lockdown Formula and 3 other Products as your own Products. These three Products are

  • Internet Marketing Alphabet.
  • Cougar Commissions
  • Puma Products

Upgrade 4: DFY Set Up and Coaching ($197)

You will get all the sales pages and funnels set up for you. Besides, you will receive 2 to 3 Skype coaching sessions from the Dawud Islam to ensure that you are able to promote the offers correctly and make money from Day 1

The LockDown Formula Bonuses:

You would get the following 3 free bonuses. The main Lockdown Formula, these Bonuses, and free traffic training will add up to give what a newbie would require for being successful in the online marketing Domain and making money.

Bonus 1 - Cougar Commissions :

Cougar Commission will give you a slightly more advanced method for scaling up the business.


Bonus 2 - Leopard Lists :

Leopard Lists Training will help you in building your own email lists by giving away freebies.


Bonus 3 - Eagle Emails :

The training will teach you to market the products to the list members.


Who Should buy The LockDown Formula :

The Lockdown formula is not meant for someone looking forward to making money online. The product is designed to make money for its creators only. It is designed in a way to lure the newbies searching for ways to make quick bucks online.

The Product includes over-the-shoulder training to implement but lacks the real affiliate marketing training. All the tools and resources required to create eye-catching squeeze pages are available inside but they are not worth it unless you know the basics of affiliate marketing.

The Product is designed for any newbie looking forward to making money online.

The Product is designe for any newbie looking forward to making money online.

The LockDown Formula Pros:

  • Easy to Implement
  • Affordable
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Step By Step Training
  • Created by Experienced Persons
  • All Tools and resources included for creating squeeze pages.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

The LockDown Formula Cons:

  • You will not make any money.

Bottom Line: Is The LockDown Formula Recommended?

The Lockdown Formula is a training program designed to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. But it never does so.

I hope you have liked The LockDown Formula review, In case you need any more information, please leave a comment below in the comment section. I will reciprocate at the earliest.

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