You might have seen some Social media Promotion for making money with My Daily cash Machine and probably that may be the reason for landing on this web-page.  This program is an advertisement revenue sharing bases micro platform.  I got attracted towards this website due to the claims that one can make thousands of Dollar with this program.

But How can you make money after purchasing Ad Packs for $35?

Quick Report

Name: My Daily Cash Machine
Owner: Shane Brewer
Price: $35/Ad Pack



Are you serious about making money Online?

 It is unlikely  to achieve financial Freedom with My Daily cash machine or similar Programs, You may make some money but may also end up paying lot more than what you earn. Moreover I have seen many such websites disappearing  

If you are fed up with the Scam you can join my #1 recommended Program wealthy Affiliate. 

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Once you buy the Ad Pack, you will also become a member of their revenue sharing program. This option, of course, seems interesting. You would feel that you can make a lot of money this way but do not jump into conclusion until you read my transparent review.

Before joining any program, it is very important to do proper research of all the facts.  The revenue is shared when new members would buy the Ad Packs. More Adpack sold means more revenue will be shared. This indicates that you will have to involved in recruiting process to earn money.

How Does My Daily Cash Machine Work:


I visited them at  " How to work Page" to get the detailed information. They have proposed many ways and means to earn money online.  These are given below

  • CPA offers
  • Traffic grid
  • Traffic exchanges
  • Cash Links
  • Ad Packs
  • Affiliate Program

To earn money you will have to visit their promotion page and click at least 15 advertisements and then buy an Ad Pack. Once you have purchased the Pack, you become eligible for revenue sharing.  It is quite simple but it is risky as well.

What is my daily cash machine about ?- Is My Daily Cash Machine a risky :

Whether My Daily Cash machine is safe to join or risky, you have to think twice before Joining.

I know spending $35 for buying the pack does not seem too big a thing for making money online but by just paying $ 35, you are not going to make any money.

There is a  catch and You will have to invest much more than that without no guarantee of return.

As I said earlier, you will earn money by revenue sharing and when new members would buy the pack. This means you will have to promote the program for constant inflow. You will start placing paid ads and may go out of the budget.

Many newcomers Join such program thinking that they will just buy the pack and others will be able to do the recruiting.  At this point, they failed to consider that all newbies join such a program with a similar mindset.

Therefore in order to earn your first check, you may have to spend hundreds of Dollar on paid advertisement to drive traffic and increase sales.

I have seen lots of ad revenue sharing winding up their websites in a few months of starting. You can not trust them and it may happen that they wind up next day of your joining. They have nothing at stake.

Moreover, you can consider another scenario like 1000's of members just be able to make say, 100 new members. Then taking our owner's share, you may not be able to earn more than $2 per month.

It means you will not be able to earn any significant money with this program and it will just be a waste of money, time and efforts.

Like any other Scam or MLM, Only the owners or first few members who join the program upon launch will be able to make money with such kind of programs. The first few joining the programs are normally the affiliate Guru's who help in Launching the program.

Once the membership crosses a limit and Owners would start failing in their commitments, they will vanish from

In case you are lucky to make some money in such programs, you will tend to invest back the money buying more ad packs for making a lot of money. Here I would like to caution not to reinvest all the money earned. Think of at least keeping 50% with you and invest only 50%you have earned. You first

My Daily Cash Machine Pros:

Free to Join

You can make some money.

Easy tasks.

Offers an Affiliate Program for making money.

My Daily Cash Machine Cons:

Very Risky.

You may have to spend a lot of money on paid ads.

Return on investment may not be as expected.

The company will not last very long.

Bottom line

You can make some money with My Daily Cash Machine. You can buy many Adpacks if you have risk appetite and can try to earn more money. Since the program offers an opportunity to earn money, Many people do not call it a Scam. I may also not label it as a 100% scam, it is not much less. An advertisement platform is being marketed as a money making program, it is actually not.

The program is not meant for newcomers but for the experienced marketers who know how to sell online and make money

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