What is Copy Paste Income By Ewen Chia

Do the online copy and paste opportunities really exist? Can you really make money by just copying and Pasting?  

Ewen Chia has claimed that he will teach you to make $3,052.68 in one weekend by using his Copy Paste Income System.

The System will also teach you to hire topmost professionals and get them to work for you absolutely free and make money all the day.

As per Ewen Chia Any one use the system without

  • A Website
  • Web hosting Or Domain
  • Any Prior Experience
  • Building a List

​Do you feel making money online can be so easy?

​Irrespective​ of what the business opportunity is online, it is ​very important to ​do ​the due diligence before investing ​your hard earned money and  time.

​What is Copy Paste Income - Quick Review

Name: ​Copy Paste Income System

Owner: ​Ewen Chia

Website: Click Here



The fact is that there are many real opportunities online that ​do work. ​

Most of the Copy Paste Opportunities may turned out to be Scams but when some opportunity is presented by an expert Marketer Like Ewen Chia, you have to believe that it is going to be different.

Each Legitimate opportunity or so-called online "job" require effort  and may be some amount of investment, and I am speaking monetarily.

​You may still be thinking that No one can possibly make a full time income just by copy pasting and yes it look like just another ‘guru scam’.

​But Ewen Chia would share what he has been doing all these Years.

​​He claims that Within the training He will fully train you to make money with affiliate marketing.

​He further claims that he drives traffic from secret sources that he will share with you in this training. These techniques have helped him promote affiliate products in any niche .

When you learn the  ​secret to drive traffic ​to your affiliate Links , you make ​full time income working online.

It sound too good to believe. Isn't it? No Making Money is not that easy. 

The Product is creepy and is not recommended by me.

In the Copy Paste System, Ewen actually teaches you ​to promote eBooks through social media platforms like ​Slide Share and Facebook.

The method taught by him are not as effective as when you promote the products via your own website or Landing Pages.

 When ​you keep on promoting money making products on​ other's  time Line again and again , they would ​treat it as a Scam.

Even there is a chance that your social Media account may be blocked. ​

Promoting products is the ​main motto of any business whether offline or online and to connect with the customer and create trust you should have a website. ​

Through website , you ​do not only share the product's details but companies vision and mission ​as well.

​In case you are serious about making money online and looking for a legitimate completely DFY System, I would advise you to get stared with 12 Minutes Affiliate.

​Who can Use Copy Paste Income pdf?

​Though the Copy paste Income system is supposed to be for every one who want to make money online, It does not seem to work at all.

As per the Sales page of the System,  You are not required to be a Professional or Expert in any field. If you ​know how to operate Computer, you are ready to get started.

The creator of this eBook know that most of the people who start online business do not know how to drive traffic to their ​affiliate links. The promoter of system is trying to make you beleive that he is going to make it easier for you with his Software which does all the work for you.

​How Does Copy Paste Income Works?

Ewen Chia has presented the total training in a very simple way. We can breakdown his strategies into simple steps for making money online.

  • Find a Profitable Niche.
  • Find the Affiliate Products in the niche that you would like to promote online for making money.
  • Create ebooks related to the products and niche and put all the affiliate links in the ebooks
  • Promote the ebooks.

​ Ewen Chia pays to the Freelancers ​for creating these ebooks ​and then fill them with his affiliate Links and ​links to all the promotional ads on Copy Paste Income.

Now you might have understood the meaning of Copy paste income exactly. You will get these books and paste your affiliate Links. Moreover you will copy all the ads and paste them on social media to promote these books.

​Copy Paste Income Pros:

  1. ​Step By Step Training to promote Affiliate Products through eBooks.
  2. ​Decent information on selecting a profitable niche and Long tail Keywords.
  3. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

​Copy Paste Income Cons:

There are many red flags raised and I would like to make you aware of all that so that you be careful in future as well.

  • Like Many Other Scams , the sales page does not reveal anything about the System. The Sales Pitch put the emphasis on may things ​that you are not required to possess but doe never tell what exactly you have to do.

These Tactics are used by the Internet Gurus to lure newbies into the Program. Once they have Joined, they will be promoting the same scams for making money.

  • ​Upon Joining you will be bombarded with many up-sells. They do not tell about them on their sales page.

Up-sells are becoming more common these days and no doubt they are part and partial of online marketing. 

Though I personally do not like up-sells but you can't get away from them.

But there has to be a limit. They ​should at the most offer 2 to 3 updates for advanced training.

​Suppose ​You ​can just spare $37 and pay your joining fee in order to make money online and upon Joining you come to know that you will have to buy an up-sell in order to continue and to use the tools required for training.

In that case you will have to either shell out more money or left with the option to quit forgetting the money already paid.

  • ​Copy Paste Income is old wine in new Bottle. Ewen Chia launched a similar program named Autopilot Profits long back. The program was successful to some extent but ultimately lost its sheen after some time.
  • The Program seems like a funnel for Ewen Chia's Other programs.

​Is Copy Paste Income Worth Buying?

​​This is quite surprising that the experienced marketer like Ewen Chia has created such a low-quality programs. 

He really know the tricks and he is capable of delivering a better product.​

This is unfortunate that is interested in growing ​his personal wealth only without sharing his real experience. ​

Whereas I have seen people ​making money by creating legitimate training and marketing it in transparent way. Affilorama and wealthy affiliate fall into the same category.

Copy paste Income system does provide some useful information but that is not enough to ​help you making money and rather you will end up wasting you time and money.

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