I just came to know about the Quantum Ad Code website a few days back. The website claim that I can earn more than $13k or be more precise $13761.02 per day. They further claim that you can make money by just placing the online ads and the program is free to join. I was really keen to perform more research about the program before joining. In my review, I am going to share What is Quantum Ad code About?

Can you really join it for free and make so much money as claimed or if the Quantum Ad code is another big scam?

The name itself seems to be quite tricky and indicate a Scam.  You can not define the legitimacy of programs by its name only. If that is the case programs like  8 figure Life Dream Lifestyle would be helping people living a dream life but it turned out to be a dangerous Scam. To make a well-informed decision, please continue to read my Quantum Ad Code review.

Quick Report

Name: Quantum Ad Code
Owner: Michael Crawford
Price: $250 +


Who-is-quantum-ad-code-Michael Crawford


Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Quantum Ad Code is a Re-branded Program. The same program was earlier being promoted as Quantum Ad.

After cheating Thousands of People , the creator have changed the name.

They are Promoting it as free but when you sign up you will have to deposit $250. Quantum Ad code in fact is not a program but a sales funnel of other Binary scam. 

They have used the Fiverr artist for creating Sales Video. Not only this they have used the stock Pictures of a real person as fake testimonial for promoting the  

Quantum Ad Code is a Scam. You are advised to stay away.

Quantum Ad Code review:

When I just landed at their sales video, I could instantly identify it with a similar program I have been encountered with. It seems like the same old program in a new pack. It took me very little time to recognize that I have already reviewed a similar scam named secret Society of millionaires.

My further research indicates that the program has been re-branded many times. Earlier It was known as "Quantum Code" and used to promote the binary trade options. Since people have become very alert about the binary scams the so-called owner Michael Crawford have decided to promote the different system.

But one thing which you still found common among all such program is that they all offer some quick rich scheme. Most of the newbies trying to make some money online often fall prey to these schemes treating them to be a real opportunity.

They assure you that you will make $1367.02. I am really surprised that how could they arrive at a very specific amount.

Even in the case of legitimate online opportunities, the money depends upon the efforts put by the individuals.

No two marketers are earning the same amount promoting the same program.

If you calculate the total income considering $13712 per day, you will be making more than 5 million per year. Suppose 50 people join them every day then they may be producing 175o millionaire every year.

The owner of a company producing so many millionaires does not have any social media presence. Can you believe this? This can  only be possible if the false claims are made on the website and program offered is a scam

How Does Quantum Ad Code Work?

I do not have any doubt that programs like quantum ad code never work. These are not real programs to make money online.

The Quantum Ad code is created by someone who is hiding behind a fake name "Michael Crawford". The creator of the program does not want to be identified as he may be afraid of the consequences of promoting a Scam.

Since I have seen such videos earlier also, I feel the owner is promoting the same program in different names and getting the video made from artists hired from Fiverr.

Is Quantum Ad Code a Scam:

Quantum Ad Code is the biggest scam and I do not have any doubt. You can observe many red flags when you visit Quantum ad Code website. I am sharing some of these below:

Fake Identities:


All these scams have one thing in common. They promote the program using fake Identities. When you access the second page of their website just after Quantum Ad Code Login, you will come across a lot of happy members and their fake testimonials.

The testimonials of Gina M have already been used in another program known as Free Ad cash. The similarities do not end here. When you do bit more research you will find that the picture used is also fake. They have used the Photograph of Michael Crawford for Gina M.

They might have used the photo from the stock picture without realizing that the picture is of a real man and it can be identified easily.

The system is not Free:

Though they are promoting it as a free opportunity to make money online, in reality, the program is not free.

I would just like to warn you that you should not fall prey to these free opportunities.

Any real program with legitimate income opportunity cannot be free.

Why would any person offer you real money making opportunity for free?

This program is also not free but it does not mean that the program is legitimate. I mean they are just promoting it as free but you will have to deposit $250 before starting to use their program.

They do not let you know about the opportunity before taking the money and even after buying the membership you will not be able to know - What Is Quantum Ad Code About.

Many other similar scams are being offered for $37, $47 or $ 97 but these scammers are offering it at a very high price of $250 as they are in hurry to make money and close their website.

Is any alternative available?

Most of the newbies online start believing that making money online is quite easy after seeing these type of promotions and once get scammed they change their opinion and lost any further hope of making money online.

One of my readers lost $10,000 before consulting me. He had lost all the hopes of making money online before he got in touch with me.

I offered him the program being used by me in making 6 figure income online. Since he was not ready to believe me, I offered him a 7 days free trial of this affiliate marketing training. Now he has recovered all his lost money and has achieved financial Freedom.

I hope after reading this review, you will avoid the Quantum Ad code Scam and not lose your hard earned money. Rather you should start your own affiliate marketing business after taking step by step training. In case you need any further information, just leave a comment below.

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