Revealed the best Training Program That has helped me make Six Figure  Income Online 

Hi, I Am Arun

I am glad that you are here to know how I made 6 figure income in 2019 and 2020 (Even during Covid-19 Pandemic).

There are lot of people searching for a legitimate opportunity for making money online.

As per a Survey, the Success ratio in Online affiliate marketing is still not very good. The main reason of Failure is that people do not treat online business as a real business Opportunity and get trapped into some fast money making Schemes.

But there are people who succeed online and I am one of those Successful online Entrepreneurs.

You are about to Get a Sincere and Free advice from a person who actually make Money online Full time. 

I am Going to share the exact Formula used by me for creating 6 figure income website at the age of 51 after being Laid off from my Corporate Job.

Making Money Online is not very difficult but you have to do the things in right direction. Though there are people making money by ripping others but that do not last longer and once they are identified, they lose trut and stop making Money.

And then there are other type of people who strive hard to provide  something of really true value to their audiences. That something can be a Product , Services or a simple Information.

I am proud to state that I fall in second category and I will teach you the honest way of making Money.


     Before we start, Have a look at my Income Report For Year 2019. 


How Do I make Money Online?

I make money as an afffiliate marketer. I floow a very simple process of making Money online. Before We go into details of Affiliate marketing, here are the two basic Steps Involved in making money online.

  • Create a Niche Site around topic of your Interest where you can tackle others Problems.
  • Advice them about the products that can solve their Problems.

It is quite obvious for a newbie in the online marketing, you would like to ask what a niche is?

When I say niche, I mean a group of People. A group of Specific People searching for something specific online. Let me give some Examples.

Example 1: A Group of People Looking Forward to Lose weight.

Problem: Obesity  and  Excess Weight.

Solution: Weight Loss with Minimum Efforts.

Niche Site: Offer them Advice and Promote / Sell Good Weight Loss Products / Services with Pros and Cons.

Example 2 : A Group of Old People With Back Pain.

Problem: Back Pain.

Solution: Reduce the back pain or Completly Cure It.

Niche Site: Offer them Advice and Promote / Sell Good Pain Releiving Products /Services with Pros and Cons.

These are Just Two Exmaples and if sit with a copy and Pen , you will find hundreds of Niche Ideas like people searching online for souliton to their problems like Knee Pain, Hair Loss, Prostate, Dogs training or mindfullness etc.

  • You don't Need Your Own Product.
  • You do not need to keep any Inventory.
  • You can Promote the Products already available on the market.

The Process is nown as Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a Legitimate Way of making money by promoting Others products. Whenever a Sale is generated by You using the referral Link Provided by the Company, You make Commission.


Affiliate Marketing is not a Quick Rich Scheme but a real Business like any other regular business. 

Companies saves on Salaries and Overheads. They pay to the affiliate marketers when a sales is Generated. On the other hand People like You and me get an Opportunity to make Passive income and  achieve FInancial Freedom

The Step By Step training provided by Wealthy affiliate have helped me in Learning the complete Process of Affiliate Marketing and Launch My own Money Making Websites.


Internet has Provided many Global Opportunities Like DropShipping, eCommerce, Transcripting and Online Tutions etc for making money Online. But I have chosen to make money on my Own Website by promoting the  Products Created by Others.

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote the branded Products in ANy Niche without spending money on Dealership. If you Visit Amazon or Walmart, you will find all the major brands are selling their Products online. Once You Join Amazon Associate Program, You can promote any Product of Your Choice.

The Process is Very Simple  to understand. Let's say You are health conscious and Know How to Stay fit.

Let's assume that You create a website and Start sharing your views on "How to loose Belly Fat" or " How to Build Biceps" on Your Website. When You start writing the useful unique Contents on various health related Topics on Your blog, the website will rank on search Engines.

The people searching for the Problems related to health will find your website  in response to their search query. People will find lot of useful contents on Your website related to Say weight Loss and would like to use the equipments recommended by you.

When they click on the equipments recommended by you, they will land on the marketing network like Amazon, Walmart or eBay using your affiliate Links. Now when they buy the Products, You will make commission.

You might have already come across lot of affiliate website reviewing the Gadgets or comparing their prices. All these websites are generating passive income for their Owners.

But You Don't Know how to create Affiliate Website

I also did not Know when I got started and that's why I recommend the best training platform Wealthy Affiliate.

The Platform will not only help you build a website without any coding knowledge but provide Step by step training to build your online Empire.

Once you join the Wealthy Affiliate website, you will have your very own niche website online within minutes.

With Site Rubix Platform It is possible to build a website in the blink of Eye that earlier used to take many weeks and that too without any technical Skills. You can test the Site Rubix Features by building your first website for Free. Enter the Domain name below and get Started.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing Training Platform run by the Leaders in the Industry. They Offer Step by Step training focus on helping you created a Successful Long term online Business for making Passive Income.

The Online Business World is Evolving at a very fast Pace and therefore You need to be updated on the frequent changes in Techniques and search engines Algorithms to remain ahead of  other Affiliate Marketers.

The Weekly webinars delivered here provide you the competitive edge by teaching you what works today and what will work in future.

The online Video  training is Divided in two different Modules i.e Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate BootCamp

Online Entrepreneurship Training

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is divided into 5 phases. These 5 Phases consists of a total 50 lessons. The Training will teach you to create Your Own business in Any Niche you want and then growing it considerably to achieve your financial Goals.


Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The 7 Phases of the Affiliate Bootcamp training course  consists of a series of 70 lessons. The Training is focused on creating and establishing affiliate marketing business for promoting Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program. 


The Basic Feature of the Training are

  • Step By Step Training
  • 120 Recorded lessons Covering All aspects of Affiliate Marketing.
  •  More than 10000 Lessons by the Community members
  • Task to be completed at the end of Each Lesson for practical Implementation.
  • One to One QA by the owners of the WA.
  • 52 Live webinars in a year Covering the Latest changes in Technologies and Search Engines ranking Algorithms.
  •  Live Case Studies.
  • OA Section at the end of Webinars.
  • Live Chat for instant help. 
  • Community Blogs for sharing their experiences.
  • Free Secured Web Hosting.
  • Free Content Writer.
  • Free Access to the Best Keyword Research Tool.

Why Do I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate Training? 

Wealthy Affiliate is just not a training but a complete package for being a Successful Affiliate Marketer. The Wealthy affiliate will take you from zero to One with its Step by Step Training at your own pace.

You will be guided at every step.

  • Selecting the Profitable Niche
  • Booking Domain Name for your website.
  • Building your Own website through a Simple process without any Coding. If you Know How to Operate your COmputer, You can build your website
  • Finding the Keywords that would rank in Search Engines.
  • Writing Contents on the Selected Keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Driving Organic Traffic On your Website.
  •  Using Social Media for Promoting Your Website.
  • Paid Advertisement for Promotion.
  • Building email List

Apart from the Features mentioned Above, You will find a wonderful community of more than a million members there ready to help you every moment on 24X7 basis. 

Whenever you got stuck up with something, just go to Live chat and get the resolution. You can even find Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate chatting there and helping People.

The training will not make you become a millionaire but help you gradually grow your Business even beyond your expectations and Soon You will be enjoying Vacations with your family without worrying for money as your money making affiliate website will be generating income even when your are on Vacations.

Herr's How my Business has grown gradually in Last 2 Years


As can be seen, initial income growth was very less followed by a Stabilization period before reaching the exponential Stage. This happen with Every New Website.  I started with Wealthy Affiliate in July'17 and then left and again rejoined in Nov'17. I tried to find out alternative but no other program could satisfy me.


Your Website is Just like your Shop and the website traffic relates to the Footfall on the Shop.

More Traffic means your website will have more clicks and conversions.

When you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, the website traffic keeps on increasing resulting into more sales. 

The above gradual increase in income corresponds to the increased traffic as more and more pages have started ranking in Search Engines. Ranking in Search Engines is a big challenge but following Wealthy Affiliate training Your website would start attracting few Customers. Below I am sharing the traffic data foir first three month for my website.


With the Constant efforts and techniques as laid by the WA training, the Clicks have gone up from 6 to 600 ion a single day in next few months and that has helped me moving towards 6 figure Income.


What Others are Saying About Wealthy Affiliate?


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Wealthy Affiliate Premium

You can test drive wealthy Affiliate as a starter member for Free but the Outcome will be Limited. You would require the wealthy Affiliate Premium membership to achieve the success like me and replicate my business strategies.

You can join as a Free Starter member and make sure that you like it. I do not want to to push you into something which you do not Like. At Least You can access some of the lessons free and build your feree website before going Premium. You will find that the whole process of teaching has been  so simplified that you will able to publish your own first website within few days of Joining and some of the pages would always be ranking on search engines.

However the next step would be to start promoting the website and getting organic traffic. This can be accomplished as premium member.

The Premium membership will open all the new doors for you and help you establishing as a successful online entrepreneur.

You can save lot of money by going for a Bi Annual or Annual Member Ship. These options are also available for Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, You can save upto 36% by opting for Yearly membership or 16% with Bi Yearly membership. The Annual membership will cost less than 1 Dollar per Day.

How Much Money Can You make with Wealthy Affiliate?

I won't make any big claims as Your Earning would Solely be Dependent on You but I can assure you that Wealthy affiliate is the best training program available in its Domain and it works. 

Your Income will Depend on how much time you will spent on your Business and how you practically apply the learnings. Wherever You get stuck up , you should not hesitate to ask the Questions in Live chat and take advantage of the Experience shared by Others.

You may earn your first Dollar in a month or It may take Six Months. I am not the one to predict the outcome.

I am here to mentor you and share everything I did to be successful. I can share with you many success stories but you have to write your own.

Affiliate Marketing is not a quick Rich Scheme and It Would require Your time, efforts, patience and keenness to learn. The more work will you do, the more you will earn. 

I have touched 6 figure and some others are still making 4 figure Income.

As far I am concerned , I am not going to stop it here. I have learned to make passive income and going to leverage the Affiliate marketing potential to its fullest.

Bottom Line: 

I hope I have shared all the information about Wealthy Affiliate transparently without hiding any thing.

I just forgot to tell you that apart from the training cost you will have to spend $13.95 for booking a domain and some money on your internet connection.

Wealthy Affiliate have been around for more than 15 Years and have helped more than 1.5 million community members to fulfil their dreams.

 There may be few exceptions though but this is a Legitimate business opportunity which would require

  • Hard Work
  • Concentrated Efforts
  • Consistency
  • Following the Training
  • Patience and Self believe

 I am not asking for something special as these are common practices to be successful in any business. 

I will be waiting for you inside Wealthy Affiliate.