What Is Flexoffers.com | Is Flexoffers A Scam or legitimate?

Many online marketers claim that they are making money with FlexOffers while on the other hand, lots of affiliate Gurus are still not aware of this opportunity. You would be curious to know what is Flexoffers.com and how people are making money with this platform? Is Flexoffers a Scam or the biggest legitimate affiliate marketing platform.

The most difficult aspect of affiliate marketing is choosing the right kind of platform.  Many reputed affiliate networks like Clickbank, WealthyAffiliate, Affilorama, Jvzoo, and Amazon are being used by affiliate marketers for making money.

It does not mean that a little less known platform like Flexoffers cannot be used for making money.

Quick Report- Program Name

  • Product Name: FlexOffers
  • Web Site:www.flexOffers.com
  • Category: Affiliate Network
  • Price: $600 for Advertisers. Free For Publishers


FlexOffers.com is an affiliate market network offering money making opportunities to Experienced Online marketers. If you are a newbie, your application may not be approved. Even if you get on board some how, you will not be able to make money without having proper skills.

There is other legitimate Alternative available to learn and  make 6 figure monthlt income.

Over All Rating :

I would advise you to do proper research before Joining any unknown program to avoid online Scams.

I  know many people who have been scammed in search of easy money.

Making money online is not impossible but searching a legitimate platform is the first step towards making money online.


What is FlexOffers?


FlexOffers is an affiliate marketing network already having more than 12000 affiliate programs to promote.  These ProPlatform multiple marketing & data delivery options and advanced payment solutions for profitable partnerships with Publishers and Advertisers.

Advertisers or companies can add their existing Affiliate Programs or can create a new Affiliate Program. The advantage of joining FlexOffers is that once you are onboard, You will find a lot of affiliates ready to promote your products for a fixed commission.

Publishers can promote millions of the products offered by 12000+ Advertisers using various techniques including but not limited to contents Feeds and Text Links. These Affiliate Programs covers a wide range of categories like retail, fashion, travel and financial campaigns from all the major international brands.

How Does FlexOffers Work?


Advertisers can Join Flexoffers by making a payment of $500 as setup fee and $100 as a deposit.  The deposit of $100 will go into an escrow account and will be utilized to pay commissions to Publishers.

Advertisers have to pay a network Fee of 1% for Cost per sale (CPS)  Programs and 5% of the commission paid to Publisher for CPL (Cost per Lead) Programs.

CPS Programs: Suppose an Advertisers pays a commission of  5% to the affiliates for each sale. Then for each sale of $100 achieved by the publisher, the advertiser has to make a payment $6.

$5 will be paid to the publisher and $1 will be kept by FlexOffers.

CPL Program: In case an advertiser has set up a commission of $5 to Publisher for every Lead. FlexOffer will charge 5% of $5 i.e $.25 for every lead.

Does FlexOffers have an Affiliate Program?


  1. You can set up your account very easily.
  2. FexOffers has over 12000 Advertisers.
  3. Dedicated Affiliate Manager will be assigned to you.
  4. Real-Time Tracking.
  5. Accessible Customer Support
  6. Compliance Monitoring
  7. A vast range of Products to Promote
  8. Excellent Referral Program.
  9. Escrow Account to ensure payment of commissions to Publishers.

The Things I do not Like about FlexOffers:

Due to their stringent application approval process, FlexOffers is not meant for newbies.

I am definitely in favor of such strict norms which helps to keep Affiliate network Scam Free and attracts legitimate advertisers.

Is FlexOffers A Scam?

You may find some negative reviews about FlexOffers but I do not find anything wrong with FlexOffers. FlexOffers definitely not a Scam

Anyone who knows the tricks of affiliate marketing can make a lot of money with FlexOffers.

Yes, That is what I wanted to convey exactly.

FlexOffers is an opportunity to make money only and only if you know Affiliate marketing.

They do not teach you the basics of Affiliate marketing.

Is there an Alternative available?

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the leader in Affiliate marketing Training platform available which teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and make money with any affiliate network.

Once you have learned the techniques, you can promote any product and start making money. After establishing your first money making a website, You can keep on replicating the business to achieve financial Freedom.

Learn from the Leaders in the market and Start Making money

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