Email marketing though very effective is still one of the highly misused media. It is quite easy to send bulk cold emails using email software, as a result, online marketers have forgotten the art of writing personal cold emails. A poorly written cold email will have an adverse effect on the business and people may stop reading your emails. But What is cold email? How to write effective cold emails? Go through this article and then you won’t require any cold email internship.

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What Is Cold Email?

Cold email relates to cold calling in traditional business. Therefore, some people call them cold call emails. Cold email is a devised online marketing strategy used to tap the potential unknown customers, who may not be aware of your business or brand. You are reaching out to them without knowing even if they require such services.

You may be getting lots of cold calls for buying insurance schemes or maybe a bank loan when you are in some meeting or enjoying a lunch. Therefore, cold calls are more irritating. The big difference between cold calling and cold emails is that recipients of email would check their inbox as per their convenience. Hence, there are more chances of that your email may get attention if it is crafted well.

Though you are reaching out to unknown identity you are not making their lives difficult. You are giving them an opportunity to get familiarize with your product or services and they may buy it at right time.

Will people respond to these emails? Chances are that they even won’t read your emails and may delete it forever. Do not get dishearten and don’t keep high expectations. Be persistence and have patience like a good salesperson.

Is Cold Email Spam?

Bulk emails without personal touch are considered as spam emails. But if you are writing specific emails targeting the right prospects, cold emails may not be treated as spams.

But here is a catch again and there is no solution. The business manager or any individual may still treat your mail as spam and put into Spam Folder if they do not have any valid reason to read your mail.

How To Write effective Cold Emails? – Follow these Easy Steps:

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Cold emails are the instruments used for making sales pitch. Like Cold calling, they may not always result in sales, however, they create brand awareness. There is great chance that the prospective customer may keep your mail in the inbox and may recall at an appropriate time or may visit your blog or find you on social media.

Cold email is an opportunity to express your brand, product and services in few paragraphs. This is an opportunity to express to your prospective customer about how can you help them?

Let's now go into the steps to be followed to write effective Cold emails.

what is cold email and how to write effective cold emails

1. Make a contact List of Potential Customers:

Start making a list of people who would be interested in your product. Building a list may not be easy.

To create a list of subscribers for cold Emailing, you can join the various social media platforms.

You can search for the relevant groups on Facebook in your niche and Join the groups. You can promote your products in the groups and also can find the people searching for similar products.

Similarly, you can join Twitter, LinkedIn and social media platforms.

On Twitter, you can look for the prominent names in your niche and start contacting their followers. I will normally follow the followers of prominent personalities in my niche, as those may be my potential customer looking for similar product or services sold by me.

Please note that people do not appreciate private messages or cold emails, the moment you contact them. You can start communicating with them through these platforms initially.

If you are planning to take them on your list and sent cold emails, you must first interact with them on social media by commenting on their Facebook, LinkedIn posts or retweeting their tweets.

They will then start recognizing you and chances are that when you send them cold emails, they will not treat them as spams.

2. A compelling Subject Line is must:

You may spend days together to design and write most intriguing mail but your whole efforts would go waste if a person receiving the mail does not open it. Your subject line has the potential to make or break your business. To substantiate my claim, I just advise you to check how many cold emails, you have never opened.

If you receive a cold email with a subject line like, “ Earn 6 figure income in 30 days”, you will mark it as Spam immediately.

To write the best subject line, you can summarize the contents of your mail and then bring them to few words choosing different combinations. Never write a pure marketing line, though your intent is to sell something. Keep the subject line very short between 4 to 7 words.

You can make the email clickable by personalizing the subject line by mentioning some acquaintance, touching competitor or asking for an appointment for further discussions.

3. Send the perfect message- Personalize with the First Name:

The email recipient may not be interested in your life story. Besides sending long bulk emails, prefer to send short and to the point emails and personalize the email by using their first name.

With Software Like Getresponse, It has become very easy to insert personal details using Short Codes.

You can start with the person’s first name followed by subject line and greeting.

Greeting line can be followed with your details in one line and next few lines on how you can help them in their business?

At last, you can ask them for an appointment or Skype call, a webinar or visit your website for further details.

You can create free webinars with GetResponse.

4. Do not oversell - Be a smart marketer:

Rather than selling your product or services straightway, write about how you can offer them some help?

Use Buyer specific language and create the trust. Try to be an adviser rather than becoming a salesperson. Contents should focus on what the recipient of cold email will gain from using services offered.

Including Social Proof is definitely an advantage.

In follow up emails, you can use social proofs, real-time testimonials and approval from a recognized industry expert.

5. Provide them various Ways to Get back:

Some people like to reply to your emails. Few other may like to have a teleconference or other may like to visit your blog or website first to know more about you and your products. Some people may like to follow you on social media and see your following.

So give them all the possible ways to get in touch.

You can offer multiple time slots to talk or ask them for a convenient time.

6. Offer Something of Value-Free:

It is quite possible that you may not be able to sell anything through your cold emails but you can offer something useful free.

You can invite them to attend some free webinar or can share a link to YouTube or something free to download.

Your aim must be to demonstrate that you're sharing your knowledge free and your paid products will add value to the shared knowledge.

7. Track Your Emails:

Tracking the cold emails is very important in deciding the future course of action and adjusting your marketing strategy accordingly.

I use GetResoponse for the creating a campaign and looking at the metrics like Click-through rates, click to open rates, sign up rates and conversion rates etc to turn my marketing leads into sales. You can evaluate all these with 30 days free trial and see your business to skyrocket.


I have tried to park a lot of information in this article regarding what is a cold email and how to write effective cold emails?

Cold email must be written properly as they represent your business and brand. It is not necessary that cold email will immediately bring sales but they have multiple advantages. With proper tracking, you can redesign your strategies to send effective cold emails.

Have you sent cold emails in the past or are you planning to send? Have you tracked them? What works for you and what not?


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  1. Thank you for a clearly written article on cold emailing. As a newbie website owner, I don’t have enough traffic yet to begin an email campaign but the idea of sending emails to unknown people actually frightens me a bit. I’ve never been good at cold calling in the real world, so to me this is just an extension of that. But your article broke it down very well into steps that aren’t quite as scary as the whole email topic. I guess I should begin the search for prominent names in my niche on Facebook. Thanks for the push!

    1. Email marketing need to be implemented at the righttime. I have seen many people wasting lots of money in buying those outdate Sales funnel softwares. I will never recomend all such things at the begining. Paying for email campaign without visitors is of no use. I have written on Email marketing – How and when to start? You will find this topic very useful.

      Cols emailing is the best alternative to build a brand and also grow your list. But I would recomend to send personalized cold emails rather than doing bulk emailing. Bulk email will serve the purpose when you have a big list and have segmented it properly. 


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