What is 1K A Day Fast Track About | $14,444 A Day or A Scam?


The 1K A Day Fast Track program is a ClickBank product that claims that you can make $14444 per days by just sending a simple mail. Sound Good?

I am glad that you have decided to do proper research before investing your hard-earned money in this high ticket program.

By the end of this review, you will have the answer to most of your questions. Is 1k a Day Fast Track a Scam or Legit? How much money can you make with this system? Is it worth your investment?

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What is 1K a Day Fast Track ?- Quick Review

Name: 1k a Day Fast Track
Website: Click Here
Owner: Merlin Holmes
Price: $997

Rating :



 The System creators claim that they are offering you a product that can help you to make more than $1,000 a day.

As per them this proven system can be used by any one young or Old.

 This seems to be a typical marketing tone used by many other marketing gurus.

The Product rely on two page landing website and a poll system. The Site visitors would vote on the topic related to the product and leave their email address to see the Poll result.

You will then use the email list for promoting your affiliate Products. They claim that a step by step training is provided to teach you how to build an email list from scratch using funnel.

Being an experienced affiliate marketer myself, I know email marketing help you in making money online but creating email list is not all that simple as they are trying to tell you.

You will have to drive traffic to your website so that visitors can come and participate in Poll.

Driving the organic traffic is key to success in affiliate marketing.

1KADFT only rely on paid traffic and therefore is not meant for newbies.

I know newbies are always tight on money and it is very difficult to invest on advertisements without assured results. 

The Program will only work for experience online marketers who know how to run ad campaigns.

Moreover email marketing is just a small part of affiliate marketing and not the complete process.

As a newbie you must join a training that is not limited to just one aspect of affiliate marketing but provide you complete knowledge with a step by step training on the whole affiliate marketing system.

You must learn to create your own money making website, writing contents, SEO, Keyword research, driving organic traffic and converting it to sales.

When I got started, I was lucky to find a training run by the leaders in the Affiliate marketing who have trained more than a million people and Most of them are running successful online business and making money.

You can also Join the same training for free as a starter member and check if it works for you as well.

 What is 1K a Day Fast Track?

 This is a 6 weeks training course on affiliate marketing. In this program, Merlin Holmes will teach you to promote various Clickbank products via email Marketing.

You will learn to set up a marketing funnel with online polling system so that visitors can participate in polls after leaving their email addresses.

 You can collect these email addresses and build a list to promote affiliate products. 

But to collect these email , you will have to bring visitors on the landing pages either by driving the traffic organically or  by using the paid advertisements.

The training does not train you on the driving the organic traffic. Even the training doesn't teach you anything about the social media or Google ads. 

Merlin Holmes train you on how to use Revcontent for driving traffic on your landing pages.


How Does 1K a Day Fast Track Works?

The system is similar to many other Clickbank products based on email marketing for making money online. 

You will create an opt-in form and drive traffic and offer something to the visitors so that they leave their email ID.

The main difference between this program and other email marketing programs is the way opt-in page works. Most of the system offers a free gift like an eBook or free training in exchange to the emails but In this case you ask visitors to participate in an opinion pole on a topic related to their interest and leave the email ID to know the result of the Pole.


What Do You Get with 1K A Day Fast Track membership?


Once you buy the 1K a day Fast track system, you will The first thing you will get the access of their 6-week training. The training covers the Following Modules.

  • Basics of Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
  • How to Set up the ClickBank Account and find the right products to Promote
  • How to Setup 2 page opt-in website.
  • Setting up Polls for Opt-in.
  • How to setup email Autoresponder for email marketing.
  • Learn to use Rev Content for driving the traffic.

You must go through the whole training before starting online business. Skipping is not allowed and each week's lesson will be unlocked as per schedule.

Poll and “Thank You” page templates:

You will get the ready made templates that has been been extensively used by  the owner to build his business.

The Owner claims that you will be able to subscribe many thousands email subscriber using these templates.

You will have to swap the images and texts for products in different niches.

Email Sequences:

Apart from the landing pages templates, you will also be given the sequence of ready-made emails newsletters for email marketing.

Depending upon the niche you are in, you will have to customize the emails by making few tweaks. 

Ad templates

You also get the ad copies created by the owner for your paid ad campaigns.

Customer Support

A dedicated support team will help you in case you face any problem.


Product comes with clickbank 60 money back guarantee for 100% refund.

Who is This Program Meant For?

In my opinion the system is not meant for newbies. This is a high ticket training meant only for the experience marketers who are already making money.

The people who are on tight budget must stay away from the system. The training will cost you $997.

Apart from the cost of the system one has to spend lot on other things like website Hosting , Auto responder and ClickFunnels. That is a minimum investment of $200 per month.

The System is based on paid advertisements and there is no guarantee that the paid ads will work immediately.

You will have to test various ad campaigns , tweak changes and find out what work for you.

All these require huge amount may be to the tune of $500.

I think system will work for all those who can spare minimum $2000 or more to start with.

In case you can not invest such huge amount, You can test my recommended program by clicking the button below.

1k a day fast track Pros:

  1. The system is legitimate and will help you make money online.
  2. The system is different from other email marketing systems being promoted online. The Poll templates used for landing pages make the system almost unique.
  3. Step by step training provided explain the whole process in great detail.
  4. Good customer Support.
  5. Money Back Guarantee.

1k A Day Cons:

  1. The Program is very expensive.
  2. Extra monthly expenses on web hosting, Clickfunnel and AutoResponder.
  3. Lot of expenses on Paid Ads.
  4. Not meant for Newbies.
  5. No Training on Content writing, SEO and organic Traffic.


1K a Day Fast Track is a legitimate high ticket Program that can help you to make money if you can invest $2000 approximately. 

You can not make money by just buying the program for $997 as there is lot of money required for buying the tools required for implementation.

Moreover the newbies who do not have experience in testing the results of paid ad may not get the desired outcome initially and may end up losing money.

If you have surplus money, you can buy the program. In case you are just starting out and looking forward to make money online with a limited budget, you may lookout for other legitimate options.

You may like to test the training recommended by me to the newbies. You can join it for free as a starter member and see if it works for you, 

You will have access to the training and tools free for a week before going premium. You can join it by clicking the button below and you will find me there. Once in , you can contact me for complete guidance and I would be pleased to help you in setting up your online business.

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