Traffic Robot Review

I feel you have landed on this post either directly searching for Automated Traffic Robot before buying or you may be searching for a tool to generate traffic on your blog. This is normally the case with the new bloggers trying to make a mark in online marketing. Personally, I would never use any automated tool for generating traffic as I know they will never yield the results as advertised and rather making you rich only the developers who have made them will earn the money. I have reviewed it transparently so that you must know whether money spent will be of any use.


Quick Report
Name: Traffic Robot
Owner: David Kirby
Price: $22.95  and many upsells
Product Release Date: Oct 23, 2018
Product Category: Traffic generation
Rating: 2 out of 10

What Is Traffic Robot all about?

As per the claims made by David Kirby, the  Traffic Robot is a brand new cloud-based traffic generation software for newbies entering into affiliate marketing Domain. Their own claim makes it very clear that they are afraid of targetting experienced marketers.  And above all, this is not a new software as claimed by them as they have already sold the same software in other names.

As per David Kirby is concerned, he is in the field of online marketing and has achieved some success but I never liked his approach to selling this software.

2. Features of Traffic Robot – Claims Made?

  • Unlimited FreeTraffic: Owner claims that this cloud-based software can be used to drive unlimited traffic to your blog and also help in building a mailing list.
  • Daily Income: It associates your income with the traffic generated. There is no doubt that traffic is the backbone of online marketing and is any software can achieve to generate traffic, you will definitely earn money.
  • Run from Anywhere: As the traffic Robot is a cloud-based software, you need not to install it on your laptop or desktop and it can be run from anywhere.
  •  User-friendly: They claim that the software is very easy to use.

3. How Does TR Works?

As per the claims made traffic Robot is a single click cloud-based software.

All you have to do is to follow the following 3 steps to generate unlimited traffic to your blog in 6o Seconds.


Step 1: login to your account on Traffic Robot.

Step 2: Click a single button to drive Traffic.

Step 3: Sit and Relax and see traffic growing

Here is the red flag. If generating traffic so easy then all the online marketers and bloggers would not put their efforts on  SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Therefore I am not the one to take all these stuff so seriously and fall for another scam.

Therefore I would now like go into details.

Before using one Click or single click, you have to add all your social accounts to your Dashboard or the software so that once you have clicked, the software will post your contents on your Social MEDIA

You will find the following in your main Dashboard


  • Social Media Sharing: On Blogger, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit etc
  • Vidеo Ѕharing Account: Dailymotion/ Youtube–
  • Image Ѕharing: Tumblr/ Imgur

Would you really like to automate your postings on various platforms without adding something really attractive, I will never do.  You may write your contents in text campaign but I would prefer to log on to my twitter account for sharing my post and spend 10 to minutes for researching and finding right kind of people to follow. To read the contents shred by you, you need followers. Just sharing on social media without followers will have no advantage unless you have real followers.

So this software may not be a scam actually offers something which can only be used if

  • You have a website
  • Have been writing the contents on regular basis.
  • Have done on Page SEO.
  • And just want to share your contents on social media and video Platforms without actually logging to those platforms.

5 OTO’s offered with Traffic Robot:

  1. OTO  1 – Traffic Robot Diamond Edition for $32  You may buy this OTO for 4 additional social sharing sites, additional videos training, and some bonuses.
  2. OTO  2 – Auto Traffic Robot Edition for  $37 –  After buying this OTO, you will have  20 additional accounts along with instructions to automate the entire Traffic Robot software.
  3. OTO  3 – Traffic Robot $1000 A Day Edition sold at $42 – 25 Training Videos to make $1000 per day which includes worksheets, templates.
  4. OTO  4 – Traffic Robot Money-Machine Edition ( $47 )– Right to sell Traffic Robot and keep 100% commission
  5. OTO  5 – Traffic Robot Luxury Edition for  $197David Kirby assured you that he will set up a Proven funnel for building a list which will allow you to make constant sales online.

Traffic Robot Pros:

  • No technical skills or experience required to use Traffic Robot
  • Cloud-based Software and not to be installed any software.
  • Suitable for any Niche.
  • Videо training revealѕ (OTO)
  • Capable of Creating massive sharing on autopilot
  • May Save some time.
  • 100% refund policy

Traffic Robot Cons: 

  • The sales page will make you believe that automated Traffic Robot will be your online tool for making money. This software will not make money for you but can ease some of the processes in online marketing.
  • Contrary to the claims made by the owner, this Software will never give you any free  unlimited traffic in less than 60 seconds
  • The owner makes the false claim that you will have many social subscribers.

 Bottom line:

I won’t put Traffic Robot in Scam category but a much-hyped software with less to offer. They are targeting the newbies but in my opinion, this software is meant for the bloggers who have made some progress. As I have already stated before buying this software you must learn to set up a website, write contents and know SEO techniques.  Moreover, the marketing strategy of making false claims cannot be justified. By just simplifying sharing process, you can not earn $1000 a day.

There are ways to earn money online legit ways and many experienced marketers are earning in six figures. But you can not expect to earn from day one. Like any other business, you have to work hard and keep patience. You must learn the techniques from

It is the way that this program is presented by its owner that poses a problem because he uses misleading means and tactics to push you to adhere to his program and spend your hard-earned money.

Anyone with some experience in the field of online marketing can tell you that it is impossible to earn $1,000 a day, using free traffic and without any knowledge or previous experience in the field of online marketing. You must learn online marketing skills and implement them. You must join a program which imparts practical knowledge and provides support and solution whenever in doubt.

You should not be bothered for earning at initial stages but earnings will increase as you progress in your training and implementation.

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