Have you ever heard of Amazon Niche Sites ? Do you know thousands of online affiliate marketers are making 6 figure income with Amazon Niche sites or Amazon Affiliate Store ?

In this article , I am going to provide you share all the steps required to create you own niche website that will have the potential to make $1000 or more every month.

Is it really possible ?

The best personal characteristic you should possess for this affiliate business is patience and persistence. One of the biggest reasons of failure for more than 90% of people in internet marketing is lack of these traits.

Most of the people choose internet marketing to become rich overnight and when they don’t make some money within few days of starting their website, they assume it is hopeless and just quit.

Actually there are lot of scams being promoted online and newbies in search of making some quick bucks get trapped into these Scams. In past few Years, I myself have unearthed many scas.

Like any other traditional business, success do not come easily on a silver platter and you really have to work hard towards making your business successful.

If you want some easy money, this article is not meant for you.

Generating first income will take some time but once you have made your first dollar from your Amazon Niche site, making more money will be much easier. The hardest part is just making that first dollar, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. It just requires Patience, Persistence, Hard Work and continuity to succeed and create 6 figure online business.

What is Amazon and How it works ?

Amazon is a most well-known eCommerce marketplace. The website is ranked amongst the top 10 most visited websites.

Amazon was primarily launched for selling books but as their popularity grew, they start selling in various other categories and allowed the individual sellers to list their products on their website just like eBay. They provide an additional platform to the online entrepreneurs who were till ten solely dependent on eBay.

Apart from selling the physical products, Amazon also sell the eBooks and their prime membership with OTT contents. People can watch movies, series and listen music. All these digital products get delivered to customers instantly through an App or internet download.

Unlike eBay, Amazon has kept very stringent rules for third party businesses and individuals who want to sell their products on Amazon website. Customer satisfaction is their prime motive. If the customers are not happy with the products and services, they would stop buying on Amazon Platform.

People can buy the items and leave their reviews. Star rating give the Power to the buyers to rate the product and seller. Any seller found dissatisfying the buyers or misrepresenting their products are immediately banned from selling on Amazon. The important thing for seller on Amazon is to maintain positive feedback for continuing business.

Amazon also follow very simple return process so that if anyone is not happy after the purchase, they can simply return the product.

It is needless to mention that all big brands have opened their online brand store on Amazon Website.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Before I start with the Amazon Affiliate program, it is important to give you a brief description of what affiliate marketing actually is? The newbies who want to have clear understanding of Affiliate marketing can read my article “ How to Learn Affiliate Marketing - Step By Step ?

As shown in the graphic below, affiliate marketing is the process of selling or promoting others product for making money.


An affiliate signup with a merchant of marketing platform as a middleman.  The advantage of being an affiliate is that you don’t have to hold any inventories. Moreover, you neither responsible for any order fulfillment or dispatches nor for customer support. All these being taken care by the brand or OEM.

You just have to advertise merchant’s item on your website and direct the buyer to customer’s store for buying the product through your affiliate link. Actual sale take place at the merchant's website.

Once you decide to promote a product, a special link will be generated specifically for you. The link will contain the tracking ID corresponding to your affiliate account. Whenever someone visit the merchant’s website through your link and make a purchase, the cookies in the browser will track the transaction and report to your affiliate account.

At this juncture, you should not be much worried about all these technicalities as the whole process is automated.

Once the purchase is completed, you become eligible for a commission as per the merchant’s policies.

Now for example. Let’s assume that you want to promote a cellphone selling for $200 on merchant’s website and let’s say that merchant pays 5% as commission to affiliate marketers for this item.

All you need to do is generate the affiliate links for this cell phone and place it on your website. Don’t worry, by the end of this article, you would know how to create your website and how to promote the products on your website.

Now if someone visit your website and clicks the link on your website, he will be directed to merchant’s website and when he purchases the cell phone, you will get a commission of $10.

You might not think $10 as a lot of money but if you can make 100 buyers to buy different items in a month, you will make $1000 as monthly commission without any investment.

That is just a gist of affiliate marketing. It may sound very easy to get buyers to click on your links, but for that, first you have to get the buyers visiting to your website. This is a real challenge and you may need some sort of training to be successful in affiliate marketing.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program, also known as amazon associate program is one of the more popular affiliate programs used by affiliate marketers who want to promote physical products.

 The newbies trying to make money with affiliate marketing generally get started with the Amazon associate program and as become experienced and gain knowledge, they can use the same process to promote digital products from other affiliate platforms like ClickBank and Jvzoo. The commissions offered by these platforms are much higher than the Amazon but selling digital products is bit trickier. 

You may also like to startup with Amazon associate program since Amazon is a company you can trust, the same goes for their associate program as well. They have a reputation for paying the commissions to their associates on time and all these payments are directly credited to your bank or PayPal accounts.

 The best part about the amazon associate program is that you not only get the commission for the products being advertised buy you but for any product purchased by the customer within 24 hours of visiting Amazon through your link. You get commissions for all products purchased by your customers and not just the products that you have been promoting.

