I appreciate your decision to read this $1K A Day Fast Track review because you will find out what it is, how much it costs, and precisely what you get on the inside.

Do you envisage making $1,000 per day online?

Would you prefer to check 3 step formula to make $550 in the next 72 hours as a newbie without :

  • Any skills?
  • Experience?
  • Or website?

If yes, Merlin Holmes $1K A Day Fast Track course seems like the best way to make it happen, but is it the authentic deal or just another scam? Let's find out!

By the end of this review, you will have the answer to most of your questions. Is 1k a Day Fast Track a Scam or Legit? How much money can you make with this system? Is $1K A day Fast Track worth it?

What is 1K a Day Fast Track ?- Quick Review

Overview : $1K Fast Track is a 6 weeks training program from Merlin Homes, an Internet Marketer with 15 years of Experience. The course Focus on making money online with email marketing

Web Site : Click Here

Price: $997


  • The system is legitimate and will help you make money online.
  • You get a chance to view 90 minutes webinar before Joining
  • The system is different from other email marketing systems being promoted online. The Poll templates used for landing pages make the system almost unique.
  • Step by step training provided explain the whole process in great detail.
  • Good customer Support.
  • Money Back Guarantee.


  • The training is bit costly.
  • Money Back Guarantee.

Over All Rating

What is 1K a Day Fast Track?


$ 1 K Fast Track is a 6 weeks online affiliate marketing training program developed by Merlin Holmes. In this program, You will learn to make money online with email marketing using a simple two-page website.

You will learn to set up a marketing funnel with an online polling system so that visitors can participate in polls after leaving their email addresses.

But to collect these emails, you will have to bring visitors to the landing pages. In this training, you will also learn to tap low-cost traffic from revcontent using paid advertisements within your budget. 

I use another affiliate marketing training program to make $10,000 or more per month, but I am amazed to discover Merlin Holmes's simple strategies to generate huge profits online.

How Does 1K a Day Fast Track Works?

The system is very different from many other Clickbank products based on email marketing for making money online.

The main difference between this program and other email marketing programs is how the opt-in page works. Most systems offer a free gift like an eBook or free training in exchange for emails.

Though, You will create an opt-in form and drive traffic to your website; however you will not offer something free to the visitors.

1K a day fast track will train you to leverage the advantage of influential opinion polls.
You will let your site visitors participate in an opinion poll on a topic related to their interest and leave the email ID to know the result of the Pole.

What is included in your membership?

$1K A Day Fast Track Training:

Once you buy the 1K a day Fast track system, you will The first thing you will get the access of their 6-week training. The training covers the Following Modules.

  • Basics of Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
  • How to Set up the ClickBank Account and find the right products to Promote
  • How to Setup 2 page opt-in website.
  • Setting up Polls for Opt-in.
  • How to setup email Autoresponder for email marketing.
  • Learn to use Rev Content for driving the traffic.

You must go through the whole training before starting online business. Skipping is not allowed and each week's lesson will be unlocked as per schedule.

Week By Week breakdown of the training

Week 1 - 9 Lessons

The training will start with a welcome video from Merlin Holmes. In this video, he shares the preview of what's to come and instructions on using the members' area.

Then he will take you through the procedure to set up your ClickBank account and get your affiliate links for the programs you want to promote. 

Week 2 - 9 Lessons

Merlin reveals his most persuasive list-building techniques, including using and setting up yes or no polls and creating your first sales funnel with landing pages.
Everything is well explained, so you can follow along and replicate each step of what he does.


Week 3 - 9 Lessons

Now with everything in place. It's time to design your first profitable email campaign.

In this module, Merlin will provide you with tried and tested email templates that you can use to convert your email-list subscribers into buyers.

Week 4 - 5 Lessons

This module gives a comprehensive way to find the best offers to make money with ClickBank and other affiliate networks and the expert tips and tricks to provide you with a competitive edge.

Week 5 - 4 Lessons

No one can stop you from succeeding in affiliate marketing if you have a good product or affiliate offer to promote and can derive traffic to your landing page. 

