The Profit Injector had created much hype even before its launch on Clickbank. You might have landed on this page searching for Profit Injector review to find the answer to your query- After all what is Profit Injector.

Jamie Lewis, the Owner of the Profit Injector claims that it will help you generate online income through Youtube by way of placing ads on already existing Youtube Videos.

In this Profit Injector review, I am going to reveal the complete information about the system so that you can decide if the Profit injector is a Scam or Legitimate and worth Joining.

Quick Report

Name: Profit Injector
Owner: Nick
Price: $37




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Profit Injector may not be put into the Scam category but I do not recommend it.

The Profit Injector teaches you to make money online by posting Ads on the Youtube videos created by Others. 

The training module covers the methodology to approach successful Video marketers and request them to share your affiliate links on their you tube videos for some money/gifts.

You may be wasting your time and efforts by doing so.

Youtube marketers create video to share their affiliate links and monetize videos for themselves.

Video marketing is Just one off the techniques used for affiliate marketing. You need to learn much more than that, if you want to make decent money and support your family.

What Is Profit Injector?


Profit Injector is a Training created by Jamie Lewis. It teaches you the techniques of making money online by posting ads on already Existing Youtube Videos.

In case you do not want to start your own Youtube Channel and create your own Videos, this may be the best Alternative.

Jamie Lewis is an Experienced online marketer and making tons of money online. But it does not mean that he is making all his money by posting ads on videos created by others.

The process of posting ads on other Youtubers videos is definitely complicated and People may not allow you to post these ads on their videos.

Moreover, Youtube marketing is one of the methods used by affiliate marketers to make money online and if you are serious about making money online, you cannot be dependent only on one method.

Profit Injector may be useful  if you are already in affiliate marketing and want to add a new technique to your kitty but in case you are just starting out, you must be looking for a complete affiliate marketing training platform

I am not saying that these tools do not work but you will have to spend time to utilize these tools to their full potential by following the proper instructions.

 Profit Injector Training


The training consists of following different modules as discussed below:

 1. Brief Introduction:

The video is used to build the narration. This is an introductory video which briefly describes the system.  This video sheds some light on the methods you are going to follow to make money online using this system.

2. How to Use YouTube Software:

This module will train you to find the keywords and profitable niches using the Software.

 3. The Keyword Research Tool:

A lot of people have informed that this tool does not give the desired results. The tool in combination with a Youtube Scrapper is used to generate tags and Keywords.

Finding the right Keyword having least competition is the most difficult job for any online marketer. I use Jaxxy which is the most simplified tool for finding Long Tail Keywords.

 Launch Box

This is where the actual action starts. The module will train you to contact the Youtubers in the specified niche. You will learn to offer them something in return to get your ad placed on their YouTube Video.

I have my doubts that most of the Youtubers will allow you to place your ad on their Videos even if you offer them a joint venture.

A successful Youtuber whos videos are already driving lots of traffic will not bother for a small income. And if the video is not worth any traffic, I do not think you would like to waste your money either.

Step by Step Instructions

The module gives the step by step instructions on how the system works. It consists of 13 videos with an average length of 5 minutes.

As I told you earlier, the system will not work for a newbie. If you are just getting started with online marketing, you have to do much more than video marketing.

Video marketing does play a role in affiliate marketing but this is just one of the several techniques to be employed for successful

 Message Swipes

These are the pre-written messages which you can send to the potential video creators to propose a joint venture.

Most of the Youtube creators would just ignore such messages.

I call it duplicity.

As the people who have bought this program before you might have approached the same Youtube video creator with the same message.

Acquisition Letter

You may require this letter if you would like to buy an existing channel or right of some video. If youtube video is already generating the desired result for the Youtuber, Do you think they would like to sell the rights?

 Live Webinars

You will have an opportunity to attend the Live webinars conducted by the owner of Profit Injector. You can ask the questions and get your doubts cleared.

Profit Injector Pros:

1. The program is backed by a 60 days money back guarantee by ClickBank.

2. The program delivers some basic training related to Video marketing but that may not be enough for establishing a successful online business.

Profit Injector Cons:

  1. The system is no being marketed in a transparent way. Once you buy the membership by paying $37, You will immediately hit with three different upsells/ downsells.
    1. First Upsell: Training Classes for $197 (one time Fee).
    2. Downsell: If ignore the first Upsell and are not ready to pay an additional $197, you will be offered the same training with 6 months access for $97.
    3. Third Upsell: Profit Injector Business in a box for $297.
  2.  The training offered by the Profit Injector is not up to the mark. If you are planning to start your affiliate marketing business, you require comprehensive training. The training must cover all aspects of Affiliate marketing.
  3. As I have been communicating repeatedly, it is quite difficult to convince successful marketers to share your affiliate Links on their Youtube Channel.

Is ProfitInjector A Scam?

Profit Injector is not a Scam, however, its usefulness can be debated. I will never recommend this system to any newbie. The system can not be used to make enough money and achieve Financial Freedom.

You can still succeed in Video marketing if you create your own videos and monetize them. But you will have to generate a lot of traffic before you can opt for monetization. There are strict norms being followed by Youtube for video monetization.

In case you become a successful video marketer yourself and have your own channel, would you be comfortable sharing links of other affiliate marketers?

The training is not worth its cost and moreover, you will feel cheated after you find the upsells. It is normal for any person to believe that they have not been given access to the complete training when they are hit with upsells.

Bottom line:

I do not recommend Project Injector.

In case you are sincere about starting an online venture, I would advise you to learn affiliate marketing from a reliable resource.

Instead of wasting your hard earned money on half cooked training which will never help you make a decent income, you must join a program trusted by more than a million.

In case you need any further clarification, Please leave a comment below.

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