Besides, the Amazon Associate Program pays a commission as performance fees varying from 4% to 8.5%. depending upon product categories.

How to Sign Up for an Amazon Affiliate Account ?

To start promoting items listed on Amazon as an Affiliate marketer, you must have an Amazon account and then have to apply for Amazon Associate Program. Amazon Associate program is free to join

You can visit the Link https://affiliate-program.amazon.com and this will take you to the Amazon Affiliate homepage.


In case you do not already have an Amazon account, you will click on the button that reads “Join Now for Free.” Or else you can just use your Amazon login credentials at the top of the page to start the application process.

After clicking the “Join Now for Free” button, you will be directed to a sign up page. Now, all those who do not have an Amazon account, can click the button next to the field that reads “I am a new customer.” And then “Sign in using our secure server.”


In the main registration form, you will have to fill all the essential information required for your new Amazon account, such as your name, email address, and password.

 Your emails ID and mobile numbers will become your Login ID so make sure you provide an authentic email address.

 Once your account is created successfully, you will then be directed to the Amazon Associates sign up page. Here you will be asked to fill in the complete payee information like your first name, last name, physical address, city, state, zip code, phone number and country.


 While entering your first and last name, be sure that it is the same name as on your bank account. Amazon will verify this before they send the electronic transfer of the payment over to your bank.

 After you fill out all of this information, click the yellow “Next: Your Website Profile” button on the bottom.


 In this section, you will be asked to fill out your website profile information. This is the website where you will be promoting the affiliate products through your affiliate links.

 In case you do not have a website, you may still enter the domain name and other information as required. Amazon usually gives 90 days to the affiliates for establishing their websites with affiliate links.

Amazon won’t check your website to make sure that it is active. Moreover, you can change your website address any time later.

Though you can join Amazon associate program without having an Active website as explained above, I would not advise you to do so. In case you are really sincere about this affiliate marketing business, you must have built your website before applying for Amazon Associate program. You can use the button below to get a free website.

Amazon Associates Dashboard :

After creating your amazon associate account, you may login to the dashboard called “Amazon Associate Central”

Here you will be able to create links or banners for various affiliate products that you want to promote.  To start creating the affiliate links, just go to the navigation bar on the top and click on “Links and Banners tab”. 


If you click on the product links, you will be able to search for merchant products from various categories. Once you have selected the product you want to promote, you can create the affiliate link with your tacking ID.

If your tracking ID is something like yoursdomain-20 then the affiliate li corresponding to this affiliate ID will look http://www.amazon.com/dp/ B00I2-FIAVG?tag=yoursdomain-20.

You can also opt for the banners to be placed on various pages of your website. You can copy the html code provided with your tracking ID and paste it on your webpage wherever you want this banner to appear.

You can also place Native Shopping ads to automatically display the relevant recommendations from Amazon based on your page content.


You can generate reports for earnings, referrals, orders, link types, trends and summaries from your associate dashboard.


 Moreover, you can also modify your account settings, change your address or change your payment preferences etc. from the link provided on the upper right of dashboard.

 Since your account is new, the default payment setting will be the payment by check. By Clicking the “Change Payment Setting” on the bottom of the account setting page, you will be able to link your bank account with the Amazon Associate Account.

 If you are an international affiliate, you can either choose the check option or open an account with Payoneer to receive your money electronically.

What is an Amazon Niche Site :

Since you have now learned about the Amazon Affiliate program, the next and most important step is creating an Amazon niche website for your affiliate business.

In case you have never created any website before, you may like to read “ How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Website-“

A niche refers to the type of audience you are going to cater. For example, the weight loss niche is a very popular because millions of people daily search for the products to help them lose weight.

The products usually consist of Exercising machines, Slimming belts, supplements, multivitamins and other fitness products. 

In case you need further help in niche selection, You may visit “ Selecting a Profitable Niche “

Once you have selected your niche matching your interest, you will have to look for a suitable domain name and web hosting space. Here’s the complete guide for selecting the best domain for your website.

In case you are not technical savvy, you may opt for a free website with a free sub domain by entering the domain name below.

It is of utmost importance that you stick to the products primarily related to your niche. If you pick the products randomly and start promoting on your website, it would really be hard to get the targeted traffic for your website.

The secret behind making a successful niche website is being as specific as possible.

In the example above, we discussed about the weight loss niche being popular but it is still very broad. You would further like to narrow it down to get the targeted traffic.

For example, you may opt for a niche website that just promote fat burning supplements or multivitamins.

There are two different ways of promoting the affiliate products i.e by creating a product review blog in your niche or by creating an amazon affiliate store.

In any case you will have to write lot of content and hence it is advised to select a niche based on your interest.

To get the targeted organic traffic specific to your niche, you must find the keyword phrases with lower competition. Even that would hold true for paid campaigns as the bid price won’t be so high for less competitive long tail keywords.

You may run a Google Ad-words campaign for your targeted keyword, however I would strictly advise you to focus on SEO traffic for ranking on the first page of Google.

