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Have you been struggling to find the best Affiliate Programs for your Blog?   iTunes Affiliate Program is known as the Performance Partners Program.

This Affiliate Program provides an opportunity to the bloggers, website owners and app developers to link their website or apps to the Apple Service Content. You can earn a commission by promoting and selling the Movies, TV Shows, Songs, Books or Audio Books etc.

You can sign up the Performance Partners Program free. Once you apply for the program, they will review it and the final approval may take up to 5 Business days. I Feel for what ever reasons may be, the Apple iTunes Affiliate Program is very restrictive and you can not be assured of being a part of Performance Partners Program

Though everyone is eligible to Join itunes affiliate Program, this can be more beneficial for the people in tech niche, music niche or maybe books review niche.

iTunes Affiliate Program-Quick Review

Name: ​iTunes
Website:Click Here
Owner: ​Apple Inc
Price: Free to Join




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Lot of people may not be aware of the fact that Apple offers two different affiliate Program i.e Apple Store Affiliate Program and iTunes Affiliate Program. 

The iTunes affiliate program allows you to make money by promoting affiliate links of Apple Music and other iTunes contents like music, movies, Audio books and more. You can place your partner links on your website, app, or emails and earn qualifying commission.

The Performance Partner program by Apple is much more than the traditional traditional affiliate program as it provides the unique opportunities opportunities and marketing channels to their partners.

Though I feel that there is a scope of making lot of money with iTunes Affiliate Program, it is not recommended for all.

I recommend iTunes affiliate Program for making money online only to the experienced affiliate marketers who are aware of digital marketing techniques.

Affiliate marketing may not be a rocket Science but it is  not easy either. Though Affiliate marketing is the best option of making money but you must be aware of proper techniques.

Few Years back, When I started online, I did not know anything about digital marketing or Affiliate marketing. I joined Wealthy Affiliate University which helped me making 6 Figure Income Last year with its step by step practical training.

How to Create Apple Affiliate Links:

Apple Offers a number of tools to provide easy ways to link to their stores including Apple Music Toolbox, the Apple Books Toolbox, Identity Guidelines etc.

You must ensure that You are correctly using Apples approved badges for promoting their Products.

The  Link Maker, tools Banner Builder and Widget Builder make it very easy to create affiliate links on your site.  We have discussed the 

1. Link Maker


You may prefer Link maker If you’re writing a review or just trying to promote apps, books, TV shows or even movies. 

There is other option called Auto Link Maker. You will just have to add one snippet of Javascript code to your blog and all your to Apple store, music, iTunes and Audio-Books will be converted to affiliate links. This would saves a lot of time as you don’t have to edit all the links manually. Even for the future posts, you need not create affiliate manually. 

2. Widget Builder:


Widget Builder allow you to add interactive widgets to your website or blog. Using these widgets, users can discover apps, explore music, preview songs, and find albums from iTunes without leaving your blog or website.

Various widgets are available to provide different functionalities and can be customized to fit within the partner’s current web property.

Following Widgets are currently available:

  • App Discovery Widget: This widget display the the app icon, its name, current price, genre, and description for a Single App only. You can have TV Discovery, Movie Discovery and Book Discovery Widgets.
  • App List Widget: The App List widget can be used to find a list of apps that they like. Users can browse through the list and read a description of each app. 
  • App Store Search Widget: It allows the users to explore the App Store. They can search and discover individual apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

3. Apple Music Toolbox:

The Music Toolbox can be used to find and create the embeddable links for your website or blog . The Toolbox is the best for creating links to the mobile responsive and geo-aware playlist , albums and songs. 

With Apple Music Toolbox, You can 

  •  Access Pre-formatted and geo enabled text Links
  • Search Music by Albums, Artists, Songs ,curators or Playlist etc in Apple Music 
  • Access small and regular geo enabled badges
  • Get Web players for Apple content
  •  Access Artist Resources
  • Enter your PArtner Token at the end of Tool

5. Apple Books Toolbox:

One can find different categories of books and Audiobooks using the Apple Books Toolbox for earning commissions. You can access these items in the languages related to 26 countries where Apple Books is live.

Apple Books toolbox can be used to create links with an Apple Books badge, a logo lock-up, an app icon, or as a text link.

There is an additional Audio Books Widget tool for integrating  links for Audio Books and create interactive audiobook preview widgets. y to display fun and beautiful audio excerpts on your own website.

4.RSS Feed Creator:

RSS Feed creator can be used to create RSS Feeds or RSS Links to the Apple’s list of top products, music, books, apps, and more. RSS feed cab placed as widget in your site's sidebar for making money with it. 

5. Banner Builder:

Banner Builder can Create banners for you website, Blog,  Social media or on your app with your affiliate links for making passive income. The Banner Builder will help you to create banners of any TV shows, movies, books, music, and apps.

 iTune Program Benefits:

  1. You can earn commission from Apple on all qualified resources by sharing them with your affiliate links. 
  2. You can easily add the valuable content to your website or app and it makes very easy for your site visitors to find books, apps, music and more on the App Store.
  3. Once you join the iTune Affiliate program, You will continually be updated on various features, tools and promotions etc.

What Are the iTunes Affiliate Commission Rates?

  1. iTunes pays a commission of 7% on Movies, TV and Books.
  2. You will get 2.5% commission for iTunes music.
  3. Apple pays you 100% of first month subscription when some-one subscribe for first time through you Affiliate Links. 

How to set up my payment information?

You can set up payment via your bank by logging to your dashboard and clicking Payment Setting on upper right hand corner. Here you can add the Payment method.


Based on your choice, You can be paid in a single currency or multiple currencies. You must ensure that your bank details are entered correctly which may include Bank Account Number, Bank's details and SWIFT/BIC Code. The minimum threshold amount will depend upon the currency preferred by you.


 You will be eligible to receive the commissions through direct deposit upon reaching the minimum payment threshold which varies for country and currency. The payments would be available after 90 days from the date of sale and  if you have reached your payment threshold. However, iTunes gift cards being sold on the Apple Online Store are not eligible for commission.

Bottom Line :

Apple iTunes Affiliate program is a decent way to make some passive income if you know how to promote affiliate Products. 

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

If you are new to affiliate marketing, it may not be easy for you to make money with iTunes Affiliate Program.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money online but it is not very easy.

You can never become rich overnight as an affiliate marketing as it works like any other business and demand proper training, hard work , patience and persistence.

I recommend iTunes only to the experienced marketers but if you are a newbie, you may be benefited with my recommended #1 program which has helped me making $10000 or more per month last year.

I request you to share the article with your colleagues if you have liked it. In case you need any more information, Please leave a comment below and I will definitely respond at the earl;est.

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