"Backlink" is the most popular word used by digital marketers. However, the online marketers who have started a website or a blog only recently may find the term "Backlink" difficult to understand.

But Sooner or later, they have to understand "what are Backlinks and how to get them".

This article will describe what Backlinks are and why they are essential for SEO and your online success.

Before I discuss the benefits of Backlinks, you must know that many things related to backlinks have changed in the past few years.

Not in the distant past; even low-quality links could have helped rank the site on search engines. But since Google rolled out its Penguin algorithm, the whole scenario has changed.

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What Are Back Links And How Do You Get Them

Backlinks are the links on any page of another website pointing back to your website. Since Backlinks are incoming links to your site, they are also known as incoming, inward, or inbound links. 

The backlinks are actually the hyperlinks connecting another website to some of the pages of your website that may not necessarily be home. For example, another site can point to your home page, article, or any product page.

If the sites pointing to your website have high Domain authority or Page authority, the links usually are treated as High Quality. 

Your website with high-quality backlinks will start appearing in the top results of search engines like google and Bing, as these search engines love links with quality. And top ranking in search engines will boost your website traffic.

When you create backlinks by commenting on some other website or blog in your niche, the site visitors on that site will read those comments. 

If the readers find the comments useful, they may click the links provided by you in the comments and visit your website. 

This is how the Back Links will get the organic traffic for you. This is just an example; there are many ways of creating backlinks discussed in this article.

Backlinks Vocabulary

Here is a short description of the most commonly used terms allied to backlinks.

Anchor Text: An Anchor text is a text on the page with a hyperlink attached to it. In other words, the anchor text is the labeling of the hyperlink. 

It Looks something like at the backend

<a href="http://www.mywebsite.com/weight-loss-macine">Weight Loss Machine</a>. The site reader will only see the "weight loss machine" in a different color indicating the clickable link.

Anchor text is an essential factor for SEO. It is one of the critical factors in search engines ranking. An Anchor text will also tell your readers that they can find more information by clicking the link. 

 Low-Quality Links: Low-quality links come from spam, automated, or sites created only to share the links.

Such links do more damage than good. That's why you should be careful while buying backlinks.

Internal Links: Whenever you write a new article, you should link the content with existing content. This type of linking is known as internal linking. 

You should also modify the old articles from time to time and provide links to new content.

 Internal linking will increase the reader's engagement and reduce bounce rates.

Linking Root Domains: The total number of unique backlinks coming to your website for different domains. 

Suppose five pages of a particular website have links to your website; it is still considered only as one linked root domain.

For example, if my site has three backlinks from different pages of ahrefs.com, it will be counted as one linking root domain as the links are coming from the same domain.

Link Juice: Link Juice is the authority that the linking website passes to your web page through backlinks. Link juice is also named link equity.

In general, the more link juice your webpage has, the better chances it has for ranking in search engines. You may like to note that the link juice passed to one webpage can be spread to other pages via interlinking.

Nofollow Link: A NoFollow Link does not pass the Link Juice to the linking website. These links are not beneficial for SEO.

 When linking to a website, you can use a no-follow tag (rel=" nofollow") with HTML code to make a link nofollow.

 The nofollow tag is generally used for linking out to a non-trustworthy site. 

You may also like to use a nofollow link with the sponsored links, affiliate links, or user-generated content.

Do-follow link: A do-follow link is advantageous for SEO as it passes the link juice to the destination site. Dofollow backlinks increase a website's domain authority or rating, thereby improving the keyword ranking.

 By default, all the links are do-follow links, and there is no need to add any tag.

How to get backlinks Free for Link Juice?

You should deploy the right strategies for building natural and high-quality backlinks for driving relevant organic traffic to your website. 

Following are the 10  useful tips to get high-quality, beneficial backlinks.

1. Write Helpful Content

The only reason people will be interested in linking to your website is the valuable content.

If the content on your website is helpful and easy to understand, webmasters will be happy to link to your article.

But how to create an enjoyable article? Here are some valuable tips.

