WordPress is a blogging tool which was not intended for creating professional looking websites. The WordPress developers are looking forward to removing the tag of Just a Good Blogging Tools With the Gutenberg project. After all who does not like to create a  good looking website.

The New WordPress builder is still in nascent state and need lot of improvement before people start accepting it.   Despite the best efforts of the developers, the WordPress editor has still a long way to go.   

Thrive Architect provide your WordPress site with the functionalities of a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor and lets you create the aesthetically good looking Posts for optimized conversions.

In this thrive architect review I am going to analyze how good is the Thrive architect by thrive themes and how can you use thrive architect to create decent looking pages and posts on your website.

If you are also struggling with the look and feel of your website and trying to convert into a decent looking site, the thrive architect will provide you with the best solution and end all your worries.


Essentials of A Good Page Builder:

 Before We start reviewing Thrive Architect, It is important to look out for the essential requirement of a Good Page Builder.

We shall then review Thrive Architect and try to find out if it Fulfill the criteria Set By Us

The Following are the basic minimum characteristics a Good Page Builder must have.

  • The  PageBuilder must come from an established Player who continually strive to make it better and would not leave the market.
  • Whatever the reason may be, In case You plan to uninstall the Page builder, it shall leave your website with the usable contents.
  • A Good website builder must have a simple user interface as it will be used mainly by the users who do not possess any Programming Knowledge. It must provide you with drag and drop options and widgets as well to fulfill the designing requirement.
  • A Good website builder must have a preview mode. The Preview mode will allow you to view actual look of your website once before publishing. This may help you to finetune the look before Publishing

Thrive Architect Review: Summary

Name: Thrive Architect
Website: Click Here
Owner: Shen Melaugh and Paul McCarthy
Price: $19 per month



What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is the best visual page builder for WordPress with drag-and-drop option designed to focus on conversion optimisation and speed.

The Website Builder includes lots of fully responsive Prebuilt home and landing page templates. These  templated are mobile optimised. You can edit them to style absolutely every detail, without ever writing a line of actual code.

The thrive arhitect is much more than a "what you see is what you get" type of website builder" as thrive architect memberships would provide you much more than that. There are many plugins to help you lead generation and conversions. We shall discuss all these in this review.

The design and look of your website play an important role in your online success. I agree that content is the king but no would would like to read the dull looking content without any aesthetic appeal. As per a Social Science research network, 65% of the human beings are Visual learners.

You can either hire a website designer to create a professional looking website or may use Thrive Architect to design a website without any coding.

When most of the people see a good looking website, they feel that it might have been created by an experienced website designer but clever one know how to use a website builder like Thrive Architect to build a website yourself even if you are using a free wordpress theme. The basic idea behind using thrive architect is to build your website pages very fast using the drag and drop editor without any requirement for editing HTML or CSS.

Thrive architect Can be used to do the following:

  • Use a Pre-designed template to create a Home Page
  • Create a Landing Page for Lead Generation.
  • Build a Product launch Page or Webinar Page etc
  • Provide various features like content Blocks, Call to Action, Ratings , Styled Lists,tables or  Counters etc.
  • Provide Table of Contents

 Thrive themes plugins:

As already informed your thriveship membership is not just restricted to the access to a front-end website builder but you will have many conversion focused tools for your WordPress websites.

These tools are available in the form of WordPress plugins and can easily become a part of  your strategies to promote WordPress websites. These plugins would help you in the ugins lead generation and content optimization process. 

Here's the details of the Plugins you will get with thrive themes membership

 Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin:

The thrive leads wordpress plugin can be used to build your email list. You can use the pre-built optin forms of edit them to make new. The Optin forms can be displayed using sidebar widgets or as a popup form. You can also design the exit pop ups for the users leaving your website.

Thrive Quiz Builder:

Thrive Quiz Builder is an astonishing quiz builder which will help you to easily create beautiful and complex quizzes. These quizzes can be used to grab the attention of your site visitors and increase their engagement.

The Quiz Builder will help you in building your email list, social shares and above all will provide you with the data required to grow your business.

A site visitor normally visit your home page or post and bounce back within 15 seconds of arriving if the he does not find the content very engaging. 

In case you have some good contest followed by  a quiz, the site visitors may not only like to answer every question but also share the result with their friends. This would increase site traffic from social media sites and therefore ranking on search engines

Thrive Ultimatum


Thrive Ultimatum can be used to display a countdown timer on your site. The Countdown times helps in creating some sort of urgency and inspires site visitors to take action before the timer expires.

Thrive Ultimatum comes with a number of Pre-designed templates for countdown timers, widgets and floating banners. All these templates are professionally designed to make them look stylish and 100% conversion focused.

These timers can be effectively used by the Digital Product Creators , E-commerce store owners and affiliate marketers for offering time limited bonuses and increasing conversions. 

Thrive Ovation:

The Thrive Ovation is an automated client testimonial management wordpress plugin which would collect the testimonials and and display them on your site for better conversion.

Thrive Ovation can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter to grab the comment and import as testimonial to your website.