This can be achieved by writing the relevant reviews for the products in your niche targeting the long tail keywords

How to Perform Market Research - Example

Now, let’s look at an example that uses the Sports & Outdoor category.

While researching, I have narrowed it down to “GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair” as it meets all the requirements.

The item is priced between $50 and $200 and it has more than 150 positive reviews and a 4.8-star positive rating. Therefore, it is highly likely to attract more buyers and make money for you.

Next step will be to figure out if the buyers are searching for this product on Google. I tried to search on goole trends and found that most of the traffic is coming from Canada and USA which is really good thing

The results show that Portable Folding Rocking chair has a 100% tendency in Canada and 63% in the USA.  A basic rule of thumb is to look for tendencies over 60% for the whole year. However, the trend is increasing now and therefore right in demand now and demand seems to be increasing

The main aim of the creating an Amazon niche site is to make money. A website without traffic is just like a shop without customers. Therefore, you need to be sure that your niche website must attract people or site visitors to it. This can be achieved by thorough market and key word research.

To get started with market research, you would like to visit the best sellers page on Amazon i.e https://www.amazon.com/bestsellers. This page contains the bestselling products from all the categories.

Though there may not be any specific niche on this page but you will get an idea about the latest buying trends on Amazon in different categories.

For the sake of your niche website, you would like to narrow it down to bestselling products in the category related to your niche and that can be done by selecting the category from the left hand side of this page.

On clicking the category related to your niche, you will find the top 50 bestselling products in your niche and you can further narrow down by selecting sub categories on the left hand side of this new page.

As a business policy, you may like to promote the products that are priced between $50 and $200. Products priced less than $50 will generate you very little commission and products priced higher than $200 would be difficult to sell at least initially.

The second thing you would like to focus on the products with the maximum positive customer reviews. You should look for a product with at least 150 positive reviews and a rating of 4.5 or higher.

When the buyers would finally visit the product page and see the high number of reviews, they will be encouraged to buy the item as well.

Now Let’s proceed for Keyword research.

Keyword Research  for an Amazon Niche Site:

Keyword research is one of most important step of affiliate marketing and By selecting the right Keyword,you can enhance the organic traffic manifolds.

Keyword research is important both for the paid traffic and organic traffic. You would like to select a keyword with a less competition as far as organic traffic is concerned and a right selection of long tail keyword would reduce bidding cost for google adwords.

As far as I am concerned I have never relied on the paid traffic and if you have found this page on Google, that is the result of a proper keyword and efficient SEO,

There are many tools available in the market for performing Keyword research but I rely on Jaaxy one of the simplest keyword research tool available with many features.

Once I searched  "Portable Folding Rocking Chair" in Jaaxy Dashboard, I found the following results:


Avg is the average number of searches for this keyword and 4693 shows that many people are searching for this product.

Traffic would give you an idea about how many people would visit your website, if it is ranked on the first page of Google. Again 798 is a very good number.

QSR or quoted search result is the number of website competing for this keyword and great KQI (keyword Quality indicator) emphasize that we have selected the best Keyword that have the potential to rank high.

You may have more information about Keyword research and how Jaaxy Keyword research tool works by reading my article -

Setting Up your Website :

 You need to buy the domain name and website hosting before setting up your website.

I would advise you to choose a web host providing unlimited hosting space with SSL for every domain. Go Daddy may provide unlimited Hosting but SSL for only main (first domain). That means you would be required to buy SSL for every additional domain and that would cost you hectic amount.

I am a premium member of wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is the best affiliate training platform and I have learnt the art of affiliate marketing from them. They only charge for their training and as a premium member, you will get free hosting for 25 websites and that compensate the cost of training.

As you would start making money, you may like to work on many websites simultaneously for replicating the success of your first website and that way you keep on multiplying your earnings.

Bluehost is the best for Hosting WordPress sites,  you may opt for HostGator as well.

To avoid any technical hassles, you need to buy the domain name from your hosting provide or else you will have to edit the name servers.

You would like the domain name to have keywords that match the name of your website. However, don’t bother if you do not get a domain that is an exact match to your keyword phrase. This used to be a good way to rank your domain in Google few years ago, but recently, with new algorithm in place, exact match domains no longer affect the SEO.

Therefore, try to register a domain that can be established as your brand and become popular easily. Even a domain name with your own name will not be a problem as it will help you promote yourself as an influencer when your website start getting the traffic.

WordPress Plugins for Your Niche Site:

You will be using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for your website.  You may first research a design theme and plugins for your future niche website.

Plugins are basically little scripts that help your website perform additional functions. To know more about which plugins are essential for your website, you may read this article.

You would now require to start structuring your website by creating the following pages :

  1. About Us Page
  2. Contact us Page
  3. Private Policy Page
  4. Affiliate Disclaimer Page
  5. Blog Page

In next step, you will create the Main Menu and then start writing the contents for driving traffic to your website.

You will start making money when your website ranks high in search engines and that can be achieved by properly deploying SEO techniques. You can opt for a complete 5 days to learn  “ How to make money online” to learn all these techniques.

I hope  you have enjoyed this article and in case of any further clarification, Please leave a comment below.

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