I would like to congratulate you that you have decided to read the Silk Road effect review before joining the Program.

With so many scammers present online, it is a wise decision to invest your hard earned money after proper investigation.

If you are planning to join the Silk Road Effect for making $1800 each day, I would request you to spend some time on this post as  I am going to reveal all the red flags and other concerns related to the working of the system.

Quick Report- The Silk Road Effect


I sincerely advise you to stay away from the get-quick-rich schemes like the silk road effect. The systems are designed to make money for their owners and not for you.

You will not be able to get any benefit from the outdated training on dropshipping provided within the silk road effect system.

People searching for quick online money are the easy targets for the scammers.

There is no shortcut for making money.  

If you are ready to learn and work hard, you can join my recommended program by clicking the button below.

Over All Rating :

What is Silk Road Effect?

When I landed on the website, the First thing which came to my mind was "SCAM".

There may be ways to earn $1800 or more per day but You can never start earning this amount on the day You join a system.

They have kept the joining cost at $37. If the system is too good to make $1800  per day, why is it being Sold for Just $37?

If the owner is making $1800 or more per day, he should live comfortably without selling the system.

There can not be the quickest way of making money online.

I have reviewed many such programs assuring quick money but failed to deliver. The Quick money making programs like BulletProof Profits, Quantum Ad code, and Earnshot.com, to name a few, have turned out to be 100% Scams.

Despite so many Red Flags, I do not like to declare a program as a Scam without thoroughly reviewing the same.

The silk road was used to define the network of ancient trade routes. The People of the Silk Road era shown us the way to get rich through international business.

The narrator of the silk road sales video informs that he is going to share the ways to buy an item for $5 and sell it for $100.

This clearly gives the hint that the silk road effect training is all about combining Dropshipping and eCommerce.

Drop shipping is definitely a legitimate business Opportunity but you can not make money on day 1.

There is no doubt that you can earn millions or billions of USD online but the fact is you need to know how to make actual money.

Online business is no different from offline when it comes to knowledge and hard work.

To start an online business, you must have your own website and you must know how to promote the website so that it gets ranked in search engines.

You can either promote your own products or monetize your website by affiliate links.

Of course, you can also make money by selling products on the market Places like Amazon or eBay without having your own website. But it has become very competitive and margins have gone down drastically.

Bigger brands are directly promoting their products and hence leaving no margin for small time sellers.

Best way to make money online is Affiliate marketing. 

How does the Silk Road Effect system Work?

The Sales video suggests that you are going to make money with a few clicks. The narrator says he is going to share a secret system for making money.

But there is no secret.

Dropshipping and eCommerce is not a new thing and you can never make money as being told.

The silk effect road system is an outdated training on Dropshipping and consists of 4 pdf documents and  10 videos.

You can not learn online marketing by reading a few pdf documents and watching outdated videos which do not provide the step by step training.

The videos just explain the basic things like

  1. What is eCommerce?
  2. How to start your eCommerce Store?
  3. Creating a Shopify site for DropShipping.
  4. Creating a woo-commerce store.

You can find a lot of such information already available on Youtube for free. But I have never seen a person succeeding in online Domain by following such information.

If you are really keen to start your Dropshipping business, it is better to buy Alidropship Plugin from the experts in the field or Buy a ready-made dropshipping store.

Drop shipping is not the easiest way of making money online as you have to source the products from a reliable supplier and promote them online. You must be very careful while selecting the supplier as low-quality goods would damage your online reputation.

You can download a free guide on dropshipping by clicking this link.

Once you have purchased the Silk Road effect system, you will be immediately hit with upsells.

The Silk road effect is no different from other Low price entry scams I have reviewed. They all try to sell an incomplete system at a very low price and force you to buy upsells later.

To start building a dropshipping store following the training, you will have to buy Shopify membership for  $29 to $ 299.

Then you will come across another upsells i.e The silk road effect Delux club ($197) and Marco Polo Secret ($197)

By the time you realize the scam, you will end up spending close to $ 500 and would not make a single penny from the system.

Is The Silk Effect Road System a Scam??

I am of the firm opinion that any program, be it the silk road effect or any other system which claims that you can make thousands of dollar per day with just a few clicks have to be classified as a Scam.

The only positive thing about the system is that it is being sold on ClickBank and comes with the money back guarantee.

I have shared all the hidden facts about the silk road effect with you and hope it will help you decide if the system is meant for you or not.

In case you need any further information, Please leave a comment below.

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