Thrive Comments:

Comments on your website is just like adding fresh and relevant content. 

As website owners, all your time and efforts are spent with an aim to get visitors to interact with our site i.e visit different pages, read the contents and ultimately click the button you want or atleast leave a comment.

A comment would indicate that they're somehow interested in what you're doing and they are ready to share their details with you either for more details or expressing their views..

Thrive comments can be used set post-comment actions. You can do anything from redirecting the commenter to a URL, showing related posts or social sharing prompts etc.

Thrive Optimize:

Thrive Optimize will allow you to perform AB testing on various landing pages to check which version is performing better.  

When you start AB testing, you can configure Thrive Optimize to  manage the test for you and  automatically monitors the results. The  underperforming variations  will be eliminated automatically when enough data is gathered by the plugin. 

Thrive cleaver widgets:

Thrive themes is all about conversions. You can use the Clever Widgets wordpress plugin by thrive themes to show highly relevant content in the widget areas.

By showing relevant contents to your site visitors, you can ensure more clicks, less bounces and optimized conversions.

Clever Widgets plugin can be used to determine which content should be shown to visitors, based on categories, tags, post types.

Thrive themes Price: 

Thrive themes products can either be purchased individually or through a monthly membership package. Once you opt for the package you can use all the plugins for a very reasonable price.

The Thrive themes are available for $49 each and where as the price for thrive plugin start from $39.

 There are two membership plans available. if you are planning to use thrive architect and thrive themes plugin on your websites (upto 25 Nos) , you can buy the membership for $19 per month.

As a website developer you can opt for agency membership by paying $49 per month. This will make you eligible to install the themes and plugins on your clients website as well. 

What I Like About Thrive Themes?

I am a big fan of Thrive Architect and this website is also created with Thrive Architect. There are lot to be liked about thrive themes and I would like to discuss some of these definitely.

1. Landing Pages Templates:

With thrive themes membership you will have access to 320 numbers well designed prebuilt landing page templates which are 100% conversion focused .

The template will help you to create professional looking sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages and more without a single line of coding. These pages can be customized and published instantly.

2. Pre-Built Conversion Elements:

With the conversion focused Pre element, thrive architect will allow you to uninstall lot of plugins and enhance the website simplicity and speed. 

Thrive Architect can be used to create customized buttons, countdown timers and testimonials.

You can also create the lead generation forms to integrate with your Autoresponder or email marketing tools.

3. Fast Editing and website Building:

You can use drag and drop option by launching Thrive architect editor. This is also known as "Click to Edit".You can add anything using the prebuilt elements. You can delete by just a single click and if you want to move something , you just have to click and drag. 

You can change the Font layout, Text formatting, Layout and positioning very easily by using the options and can observe the changes practically.

4. Instant Preview: 

thrive-themes-instant preview

You can instantly view how your website would look on Laptop, A tab or Mobile Phone by just clicking various options, Every time the page reloading is not required. This option will allow to to align various elements on your website in such a way that is fully optimized for viewing on any gadget.

Thrive Themes Tutorial:

You will find the detailed tutorials to help you get started and perform every action with utmost perfection. The tutorials are segregated  in various categories for ease of accessing . The tutorials are added as and when some new changes are made. You can access the tutorial by clicking the image below.


Thrive Themes University:

As a thrive theme member you can access various courses inside the thrive university. These courses will effectively teach you the various topics like 

1. Creating your eMail List

2. Copywriting

3. Building a Landing Page.

4. Creating a Sales Funnel etc

I Invite you to Join the Thrive university for Free now using my special link below.

What I do Not Like About Thrive Themes:

As I said Earlier, I like thrive Architect and other thrive themes plugin so much that I use them on most of my websites. But Since I am writing this review for you, I must be vary transparent and share other side of the coin as well.

There are few things which I feel need You must consider before switching to Thrive architect.

1. Need some training:

If you have not used a website builder before, you must go through the basic video training provided by the thrive architect. The videos are self explanatory and will help you understand the various elements and how to use them.

I have come across fe websites which probably using the thrive architect and were still not looking that attractive. This could be due to the reason that the website owner have not given any importance to the training. 

Though most of the elements are quite simple to use but still I would advise you to watch training video and master yourself.

2. Time Consuming and Attention Diverting:

This happens with me. When I started using thrive architect initially I used to spent hours with my post trying to make it good looking. I became very design conscious. I started spending more time in layout formatting and less on content writing. 

I would like to advise you that as a Newbie you should be concentrating more on researching the topics and content writing and less on the aesthetic view of website.

The Look of website is very important but beautiful website without content will not work. Therefore you must plan all the activities in such a way that you have more time for publishing the contents.

Who should buy Thrive Architect?

I think anyone looking forward to build good looking website can buy the thrive architect. The affiliate marketer and digital marketer can use the thrive architect for creating the landing and sales pages for their websites. Also you can use various elements for formatting the posts.

All the buttons, content boxes and styled lists used in this post are created by using thrive architect.

 The website developers can buy the agency version for creating landing pages and sales pages for client's websites and people like you can use it for their own websites.

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