Work from home is just like a dream come true for many. The Internet has generated work from home jobs for every one irrespective of experience, gender, age or demographics. 

Internet has helped, working professionals to create the best work-life balance. With the advent of new technologies, employers are also ready to create work from home job opportunities and reduce their overhead cost.

While taking these opportunities you may also like to be aware of work from Home Job Scams and Ways to avoid them.

Since more and more people are looking for work from home job options, scammers have also become more prevalent. Fraudsters are posting various lucrative job postings and business opportunities on various sites or social media platforms.

Work From Home Job Scams look like:


Here I am sharing with you most noteworthy tips to identify and differentiate the work from home legit opportunities from Scams.


How to identify the Red Flags?

You will be very careful if a stranger approaches you on the street with a deal that's just too good to be true. At the same time, you may be less cautious while dealing online.

Nowadays Work from home scams, are more common and therefore you can identify them easily. Here's one example of Work From Home Job Scam.

Most of the scammers offering Jobs use their personal Gmail or Yahoo account and offer online interviews through chat.

You are advised not to take the job unless you have been

  • Interviewed and met the employer in person
  • or atleast Have a video conference.

Never be shy about asking interviewers further more details like Name and phone numbers and research to establish their credentials.

Evaluate Job Description—Legit or scam?

A real genuine and legit job description will include

work from home job scams

  1. Minimum Qualification
  2. Job responsibilities.
  3. Role to be offered.
  4. Experience required.
  5. Companies profile which will include their address and Phone numbers etc.


If the job posted does not include all or any one of above, it is most likely to be one of the work from home job scams rather than being a legit Job opportunity.

A potential employer may not like to recruit you unless your credentials match their exact requirement.

Evaluate the Company- Before accepting the offer.

Before accepting the work from home offer, you must evaluate the companies credentials and establish their worth.In addition, There are many ways to research about the company.  You may like to check

  • Owners Profile.
  • Corporate Profile.
  • Existing Employees review
  • Social media presence of owners and existing employees.
  • Try to find out some referrals; if possible
  • You may also like to check Alexa ranking on their website.

In addition, If a company does not have a website or social media presence, it is more likely to be a scam.

Ask Questions, Seek Answers.

First of all, write more specific questions especially relevant to the job offer and try to find out the answers. If you don’t feel satisfied with the answers, do not accept the job. Your queries may include

  • How old is the organization?
  • How do they generating their revenues?
  • How do they are going to pay you?
  • Do they want you to join and recruit further for similar job options?
  • What is their expansion plans?


Do not shell out your hard-earned Money.

Do you think a legit company will ask the candidate to pay money for training or Joining?

If they are demanding some money on that pretext, do not fall into the trap and get scammed. The job is definitely a scam.

Do not share the sensitive details about your bank account or credit cards with them?

Before accepting any work from home opportunity, if you check the above details,  you will find the ways to avoid online job scams also.


Before becoming a successful online entrepreneur, I have also fallen for scams initially.

Therefore, I would advise you to get yourself trained and start your own affiliate marketing business or drop ship business rather than falling prey to work from home scams. I am an expert on affiliate marketing and drop shipping also. I have build lots of  Shopify stores and Amazon affiliate websites for my self and my clients, therefore, I can help on these topics. If you are looking for any help, you can leave a comment below.

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Please leave a comment below for any kind of advice or help?

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  1. I also always check out social media presence and see what they have done so far etc. but I actually never thought of using Alexa and I think it can be quite useful. and I definitely will do it from now on.

  2. Its always hard to admit how close I have come to a few of these fake scam work offers and get rich quick pitches. I once as a very young man even fell into one completely and lost a decent chunk of money due to that mistake. These warnings are totally accurate and need to be headed by any that are looking to start a new business opportunity but are unsure where to turn.

    Great Article

    1. I have come across many who have lost their hard earned money. That made me write this article.Thank you very much for dropping by my site and leaving the comment. I will soon be reviewing another online scam.

  3. Hi Arun!
    This is very important for all that are new to work online to understand because you can easy lose a lot of money and time if you don’t look out!
    Take care/Jan

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