1. Solve some problem

2. Make your content easy to read.

3. Use small sentences.

4. Concentrate on uniqueness.

5. Try to provide some useful additional information that may not be available on other blogs. Again, that will help you in being an authority in your niche.

If you want to go into more details, you can read WHAT SEO COPYWRITING IS?

2. Guest Blogging

You can write blog posts on websites in your niche having High DA and PA. Many websites are willing to exchange blog posts, or otherwise, you may opt for a paid blog post.

Guest Posts are the best way of extracting Link Juice, but you must be careful about selecting the website.

3. Social media Presence

A solid social media presence on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest helps in building natural backlinks and driving traffic to your website.

4. Blog commenting and Question Answers

When you comment on authoritative blogs in your niche, it helps build Backlinks. You can also use social platforms like Quora and Yahoo to answer the questions related to your niche for building backlinks to your website.

5. Social bookmarking

 The best Social Bookmarking Sites are Reddit, Digg, Medium, etc. You can use these websites for backlinking to your site.

6. Submit website URL to web directories

You can submit your website to different directories. 

Many directories allow free submission. However, you should focus on submitting your links in trustworthy directories. 

Some web directories charge an annual fee, and you can choose the best one for your niches. 

Submitting links to the web directories is a tedious job, and many people use the directory submitter like Money Robot Submitter to automate the process and save time. 

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8. Local Listings

Listing in Local business directories is the best option to promote your business in a local area and gain quality backlinks. 

These listings will get you the most targeted traffic from your area. In addition, local listings generally help local and small businesses to build and promote their brand. As a result, you can reach out to a reasonable number of customers and increase sales.

 9. Use Infographics for Backlinks:

 An elegant and eye-catching infographic goes viral. An Infographic must provide valuable information to the readers. You can share your infographic on social media platforms for visibility and make it viral.

10. Document Sharing:

 You can share your brochures, catalogs, and other informative documents on document sharing sites like SlideShare, Scribd, and Box.net

All these sites are high authority sites and can be used for building quality backlinks. 

Document sharing is the best way to create brand awareness. They bring site visitors to your content and marketing collateral and increase your sale.

What Are Backlinks Advantages in SEO

Now let’s look at why backlinks are essential for the SEO of your website:

High-Quality Targeted Traffic:

Search engines are the source of organic traffic, but all your articles will not rank on the page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or other search engines.

Therefore, you need to incorporate backlinking in your SEO strategies to drive more traffic to your website. Traffic generated through backlinks can be a large percentage of organic traffic. 

While creating backlinks, you should avoid black hat SEO, which may harm your website rather than benefit it.

High-quality links on your website from authoritative sites traffic will not only help your SEO but drive the highly targeted traffic to your website. This is because the person who clicked the link on another website is already searching for what you offer. 

A single link on some popular website can keep on pushing this highly targeted traffic to your website for ages.

Faster indexing of website:

When Search engines bot crawls any website, they also crawl the do-follow backlinks on the site. Therefore, Backlinks many authoritative websites help in bot discovering your website times and again. 

A new website needs to have quality backlinks as they help in the fast indexing of your website. 

Low Bounce Rate:

When you have backlinks from the high-ranking website in your niche, the traffic is driven to your website is highly targeted. 

Some already interested in the subject are more likely to spend time on your website and surf more pages on the related topic. That will help in reducing the bounce rate.

What Are Backlinks and How to get Them - Conclusion

You should focus on providing valuable information through content. People search the internet to find help on some topics. And if your article can help them in some ways, they will like it and most probably share it on their social media.

Once you have become an authority in your niche, the site owners will start linking to your articles themselves.

You should do a lot of research in finding relevant sites in your niche and write informative comments.

You can even ask some relevant questions in the comment for site owners to answer. They will be happy to provide the information missing in their article by replying to your question in the comment section. This will also help them in their SEO, and hence they will provide you the needed backlink.

One thing is sure that there is no shortcut or quick fix for getting backlinks. However, if you do not have time, you can outsource back-linking to a trusted party.

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Hope you have enjoyed this article. In case you need more information, please leave a comment in the comment section.

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