what is an email marketing and how does it work?

If you are an online marketer, struggling to get target audience, Do not worry. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. Learning " What is an email marketing and how does it work?"  might serve the purpose.

E-mail marketing is a bit different from traditional marketing.

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I will categories the online marketers who are facing difficulties in reaching the potential customer in three broad categories.

  • The people who have not yet implemented E-mail marketing into their websites and campaigns.
  • The second type of people is those who have implemented it the wrong way.
  • At third level, I will keep those people who do not have enough audience to implement E-mail marketing. Such type of marketer some time may tend to buy E-mail lists. This is just similar to pulling Physical addresses from phone directories. This strategy does not work anymore.

E-mail marketing is not very easy. If you trust me it is still cheap and best way to reach your target audience, if implemented correctly.

What Is Email Marketing?

what is email marketing

Email marketing is using the emails to develop a relationship with your potential customer and communicating with your customers directly through email.

You may like to use email marketing for sharing business information and promotions or educating the customers by sharing other engaging contents. All your email must not include any promotional activities, however, the main aim of most purposeful email marketing is to include a call to action at some time.

You must plan it in such a way that subscribers should not feel that you are sending spam emails only to sell. I will advise you to send at least 3 educational emails to help your customers before sending a promotional or sales mail.

What can be achieved through effective E-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing sound very simple but it it is not piece of cake. Email marketing needs proper planning and execution or else you may lose customer’s trust. You must always remember that building a trust can take years but it can be lost in no time.

You can use email marketing to achieve several goals:

  • Develop relationships and trust with your potential customers
  • Achieve sales targets through strategic promotions
  • Build a brand with frequent exposure
  • Encash repeat orders from current customers
  • Build brand loyalty
  • After building the loyalty, you can encourage your subscribers to forward your emails to their friends and family who may be looking for help in your niche.

Before designing your e-mail marketing campaign you must decide your SMART goals or Key performance indicators (KPIs). You must create the email contents matching your KPIs and encourage your potential customers to act accordingly.




Why Is Email Marketing so Effective?

No one would like to waste time on such marketing efforts, which do not yield the result.

Here are enough reasons to use Email marketing as your main weapon.

  • Email Marketing is Cost Effective:

Starting Email marketing won't cost you an arm and a leg. You only need a free email account and a free contact form on your website to get started.

As your e-mail list grows in size, you can take email services through established companies. Many of these companies also offer free services or you may have to pay a small fee. But at that time you will have more contacts resulting in more sales.

  • High Success Rates:

Since you have built an email list of the subscribers who have shown interest in your product and prospective customer, you have the chance to guide them and later convert into sales by handling their inquiries suitably.

  • You can Measure the results:

Most of the email providing companies will provide you with the software to measure engagement level of your subscribers.

With the help of these services, You can know how many subscribers have opened your emails and read it or how many have deleted it without opening?

Accordingly, you can change your strategy, email headings and email contents

  • Email Is a Channel That You Own

Social media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, though very useful for promotions are not owned by you. Any or all of these platforms can any time change their rules and regulations.

Google has just updated its Policies and as a result, many websites who were earlier ranking very high stands nowhere.

Email Marketing is different. You own the list. You can control the content and rules will be formed by you. Nobody would be allowed to dictate the terms on how you use it to interact with your subscribers.

  • High anticipated ROI on Email Marketing:

Email marketing has been able to give very high Return on Investments. Experienced affiliate marketer claim that, in some cases, the ROI is more than 400 times. Claims may vary and may not be proved but if you consider all other benefits stated above you will always keep it above other channels.

Ways to generate List that works:

If you are thinking to use any shortcut or buying an email list, also known as a funnel, it won’t work as they are not your targeted audience. You need to build your own list the following ways

  • Capture the email by using a contact form on your website. You can offer something relevant free In return.
  • Build a landing page to capture email address and use
  • Organise a giveaway.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Creating social media groups.
  • Create free downloads.
  • PPC ads
  • Encouraging existing customers to share your emails

Why not buy a list and Send spam emails:

  1. A potential customer will never want to interact with your brand again.
  2. The recipient will mark your email as spam.
  3. The email will never make it to the recipient thanks to spam folders.

Use of Autoresponders in Email Marketing:

An autoresponder like Getresponse or Aweber can be used to automate the process of sending Emails and hence the marketing Cycle.

