Unfair Advantage System Review :

You can build your own online business and start making $50 per day by just spending 20  minutes a day within 3 days from now. How ?

This claim is made by the team of Unfair Advantage System. Unfair Advantage is a system that gives you affiliate commissions even if people do not buy the products through your affiliate link.

I did not approve the earlier products released by Vick Carty as they were of very Low quality and were not very successful.

I have decided to review this new product as Vivk Karty has released Unfair Advantage in partnership with Tom E, an affiliate marketing expert.  

In this Unfair Advantage system review, I will discuss all the good and bad points and the claims made on the Sales Page. You will be able to make an informed decision in investing your money and efforts. 

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What is unfair advangate system - quick review

Name: Unfair Advantage
Website: unfairadvantageapp
Owner: Vick Carty and Tom E
Price: $17 Fron End




As per the claims, The system uses software to exploit the Amazon loopholes legally and provide you an Unfair Advantage" in making money with Amazon Affiliate sales.

As per the claims, The system uses software to exploit the Amazon loopholes legally and provide you an Unfair Advantage" in making money with Amazon Affiliate sales.

The system can be set up very easily and it uses YouTube videos for getting Amazon Sales When someone clicks on your affiliate links and visit Amazon, You make money from anything to everything, they buy in the next 24 hours.

The system provides you with guaranteed 100% free traffic of interested buyers through its software ethically. By using this 24 hours Amazon hack, you are definitely to make affiliate sales and commissions

As per the claims on the sales page, Vick Carty taught this method to his 12-year-old daughter Yana and she started making $50 per day within a week's time.

New to Amazon, Let me tell you Amazon uses cookies to track the visits through the affiliate links, and the cookies are stored for 24 hours. The visitors do not need to buy the products promoted by you, rather you get a commission for any product purchased by them within 24 hours of their visit to the Amazon website. advertised by you and

Therefore the main focus of this product is not to sell the products but to get the people to visit the Amazon website using your affiliate links.


As per the information available on the Sales page, the unfair advantage system can easily be set up following the step-by-step training video that comes with the membership. There are just only 4 steps involved

  • Create an Unfair Advantage property. That will probably take 10 minutes.
  • Use a 2-minute hack provided by Unfair advantage and post it to get page 1 ranking on Google. Page 1 ranking will ensure 100% free traffic and visits to Amazon through your affiliate links.
  • Once a person visits the Amazon website using your affiliate links, the visit will be recorded and cookies will be enabled for the next 24 hours, You will get a commission for any product purchased by the customer in next 24 hours.
  • Repeat the method every day.

How to Send People to Amazon ?

Unfair advantage system uses YouTube videos to get people to Amazon. Most of us do not like to face the camera and make our own videos.

But you do not need to worry. The product lets you create videos without being on camera. It has got 2 inbuilt templates for you. You just need to replace the images and text. You can create a video using the text (not copying) available on Amazon.

Here's a sample video shared by the vendor. Using this method, you can put up as many videos as you want. More video you create, there are more chances of getting the clicks.

The Viral Video Software :

The system also gives you viral video software to give you an insight into the competitor's tags, analysis, channel analysis, etc.

This software is the loophole that the owner has claimed will give to a page one ranking on google. I tried to find out the truth but I could not find any proof to verify the claims. I don't think the software works like that and believe me it is not easy to be on page 1 of search engines.

Unfair Advantage System member Area :

Once you log in with your credentials after buying the system, you will be presented with many upsells. I will discuss all these upsells in the next section.

The problem with these kinds of systems is that the vendor does not tell you about the upsells beforehand transparently.

You will come to know about these up-sells after buying and then realize that you have only purchased the basic system without many functionalities.

After skipping these upsells, you will find the following Dashboard in your member area. The member area is easy it navigate. The first five sections are meant for front-end Products and the rest of the sections are for different upsells.


Section two of the dashboard mainly covers the step-by-step training where they teach you how to apply for Amazon Associate and how to edit the template provided with the system for creating a YouTube video.


  • Based on Legitimate Amazon Associate Program.
  • Based on YouTube traffic but you don't have to be on Camera
  • Pre-made templates for YouTube videos
  • Easy to start.
  • Anyone can do it.
  • Reasonable front end pricing

Unfair Advantage System Cons

  • Viral video software does not work the way it is being advertised
  • Just following this method, you can never be on Page 1 ranking
  • You may not make any money
  • Amazon pays very little commission.
  • Have to make 3 sales within the first 180 days to keep active



This OTO will provide you the unlimited software searches and also teach you to cookie your customers for 90 days instead of 24 hours for high ticket products. It will cost you $37 but in case you refuse a downsell is available for $27.


They will provide a comprehensive case study which you can follow to go from 0 to $50/day in less than a week which you can implement- Upsell cost $37  and Downsell cost $27


If you need more DFY templates for YouTube videos you can buy this upsell for  $97. Again Downsell is available for $67.


WIth this upsell, you will have access to vendors’ inbuilt video library including 4K videos, video backgrounds, graphics, background music, and a built-in video editor for  $37. The Downsell is available for $27


6 week live coaching through weekly webinar would cost you $197 and downsell is available for $97

You are not required to buy these upsells upfront. You can test the front-end product and can decide later if these upsells are of any worth.


I will not keep the unfair advantage system in the scam category but I do not recommend the system either.

I have reviewed similar shining objects earlier also but rarely have I give my approval for such products. These products may help you make some money for a shorter duration but you may not be able to build your online business.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money and I am making $10000 or more per month as an affiliate marketer only.

I do not use YouTube videos but have build my business using review websites. I use SEO techniques to rank high on Google. You have landed on this page searching for something. This clearly indicates that my website is ranking high on Google and generating free traffic.

Once you have a review website, you can use YouTube videos as well to drive traffic to your main money-making website and that would add to your passive income.

Making money is not easy but affiliate marketing is not rocket science. I have learned myself at the age of 50 and you can learn it too.

I was fortunate to find the best affiliate training platform wealthy affiliate and have learned there "How to make money online". I am a premium member for the last 3 years now.

You can also join a wealthy affiliate as a free member by clicking here and test the system yourself without any obligation and without using your credit card.

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I hope you have enjoyed my Unfair advantage system review. In case you need more calcification or have any further question, please leave a comment below in the comment section. I will reply at the earliest possible

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