So You have decided to find What is matched betting and how you can make money with Matched betting. Is matched betting still profitable in 2021?
Many questions surround it, Take a look at the answers and how to get started.

I have a lot of experience as I started almost 12 years ago. I'm sure this article will help you find the answer to plenty of questions you may have.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a way of betting on different outcomes of an event simultaneously to ensure that you don't lose. 

Can there be a way of winning every bet? Yes, if you follow our recommended system and instructions.

You will not only win every bet, but you will know how much money you are going to make even before the event start, irrespective of who won?

You don't care which team wins, as you will win every time since all the outcomes are covered.

It is not a quick-rich scheme as the number of free bets limits you. However, although you can't make millions overnight still, you can make substantial money.

If matched betting is so good, then why not everyone does this.

The answer is that many people are doing this, and the Profit accumulator has more than 150,000 customers so far.

Is matched betting a scam?

No, matched betting is not a scam.

I come across many people who knit their brows when I chat about matched betting but let me make this clear; it is not a scam. 

There's a whole forum dedicated to matched betting on Saving Expert. Martin Lewis will never do something on his site if it is not legit. 

It's a method that I have used for a long and made a decent income.

How does Matched Betting work?


Matched betting works on the idea of opening an account with two or more bookmakers or betting exchanges where one of them at least offers you a free bet.

The free bet is used to place a back bet at a bookmaker opposite the lay bet placed at the betting exchange.

Typically, bookmakers want you to place one bet using your own money to qualify for the free bet.

You can place a bet on particular "results occurring" with the Bookmaker and a second bet on the same even with the "result not occurring" at the betting exchange. 

The above process will offset any loss if the result does go in your favor.

Now you will qualify for the free bet and repeat the same process to make a profit with Free bet.

Let me further explain with an example.

Suppose Bookmaker A offers you a free bet of £10 if you bet £10 on an event with your own money. 

You place a £10 on winning one team in a football match with bookmaker A and a £10 lay bet on losing the same team (or winning the opposite team) with betting exchange. 

Whichever team wins the match, you will get your money back as you have covered both outcomes. Not only that, you will earn a free £10 bet.

You will repeat the process and earn Profit by taking advantage of Free Bet in the next event.

I have given an example to help you understand. And if You still have some questions, there are companies like Profit Accumulator out there that offer step-by-step training and will guide you through the whole process.

Is matched betting illegal?

No, it's completely legal. A spokesperson from William Hill has intimated that the betting industry does not have a problem with this use of free bet.

Bookies don' like it as they don't see people losing money in gambling, it's envisioned for. 

Bookies do keep an eye on matched bettors, and if they are suspicious about what you are doing, they will stop sending you the free bets. 

Bookies have their way of working. It is sometimes frustrating, but then you have to move on to the other bookies.

Don't worry. People are making a lot of money with matched betting.

Meet Matt; less than a year after starting the free trial, he has joined the £10,000 profit club.

There are still people who treat betting as evil. They feel that anyone involved in these types of activities must have some addiction. 

And let me clarify that Matched betting is not gambling. 

In gambling, there is only one possibility that you will lose money in the end. However, in matched betting, you have covered all the outcomes, and matched betting free bet will allow you to make money.

How much money do You need to get started?

You don't need much money, and you can get started with as little as £50. Of course, you don't need more money, but it allows you to move faster if you put more.

Let's say you start with £50, and you can go with Profit Accumulator sign-up offer and make your Profit there. But then you will have to wait to get money withdrawn back to your bank account before you can move on to place the next bet.

Whereas if you get access to a little more, you can go with the first offer, and while you are waiting for profits in your bank, you can move to next and then next and so on.

How much money can I make in a month?

Matched betting is not a become millionaire overnight type of scheme. It depends on how much time you can put in and how committed you are, like all things in life.

For most people, it is easy to make a few hundred extra each month say £200, £300, or £500, doing it only half an hour per day. 

If you are committed, you can make more than £1,000, say £1500 a month. But that requires comparatively putting more time and more effort.

Can You Lose a Matched betting?

Yes, there are chances of losing a matched bet, however bleak they may be.

Generally, it is risk-free but let me not say that you can't lose money.

There can be unavoidable when you can lose money depending on the bookie's terms and conditions.

Say in a tennis match; a player withdraws due to a bad injury. Some bookies may treat the game as void, whereas some others may payout.

That's why it is essential to check bookies terms and conditions and seek help.

Is matched betting worth doing?

Indeed, it may not be as profitable as in the early years. This is because bookies have become more perceptive to the process. But making several hundred a month is possible and won't take you too much time. Plus, all your winnings are tax-free. So it is worth trying out.

How can you get started?

You can do Matched betting yourself if you take your time and make sure you know all the possible deadfalls. 

It is essential to sign up for an exchange to place your lay bets to get started. The best place for this is Betfair, and you should get a free bet for joining. 

But, then, You will have to join other bookmakers as well and work through their offers.

It's worth noting that sign-up offers do change, and sometimes it pays to be patient.

If you're not sure or want better access to offers, Profit Accumulator is unquestionably worth signing up. 

They offer a free trial (No Credit Card Required) to learn the basics and make money with two bookie bonuses.  

If you make money (which everyone does), you can upgrade to the Platinum Membership. 

Premium membership gives you access to 100+ bonuses and free new bets every day. You will also have access to full sports software, forums, and enhanced customer support. 

Besides, they offer 30 days money-back guarantee. You can cancel membership any time.

Profit Accumulator Cost:

Profit accumulator offers free trial membership. You don't require any credit card for joining. Besides, there are two different membership options.

1. Premium Membership for £24.99 per month.

2 Diamond Membership for £39.99 per month.

Profit accumulator membership plan

Free Trial


No Credit Card Required

  • Earn more than 40
  • Learn  the basic
  • Two Bookies Bonuses
  • Limited Software Access



Or £180/year. Cancel anytime.

  • Earn  Consistently
  • 100+ bookmaker bonuses
  • New free bets added every day
  • Full sports software access
  • Full Forum Access
  • 30 day Money-back guarantee
  • No Contracts. Cancel anytime



Or £300/year. Cancel anytime.

  • Earn Maximum Profit
  • 100+ bookmaker bonuses
  • New free bets added every day
  • Full sports software access
  • Full Forum Access
  • 30 day Money-back guarantee
  • No Contracts. Cancel anytime
  • 100+ casino bonuses
  • Free access to Casino software

Is Profit Accumulator Legit?

The profit accumulator is 100% legit. The company has been in operation since 2014 and is rated 4.9 out of 5 on Trust Pilot.

Signing up for a new company may be a bit worrying but, Profit Accumulator is an established company that will take you through the whole process. They have more than 150,000 paying customers.

To get started, or find out more, click on the button below.

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