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I would like to thank you for visiting my website to read The Wealth Compass Review. I hope you are looking for a good self-development program and it is always better to read the review before investing your hard-earned in buying something unknown.  That's the right approach to avoid online scams.

Wealth compass review - Quick Summary

Name: The Wealth Compass
Website: Click Here
Owner: Mark Pescetti
Price: $27

Best For : Every One

Rating :


 What Is The Wealth Compass System?

The Wealth Compass System is a 4-week program based on the law of attention that is quite different from the law of attraction.

The program helps you to be in your natural state of abundance to experience real unlimited abundance. The simple principle of life should be to think positive to be successful. But a normal human being always acts in opposite direction.

When you always keep on thinking about poverty or how much scarcity you have in life, you are going to attract more poverty. It is important to direct your thoughts towards what you want.

Law subconscious mind gets l human being When you are able to tune your subconscious mind to eliminate the limiting beliefs, that might have been the result of your past experiences.

The wealth compass is a system that will effortlessly align your subconscious mind using Law of attention so that you start attracting success, wealth, happiness, and abundance in your life naturally.

The wealth consciousness system is not something that will teach you the ways to make money online but it is a manual that will help you create abundance.

What is the Natural State Of Abundance ?


To make money, you must become a money magnet and start attracting money. To be successful, you should become a success magnet so that everything you do, the result is always a success.

This can be achieved when you are in a natural state of abundance. The wealth compass system uses a modern technique called theta tones to access and align your subconscious mind to manifest abundance.

Once you start listing to these special tones at a particular frequency, these will help in clearing the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that have been programmed in your mind. You do not need any special skills, just close your eyes and listen.

Once these limiting beliefs are cleared from your mind, they will be replaced with the new belief system i.e happiness, joy, money, love, health, and abundance

Guided Meditation to attract Abundance :


The wealth Compass system also provides you with a guided meditation based on the theta tones to attune your brainwaves to positivity.

To create anything in the life and outside world, it has to be created within i.e in the subconscious mind. The guided meditation will help you to create a vision of your life and actually decide what you want.

Once you get to know what you want from life and practice it daily, you will start attracting the same in your life. The system will help you to change your present situation, however bad it may be

The Wealth Compass Program Tracks :


The 4 weeks wealth compass system comprises 4 different tracks. These are:

  1. Connecting with your Natural State
  2. Feed the God Wolf
  3. Waking up from Dreams
  4. Celebrating your dreams

In the first track, you will actually learn about what abundance is and how you can let it into your life.

The second track will remove all past limited thoughts that have kept you away from abundance. Once negative thoughts are cleared they will make way for the positivity in your life. You will naturally be aligned with the universe's mother and get everything you want from the universe.

The third track will help you create everything you want in your subconscious mind and turn it into reality.

The last track will teach you the power of thanks and appreciation. By thanking the universe for what it has given you and appreciating what you will receive,  your recipient power will be magnified to an unlimited extent.

When you listen to these 4 tracks for four weeks, once a day, it will change the way you look at your limitation and direct your attention to abundance.

Once you have that attitude in your life, the universe will be forced to provide you good fortune, wealth, abundance, and what not? Once your desires start fulfilling, you will live a stress-free life and have good health automatically.

Wealth Compass Price and deliverables :

The wealth compass system is reasonably priced at $27. This is an amount that anyone can manage to spend for learning the art of attention and fulfilling life with abundance.

When you buy this system, you will get all the tracks (also in written form) and four bonuses for free.

The system comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee and if you are not with the system you can get your money back by just sending a mail to customer support.

Wealth compass Bonuses :

As mentioned above, when you buy the wealth compass, you will receive four free bonuses.

Bonus 1 :

How to Become the Leader of your attention- Free training to lead you into abundant state.

Bonus 2 :

The Wealth compass eBook comprising the text version of meditation.

Bonus 3 :

The wealth compass Printable action tracker: to maximize the results

Bonus 4 :

One month free access to the wealth compass inner circle. that is a monthly magazine providing tips on manifesting your dream life.

Wealth Compass Pros :

  • Reasonably Priced at $27
  • Easy to use.
  • Clear instructions on how to use the system
  • You get all the tracks in written format also.
  • Anyone can follow
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

Wealth Compass Cons :

This is not some money-making program on autopilot. In actually inculcate the habits of creating abundance. You will have to actually have to spend some time daily for four weeks to see the results.

Wealth Compass review: Does it work?

Wealth Compass is really a mind-blowing system since it’s actually based on the laws of physics.

If you want to manifest true wealth, without any confusion and frustration of those lame rehashed programs, now is your time.

I myself had purchased the wealth compass a long back and have followed all the instructions and have been benefited immensely.

 This was when I was about to start my affiliate marketing journey. I was laid off from my corporate job and have lost money in some MLM and "Done for you" money-making schemes.

 I Joined this affiliate marketing training for 7 days free trial and even got converted into premium membership. The training being offered is one of the best in the world but doubts kept creeping. I had a very rigid thought pattern and fear of losing money. Within one month, I left the wealthy affiliate training.

 At that time one of my old friends recommended me the law of Attention and convinced me to purchase it.

 Though I had heard a lot about positive thinking, the role of the subconscious mind in creation it never occurred to me that the concept was so powerful.

 Within a week of buying this course and listing to the tracks daily, there was a lot of clarity in mind and I started visualizing myself as a successful entrepreneur.

After one week, I once again joined the same training but paid for an annual membership this time, as was firm in mind and knew that I will definitely be a successful online entrepreneur.

 I am making 6 figure income and attribute my success to both wealth Compass and the wealthy affiliate training. Programs have helped me change my destiny. Can they change yours? I can not promise.

Something that has worked for me may not work for you but I can assure you one thing that the wealth compass system is not a scam and if followed properly will have a positive impact on your life.


In case you have any further questions, just leave a comment below in the comment section and I will revert at the earliest.


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