What is EasyWebinar - EasyWebinar Review: Updated on 27th April 2020

Working from home is not a liberty or fashion. It has become compulsion for every one due to Covid-19.

Selecting the best platform for online conferencing or delivering Live or recorded) webinars was not that easy and The security lapses in much talked about software has made it more difficult.

The requirement of software may be different for various users and organization but Easy Webinar have designed to suit most of the requirements.. 

Easy Webinar Software is the a robust platform with various set of features to allow you run a live event or Streamed automated webinars.

In this article I will run through all the features included in this software, Subscription Plans and Benefits to help you make an informed decision.

You may also attend a webinar to know various features in details and find How Easy webinar can help you in your business growth.

What is EasyWebinar Software - Quick Review

Name: Easy Webinar
Website: Please Click Here
Owner: Casey Zeman

Price: $78 Per Month to $499 Per Month. Check Here For Details




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

EasyWebinar lets you conduct  run the live and recorded webinars automatically in real time.

The Software Supports up to four multiple presenters and allow you to invite any attendee to be a presenter as well.

This Feature helps you in building dynamic rapport with your audience.

You can be sure of the fact that  EasyWebinar will provide seamless high quality streaming without any delay or latency. 

The High Definition Screen Sharing lets you display the Documents, Browser Windows and Desktop movements with lot of clarity.

It is also worth mentioning that this best online Webinar Software utilizes "TrueVoice Technology" for noise reduction and synchronizing the Audio and Video well and deliver them at same time even when more than two people are speaking,

Based on the actual performance and market feedback,  company keep on updating their software to provide best Quality Services. At the time of updating this Article, they are currently on Webinar 3.0 Version.

In a nutshell, Easy Webinar is a significant tool for anyone who wants to address online communication difficulties and connect with their targeted audience.

I have been using this Software for  automated webinars for promoting my online courses and much satisfied with the performance.

About The Owner of EasyWebinar

Casey Zeman is the Founder of EasyWebinar.  

He is the Best Selling Author of 'Build Your Audience with Live Video'. Casey has created many tools and training that have helped thousands of businesses grow.

Casey Believes in combining the automation and engagement in your business so as to build the best marketing campaigns for optimum results.

He has rendered the consultancy services for clients like Estee Lauder, Dell and Harper Collins on Webinars and Video Strategies.

EasyWebinar Benefits:

EasyWebinar offers a complete marketing solution that integrate your marketing plans with Face to Face connection with your customers.

You can take advantage of automating the engagement and optimizing every campaign.

Some of the benefits of EasyWebinar Software are 

  • Generate Leads
  • Grow Your Email List
  • Onboard New Customers
  • Deliver Training Seminars
  • Automate Sales Campaigns
  • Demonstrate Your Products Live
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Build Brand Credibility.
  • Train your Staff
  • Network Marketing Recruitment
  • HR Compliances
  • Work From Home

Live Webinar Features:

No Delay Streaming : No Delay Streaming means No Long wait. There will no time lapse in hearing the question asked and answer given. 

High-Quality Picture : EasyWebinar's  proprietary Live Engine enable your audience to get to see you in high quality definition pixel perfect video.

Real-Time Chat :  The live chat feature will help in engaging your audiences and you can even use emojis so that your message gets the attention. 

Multiple Presenters :  Multiple presenter feature ensure allow you to have 4 presenters in a live webinar. They all can use a camera and microphone while sharing their screen for better presentations.

Record and Archive : Webinar sessions can be recorded and archived. These archived sessions can also be downloaded or  can be streamed to automate the process.

Run HD Screen Sharing :  Easy Webinar plugin can be used to share documents, presentations, browsing windows, and other things you want in perfect HD.

Enables Attendees to Become Presenters – Attendee in the live webinar can become a presenter on click of a button.  

You will Just have to  select the attendee whom you want to be presenter and EasyWebinar software automatically enable their audio and video and allow them to start presenting on the spot.

TrueVoice Technology : The TrueVoice technology used by the Software helps in noise reduction and maintain high bandwidth streaming with no delay, even when two people are speaking at the same time.

EasyCast :  This is ta new feature added to stream live webinars on multiple social media platforms at the same time. 

Automated Webinar Features

Run Evergreen Webinars : You can run pre recorded Webinars with EasyWebinar Software.

These Automated Webinars are pre-created webinar funnels used to generate leads and and build an email list of prospective customers.

You can use these Evergreen Webinars to onboard customers, create courses, run automated sales funnels and more.

Reach a Larger Audience :  You can schedule the recorded webinars to be Streamed at a time that suits your attendee’s local timezone. 

This is the best way to reach a broader audience. 

Repurpose Your Live Webinars – With the help of this tool, you can move your live webinars from a live event to an automated funnel for getting more prospects and in turn generating more sales.

Right-On-Time Registration : You can utilize the right-on-time feature  to stream the webinars at the next fifteen minutes increment from the time a visitor comes to your page.

Let's say for example, the site visitors who land on your page at 5.00 PM would see a prompt for the next Webinar starting at 5:15 PM.

This is the best plan of action to execute as it improves the chances to get engaged with every lead in a time frame that works for them.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting : The EasyWebinar’s advanced analytical tool provide you the greater insights into the activities performed during your live or Automated webinars.

You can check if your audience showed u and the time period for which they stayed and if they clicked on an offer.

You may be able to collect the information about your audience members behaviour and can optimize your event!

'Wait For It’ Block Days : The purpose of this feature is to help you create a custom journey for your viewers, gain their engagement, and commitment before the beginning of your Webinar.

You can create a sense of demand in the market by determining the waiting period for new visitors and thereby blocking the opening of new webinars by a set number of days.

More Common Features of Live and Automated Webinars

  • Anywhere Registration Box, embeded in your webpages.
  • Instant Replays from your Registration Page
  • Expiring Replay Pages
  • Responsive & highly Converting Webinar Pages
  • Social Sharing Feature
  • Email Notifications before and After Webinar
  • Can add tracking Pixels such as Google Analytics , Facebook Conversions or Audiences Pixels.
  • WordPress Plugin for Automated Webinars and YouTube Live
  • One Click Registration for easy to signup as a new user
  • your most high converting event funnels over and over again to save yourself time.
  • Easily Export CSV Webinar Reports with Custom options

EasyWebinar Subscription Plans

There are three different plans available. The standard plan will cost you $78 per month where as the pro plan and enterprise plans are available for $129 and $499 per month respectively. 

All the plans enable you to run the live and recorded webinars. The main difference with standard and high end subscription will be the number of attendees and training program. 

The following picture gives the basic idea of pricing and you can find the complete details by clicking the button below the picture.


EasyWebinar MasterClasses:

You can join Free training provided by EasyWebinar to teach you the 6 steps of creating High Sales Webinar. 

Casey Zeman will share all the secrets employed by him for creating highly convertible Sales webinars and he had been using these webinars for making 7 figure income from each product.


Final Verdict :

EasyWebinar Software has all the Features required for running live webinars for online Coaching or interacting with your audiences.

You can use automated webinars as a funnel for promoting your products and collecting emails. I myself use EasyWebinar for promoting many affiliate offers.

You can get started by opening a free account now and start your online webinars activities.

You will get 14 days to review the Easy Webinars services at no risk and if you do not like the services you can cancel any time within 14 days without any obligations.

I hope this article will help you in making a final decision. In case you need any more information, Please feel free to contact by leaving a comment below. I will get back to you at the earliest.

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