I decided to write the VO genesis review on the request of one of my Blog reader. I have reviewed 100's of the product in online and affiliate marketing domain so as to help newbies stay away from Scam.

I checked and found that VO genesis is a training guide which does not target the online marketing domain but I could not ignore it as VO genesis is also online money-making opportunity. I decided to unfold the layers and see if people can really make $1000 or per day with Voice over.

I am writing VO genesis review as some of you might be interested to make money this way. You can expect my review to be 100% transparent as usual.

Quick Report

Name: ​VO Genesis
Website:Click Here
Owner: ​Jenny Le​wis
Price: ​$79 ( Read the section VO Genesis Cost below to get a discount)




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

​The Extensive research led to change my initial perception about the Program. When I first landed on the sales page of VO Genesis, It looked like a definite Scam.

I joined the program to see how are they cheating people so that I can share with my readers and advise them to stay away from the program.

But to my ​surprise VO Genesis turned out to be 100% legitimate training

Vo Genesis is a guide ​that teach you to make online money as a voice actor

The voice-over industry is ​dominated mainly by the celebrities which may led you to believe that only famous people can ​make money with voice overs. ​

But VO Genesis will break this myth

In VO Genesis, ​you will get to know the basics of ​launching your own voice-over start up.

This guide also provides a everything you need to know on the categories of voice-over work.

​You'd even be surprised how most people with horrible voices manage to carve a big piece of the pie.

​Though voice over is a legitimate way of making money, it is not for every one.

​In case you think voice over industry is not for you, do not get demotivated.

Even I am not keen on making my career in VO industry as I am already making 6 figure income with affiliate marketing. You can also learn affiliate marketing by clicking the link below.​​

What Is VO Genesis?

My first impression after visiting the Sales page was not very good. On the first look, the program looked like another Scam. The sales video start with the same old methodology. The narrator wanted to reveal the secret of making $1000 per hour in a 3-minute Video.

Jenny  Lewis further claims that you can make this kind of money sitting right there in your Pajamas.


I thought of not wasting my time any further but I never declare a program as a Scam without extensive research.

VO Genesis Actually stands for Voice over Genesis.  Voice over is a lucrative business and a legitimate opportunity for making money online.  You can provide your voice from the comfort of your home.

In earlier days you were supposed to go to the Studios for voice audition but same is being done by using an App. As long as you have the proper training and some basic equipment, you can build your career up from there!

If you feel that voice overwork does not pay enough, you are in for a surprise. I just quote from Voice.com that You may earn anything between $100 for 15 seconds and up to $250 or more for 30 or 60 Seconds as a voice actor.  Further, you may make up to $3000 for an audiobook. Yes making $8250 sitting in your pajamas is quite possible.

VO Genesis is a training guide that teaches you to make money using your voice.


In VOGenesis, You will be introduced to the ways to launch your own voiceover start-up. This guide provides complete details about what-you-need-to-know on the categories of voiceover work.

Jenny Lewis will also show you the way to set up your own VO studio at your home.

Who is VO Genesis for?

VO Genesis is for the people who want to make their dreams come true by fulfilling their money requirement or for someone looking for some extra money.

The basic requirement for a voice actor is an impressive voice apart from the fluency in Language.

In my opinion, if you have the voice skills and a desire to become a voice-over actor or else if you’re ready to take some voice training for developing that talent, you can make money.

In case you feel you do not have a great voice, you still can follow the VO genesis tips to get our the initial hurdles. They also provide links to the workshop to enhance your voice skills.

Still, VO Genesis is not for everyone. Accent Play a definite role. Though you can try to improve it, that may need a lot of hard work. Many people may not have desire to work on their natural Accent and won't take this opportunity.

How much VO Genesis cost?

The Original price of the VO Genesis is $79 but it is being offered at a discounted price of $39.95. Hold on, I will share a trick and price will go down to $19.95.

Click the Following button to open their website in a new Tab. After landing on the page just refresh it once or twice and you will be taken to the new Page. Now just try to cancel it, you will be offered the 50% discount and price will come down to $19.95.

I suppose it is worth buying the guide at this price.

What is there in the Guide?

The guide provides a lot of information to get started as a Voice actor and even start your own voice studio. Inside the VO Genesis, you will find:

  1. The top websites offering best-paying jobs are voice actors.
  2. How to find Job offers with less competition?
  3. How to find jobs without training and connections in the industry?
  4. How the lack of Vocal skills can be compensated with Sincerely and great timings.
  5. How to record your voice for gigs.
  6. How to set up your own home studio.
  7.  How to scale your business to six or seven-figure agency.

Is VO Genesis a Scam:


VO genesis a decent guide which trains you on setting up your online voice over business. Though I may not be in agreement with some of the marketing gimmicks deployed by the VO Genesis.

I observed some of the testimonials are not legitimate. They have hired the paid actors from Fiverr for testimonials. I have seen the same actors in earlier scams like Social Sales Rep unearthed by me.

Apart from the little observation, I feel the guide is worth its price and serve the purpose.

Bottom Line:

VO genesis is not a Scam. People are making money as a Voice over artist but this does not suit to each and every one. There are other online options available for making money in  a legitimate way.

In case you want to give voice over a try, you should definitely  by the guide but in case you are on my side and do not want to be a voice over actor, there are alternatives available.

I would advise you to get started with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not a "be rich overnight" type of thing. In case you are looking forward to be rich quick, I do not have any thing for you.

But if you are ready to work hard and establish your own online business for making passive income , you can join my recommended #1 training in Affiliate marketing.

I can assure you that it is not very difficult and with proper training and your efforts, you will soon be making enough money. Once again I like to warn you that making money online will only be possible if you have patience and persistence. Ask yourself before starting.

​I hope that this article will help you in deciding if Voice Over is for you or if you want alternate route for making money online. With this I take a leave and in case you have any question or query, just leave a comment below.



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