You may plan a Thanks mail for subscribing your list immediately and then segment the list to send informative emails as per their requirement.

Use the Autoresponder to send the emails to the customers at the different level of marketing cycle to inform them about the product and also thank mail after they have purchased your product.

In the beginning, your list may not be big but do not worry it will grow with time.it may seem insignificant but You must respect the subscribers.

  • Keep your words.
  • Don’t let the quality of contents go down.
  • Keep an eye on your goals.

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Email Marketing Success - Critical Factors:

I hope by now you might be apprised of the importance of email marketing and might have got insight into what is an e-mail marketing and how does it work.

I will now share with you  my DENCASS strategy used by me in all of my successful email marketing campaigns

D: Create a Desire:

you must Create a desire in the mind of the customer. Your first one or two emails must be educative and informative. You must write the creative contents to create a desire for the product or services.

You must create a feeling among the subscribers that you are the most reliable person to help them so that they can start a communication.

These values must be reflected in each of your emails. Rather than forcing them into buying something engage them in conversation

You must ensure that subject of the email is meaningful and relevant to them. Try to keep the mail short and informative.

Try to avoid spams and avoid enduring them like join immediately or else they would lose the opportunity. instead discuss with them the problem and possible solutions, which can help them.

Sent only relevant emails or else subscriber will put the emails into the Spam folder. Therefore, proper segmentation of e-mail list is very important.

E: Establish a Relationship:

Continuity is a must. You must establish a relationship and trust with the subscriber by passing the right information to them at right interval.

You may also like to help them by creating awareness about the scams related to your niche.

N:  Needs

Subscriber knows something good is coming there way but why would they need it.

It is time to establish their needs.

Be specific about their needs and how this product will serve the purpose to help them in their motives.

The ideal time for emails is very important. If you are promoting online jobs for Moms, the afternoon is the best time when they have finished morning work and kids have not returned from schools.

C: Cash opportunity

Once desire is created and you have successfully established their needs, it is time to encash the opportunity by selling your product.

In this mail, you can put all your efforts on the sales pitch.

You can offer discounts, freebie like an ebook of any other software, which will also be useful to them.

This mail can relate to the success stories of other people who have purchased this product and are very satisfied.

Proper use of data and statistics effectively may serve the purpose.

Try proper and creative formatting. Use images intelligently to drive the point.

  • Judiciously add links to your other products as well for cross-selling.
  • You may try to send them to the landing pages also which can be a part of successful Email marketing.

ASS: Not that Ass, Do not think dirty.

Once you have sold the product you must provide good After-sales Services to your customer. Whenever they have any query related to your product or need help, make yourself available.

Try to provide help in most efficient manner. This will further enhance your relationship with the existing customer and will help to get more sales.


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As stated at the beginning, Some online marketer does not give importance to email marketing while some other may not have implemented it in right way. I have tried to give the insight of email marketing and have tried to answer the question about What is an email marketing and how does it work?

You must spend some time to devise the correct strategy to build your own email list for long-lasting benefits. Email marketing offer customization and flexibility to your promotions. Though social media is very good for marketing, you do not own it and any change in policies of using the platform may affect your marketing to a larger extent.

Any successful online marketer is successful just because of proper email marketing.

Do you Know What is a cold email and How to write effective cold emails?

Please leave a comment below to let me know your opinion about email marketing.

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  1. Hi Arun, This is a great article! Thanks for posting. I got a lot of valuable information out of it but I specifically like the linkage to the SMART concept. This resonates with me as I come from a corporate back ground where I was always setting SMART goals, I had not thought about from this angle with regards to email marketing. Appreciate the tip!

    1. Hi Lindsay
      Thanks for stopping by.
      S.M.A.R.T concept is widely used in the corporates. I have worked corporates as a Project Manager. This concept was Not only beneficial for Sales targets but for self-appraisal forms. Most of the people have abilities and courage but still, fail since they do not set the goals. The must be measurable and attainable. So that you can follow them up and reach the heights.

  2. actions really do speak loud 🙂 and definitely email marketing is really important to learn about, I need to start understanding this, so this post was really helpful for me – I really like how you lay out step by step the benefits of email marketing and how to generate your own email list from scratch.

    I’m definitely bookmarking this page and will come back to give myself refreshers on the basic for email marketing, as well as sharing this with others who want to learn about it.

    Thanks Arun!

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