Web Traffic Mastery Review :

I have just got to know about web Traffic Mastery, a new program on the internet. As per the information on the Sales page, this is the easiest way of making 5 figures income per month using a free secret organic traffic source.

Making 4 - 5 figure income with Free traffic is really possible and that's how I am making money online. I am an affiliate marketer and make money through my affiliate websites by writing product reviews.

Affiliate marketing is the best way of making money with free traffic without paying for Facebook ads but that is possible if you have your own website and get training from the masters in the field.

When I scrolled down a bit on the sales page, I found them suggesting that anyone can make money easily without a website and an email list.

Another Scam??

That was my first reaction and that's why I decided to write Web traffic mastery review. In this review, I will share all the information I have gathered about this program as an outsider. I will transparently discuss what is web traffic mastery, how it works? Pros and Cons and Is it worth buying Web traffic Mastery? Is Web traffic mastery a Scam?

But in case you are searching for legitimate training for making money online and are fed-up with online scams, you can test the same training that has helped me making 6 figure income for the last many years.


Name: Web Traffic Mastery
Website: Click Here
Owner: Chris Hardy
Price: $17 and upsells 



What is web traffic mastery -Summary

Web Traffic mastery is supposed to be a step-by-step training program that shows you how web Traffic mastery works and how you can use the same methods for making money online.

In reality, they do not share anything more than this on their sales page. I had to really dig very deep to get all the information about the program. It raises a red flag. 

Simply ask yourself a question would you lie to join a training program without knowing what you are going to learn inside.

They claim that the best part about “Web Traffic Mastery” is that don’t need a website, a product, or an email list for making money online without any prior experience.

But when I found about their training modules, I know they won't work without hard work and with other effective training.

A few minutes video can not teach you SEO or making followers on social media.

Web Traffic Mastery Training :

Each training module of web traffic mastery is broken down so that you can learn step by step. The training would attract all those who work less and earn more.

In the real world, this is not possible. You can start making passive income and reach a stage where you work less and earn more but that will not happen at the beginning of your online marketing career.

Before sharing the legitimate ways of making money with you, let us briefly go into training modules of web traffic mastery.



This module gives you a brief introduction to the program.  Here you will learn how to use the training material and set up your own business following the system.

Module 2-Identifying Strength

Online marketing is getting more and more competitive with every passing day. In case you want to enter this warzone, you must realize your own strengths so that you can be ahead of your competitors.

Now let me explain in simple language.

Let us assume you are a fitness trainer and someone asks you to start an online website for reviewing gadgets. Will it work?

People search the internet to find some help and answer their questions. If your website can provide a solution to their queries, you definitely have a chance of making money.

That's why I asked you need to have a website.

Moreover, legitimate training should teach you to start a business even in a new domain. It is quite possible. You need not be a master but just know a bit more than what normal users know.

Web traffic mastery training does not go that deep and hence may not be useful for any newbie.

Module 3-Finding and Applying Your Niche

After identifying your strengths, you will have to find the Niche on which you are going to work. Niche may be a new word for you but if do not already know, A niche is a well-defined segment of a market, in other words, an "audience".

Now let me explain with an example. Say as a fitness expert, you want to share expertise on losing weight and you start thinking about creating a blog.

Skills like fashion, Health, Playing games are the broad idea but  "How to lose weight with Yoga" is definitely a niche and would attract an audience interested in yoga. and then "How to lose weight with Yoga after 60" is a more distinct niche.

As I said earlier you need not be an expert but you become an expert if you join a perfect training.

Still confused,  Click here to learn How to select most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche.

Module 4-Organic Traffic Methods :

This module is supposed to be the essence of this training where you will learn how to drive free traffic wherever you want.

This unit will teach you SEO to drive more targeted traffics and leads for your business, websites, or landing page. Some Bonus hacks are included to multiply traffic.

In fact, search engine optimization is a very complex process, and even experienced affiliate marketers do not understand it properly.

SEO starts with finding the competition within your niche, finding the proper long tail keywords having less competition, and how to use them for driving traffic.

You have found this article on search engines and reading it only because it is ranking in search engines for some keywords.

I personally use the Jaaxy Keyword tool for all this. It gives you everything you need for ranking high in search engines.

Moule 5-Turning Traffic into Revenue

Turning traffic into Revenue. the final step and moto of any training meant to teach you "How to make money online".

The module is designed to teach you "how to drive the generated traffic" to your offers and make sales.

Unless you sell, you can not make money.

Making money one time is not enough. Unless you establish yourself as a successful affiliate marketer and start earning Passive income, you will not be able to make enough money to support your family.

Web Traffic Mastery Pricing :

The front end of the training is available for $17. You will get full access to step-by-step video training with all the modules explained above.

But there are many OTO's (upsells ) available.

The biggest problem with this kind of training is the upsells.

Once you buy the training and login to your Dashboard you will be prompted excessively to buy these upsells. In a little while, you will find that you have not purchased a 100% system and are missing something big.

Now if you do not have money to buy all these costly upsells, you will lose the chance to make money and even if you have money to buy the next upsell, you will not be sure if there are more and how many?

You will get stuck up in a vicious cycle and have lost some of your hard-earned money by the time you decide to quit.

OTO 1: Web Traffic Mastery DFY ($17)

In this OTO, You will get access to proven and high-converting products that are already working and recommended traffic methods.

This OTO includes 10 ready-made commission-generating with some evergreen digital products that customers are looking for online and that will help you avoid the guesswork in selecting the best converting products.

OTO 2: Web Traffic Mastery BONUS PAGE BUILDER ($27)

This OTO will give you access to a Landing page creator so as to help you increase conversions by offering free Bonuses to your potential audience.

As you know, landing pages are mini (one page) websites. This OTO contradicts the owner's claim that you can make money with free traffic without a website.

There are ways of making money with paid traffic without a website but that too up to a limited extent. But in case you are thinking of making money by generating free traffic, a website (not just a landing page) is a must.

Third  OTO: Web Traffic Mastery RESELLER ($197)

With this upgrade, you get resell right of the system. You can sell the web traffic mastery as your own product and keep a 100% commission.

Web Traffic Mastery Pros :

  1. Easy to Join
  2. No prior experience or technical skills required
  3. Video Tutorials.
  4. Discuss something about Free Traffic.
  5. 30 Days money-back guarantee by the payment processor

Web Traffic Mastery Cons :

  1. Very Limited training that will not take you anywhere.
  2. Exaggerated claims. You can not use free traffic without a website.
  3. Only contrate on Instagram for generating traffic.
  4. Within the training, the creator promotes many paid tools (Besides OTO's) without those you can not make any money.

Web Traffic Mastery review Final Verdict: Is Web traffic Mastery worth buying?

Web Traffic Mastery is not a scam and you get some training against what you pay. If you are new in this field, you will get a basic idea about generating and using free traffic in affiliate marketing.

But it won't take you beyond that. You will not be able to make any money with the system.

If you are looking for some good alternative of the Web traffic mastery, You can just check the review of my recommended program here.

I hope Web traffic mastery review will help you in making an informed decision. In case you have any more queries, Please leave a comment below.

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