Are you looking forward to earning $1000 or more per month through Amazon? Do you know you can benefit from the International Shipping facility with Amazon?

You can start selling on Amazon and take advantage of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) for guaranteed online Delivery.Amazon Boot-camp V 3.0 is a training program designed to help you successfully build your Amazon online Business for fulfilling all your dreams.

By Following the complete Amazon FBA training, you will start making 6 figure income.

This article will discuss the selling Family and how Amazon Boot camp 3.0 can help you build your business? Is the Selling Family a Scam or Legit?

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The selling family review - quick report

Name: The Selling Family.
Website: Click Here
Owner: Jessica Larrew.
Price: Starting $27, $347 or $99 for 4



What is the Selling Family?

Selling Family is a learning platform developed by Jessica Larrew and has different training modules to teach you how to make money with Amazon.

You can make money either by selling the products on Amazon or through the Amazon Affiliate Program by effective Blogging.

You will learn to create a website using Word pressestablish a niche or Authority Blog. Jessica has shared the whole process; she has used to make money-using Amazon without hiding anything.

The selling Family has three different Learning options with separate price tags. You can select the option best suited to you.

What are Different Options?


Option 1: Amazon Boot Camp 3.0

Amazon Boot Camp V 3.0 is the most comprehensive course with the highest price tag of $347 in one go or $ 99 / month for 4 months. With this program, you will learn to make full-time income using Amazon FBA. This course has 6 different Modules as described below

  • What is the actual cost of doing business with Amazon?
  • How to Set up your own Amazon FBA Business.
  • How to achieve Higher Product Rankings?
  • Setting up Inventory Goals.
  • How to Source Products Locally, Retail Arbitrage?
  • How to List and Sell Product on Amazon?
  • Frequent Asked Questions.

All these modules are in the form of easy-to-understand Video Tutorials. Besides the tutorial, you will also join their Facebook seller Community to get support and help from Experienced Amazon Sellers.

Option 2: Already Selling on Amazon, Learn more Techniques.

This module consists of 14 different eBooks ranging from $20 to $ 40. These books cover various topics like Sourcing Strategies, making money with Groceries, finding profitable products, and searching for coupon codes using revROI.

They have not added up all the books, which would have made the module very expensive. So instead, you can choose an eBook as per your requirement.

Option 3: Make money with Amazon, Blogging


This option again has 3 different Courses.

  • This course, 30 days website building challenge, teaches you step by step how to make your own Amazon affiliate website and start making money in 30 days. The Price tag is $97.
  • The course teaches you to design your digital product and sell the same for $67.
  • The course is for $65 and teaches you ways to make $1000 per month via blogging.

Who can use "The Selling Family"? 

If you plan to sell a physical or digital product online, the product is for you.

If you do not have any product or the money to spend on creating your product and looking forward to making money by reviewing the products by writing Blogs, Selling Family is not for you.

Don't know where to start?

Join My Recommended Program for Building 6 Figure Passive Income Business. 7 Days Free Trial, No Credit Card Required.


  • Jessica has already achieved huge success. She shares the same techniques in her training so that you can replicate the success.
  • Jessica has not made any false claim of making you rich overnight.
  • Apart from paid contents, lots of free contents are available to get you started.
  • Support through the Facebook group


  • I don’t really like that there are So many products to choose from and that there are prices for each one. It adds up to a lot of money spent (I’ll get into the prices and products shortly).
  • You need to spend $ 500 to $1000 on all the products.
  • I was a bit confused when I landed on the site because there are 3 options to choose from to begin a business, and each has its own training. I wanted to see it all consolidated into one big training program, it would make it easier for someone who is also confused not to worry that they chose the wrong product.

Bottom Line : Is The Selling Family Worth Joining

The Selling Family is not a Scam. I have reviewed many similar programs and have found most of them scams. Selling Family though stands above most of those but is still not the best.

I most dislike the program because there are so many modules to confuse the visitors, and one has to choose the module with caution.

The overall price of the product is very high, and it is just restricted to provide on Amazon only.

I feel that if you are getting started as an affiliate marketer, then why should you restrict yourself to Only Amazon.

You must join a comprehensive training program that teaches you to make money with any affiliate product and not only Amazon. However, I am not against Promoting Physical products; Amazon does not offer very high commissions.

If you have to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be looking forward to promoting digital products that offer a commission of 50%. By applying the same efforts, you will be making much more money.

Therefore, you must join comprehensive training and learn to promote any physical, digital, or software product.

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