More the traffic to your landing pages and affiliate links, the more money you will make!

5th Week training is about understanding the traffic game and getting your offers in front of the people searching for exactly what you're offering.

Week 6 - 5 Lessons

You might probably have made your first commission and are on the way to becoming a successful full-time affiliate marketer.

In this Week, Merlin will train you to find more affiliate products in different niches for creating and fulfilling long-term income goals. You will scale up your business to take your earnings to the next level.

Overall, this is excellent and most helpful training that reveals everything you need to know about email marketing from start to end.

Poll and “Thank You” page templates:

You will get the ready made templates that has been been extensively used by  the owner to build his business.

The Owner claims that you will be able to subscribe many thousands email subscriber using these templates.

You will have to swap the images and texts for products in different niches.

Email Sequences:

Apart from the landing pages templates, you will also be given the sequence of ready-made emails newsletters for email marketing.

Depending upon the niche you are in, you will have to customize the emails by making few tweaks. 

Ad templates

You also get the ad copies created by the owner for your paid ad campaigns.

Customer Support

A dedicated support team will help you in case you face any problem.


Product comes with Clickbank 60 money back guarantee for 100% refund.

Who is This Program Meant For?

Though I am 100% convinced with the money-making methods taught in this course, the honestly 1K A Day Fast Track is not for everybody.

Though I am 100% convinced with the money-making methods taught in this course, the honestly 1K A Day Fast Track is not for everybody.

You should invest in any program only when you are ready to :

  • Set aside time to learn and implement the learnings step by step.
  • Have the courage to do the things you've never done before
  • Having the perseverance to stick with it despite not seeing the results right away.
  • Set aside a budget for training and paid ads.

If someone is ready to invest time and money, the $1K A Day Fast Track may be the right step forward.  

The training course is best for : 

  • People looking to begin making money from home
  • Anyone aspiring to become own boss
  • The people looking for a part-time work-from-home opportunity to enhance their family income.
  • Work from home moms looking forward to supplementing household income.
  • People who have retired or somebody close to retirement are looking to increase their spending powers.
  • Newbies, aspiring or even experienced bloggers looking to build an email list

The people who are on tight budget must stay away from the system.

I think system will work for all those who can spare minimum $1500 to $2000 or more to start with.

In case you can not invest such huge amount, There's a low cost better alternative available.

How Much Does $1K A Day Fast Track Cost?

$1K A Day Fast Track training will cost you $997. 

But you will need to buy a domain name (approx. $13/year) and sign up to ClickFunnels at $97/month to implement the training. Besides, You'll also need to invest in paid ads. 

Before joining, I will advise you to set aside a budget for at least six months or $2000 (including training costs). 

Is it worth joining?

Yes absolutely! If you have the budget or else you may check for a low Cost better alternative

Can you make $500 to $1K or more per day?

It is possible to make $500 to $1K per day, but it's audacious to promise $500 within 72 hours of sign up. The truth is, nobody can guarantee that.

I know that if you follow the methods laid out, you will see results.

Whether you make $100 or $10,000 will depend on your work. With the training, expertise, and help here, I think you've got a great chance to make it happen.

Is $1K A Day Fast Track A Scam?

1K A Day Fast Track is a legitimate training program. It provides you with the best training to make money online with email marketing. However, you need to put effort and have the passion for succeeding.

You will not become rich overnight, but you will make money if you have patience and stick with the training. 

Merlin Holme's training does a fantastic job despite the bold earnings claims.

$1 K A Day Fast Track Review -  Conclusion

1K A Day Fast Track is a legitimate high ticket Program that can help you make money if you can invest $2000 approximately.

You can not make money by just buying the program for $997, as you need more money to implement training.

Moreover, the newbies who do not have experience in testing the paid ad results may not get the desired outcome initially and need to keep patience.

If you are just starting and are on a limited budget, you may look out for other legitimate options.

You may take advantage of a 7-day free trial of the training I recommended and see if it works for you.

In case you have any more question, you can just leave a comment below. I will respond at the earliest.

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