The number of people who are searching for an online opportunity have increased tremendously. Year 2020 is like a bad dream ,everyone would like to forget.

But reality remains, Millions of people have lost their Jobs and not each of them would be lucky to find a legitimate opportunity for making money online as 90 % of opportunities being promoted for making fast money are either scams or quite Low-Value products.

Rat Race Rebellion is an online platform which is quite popular amongst the people looking forward to work from home and be their own boss. On request of one of my readers , I have decided to review the Rate Race Rebellion.

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What is Rat Race Rebellion - Quick Report


Over All Rating :

It was quite refreshing to know the availability of a platform like Rat Race Rebellion where you can find different opportunities to work from Home.

Rat Race Rebellion has gained a lot of popularity amongst freelancers, working & nonworking moms and anyone else looking forward to earning extra income.

Rat Race Rebellion is not a Scam but that does not mean that I recommend this program

Most of the Jobs are not highly paid. If you are planning to work from your home and make decent income to achieve financial freedom or support your family , you may find it very difficult with the Rat Race Rebellion.

However there are other online legitimate options are available. You may like to test drive the platform that has helped in making 6 figure income online.

What is Rat Race Rebellion - My Transparent Review


 Rat Race Rebellion is a website created by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren. It has been around for more than 10 years now and has gained a huge popularity. Rate Race Rebellion is focused on providing Links to various work from home Job opportunities and has gained a lot of popularity.

Rat Race Rebellion have already featured on popular shows like Good Morning America, Dr.Oz, Anderson Cooper and others.

The platform is completely Free to Join and have a database of the companies looking to hire virtual or out of office workers.

 Find a Job with Rat RAce Rebellion – 4 Easy Steps

  • Visit Rat Race Rebellion website and search the Newest Jobs & Gigs page for new Jobs, Monday to Friday, 5 days week. Once you have found the relevant Job, you must bookmark the same.
  • You can Subscribe to Email List by filling the form and get the Jobs in your Email. Rate Race Rebellion assures that they won’t sell your Email ID. You can subscribe to their Email List by Sending an SMS to the number mentioned on the site.
  • You can Join their Facebook Group to post queries and get the answer related to Job Postings and read experiences of the people who have been hired.
  • You must check Ultimate BIG LIST of work from home jobs and gigs, a list of more than 400 hiring companies. This list is updated quite often so you keep on visiting the same on regular basis to find new postings.

Rat Race Rebellion Jobs?


Rat Race Rebellion though screen the Jobs before posting but it is quite not possible to screen every Job and hence you are advised to thoroughly check the credential yourself also before applying for the Job.

You can find various type of Jobs on this website. Some of the prominent categories are

  • Customer Service Representatives.
  • Free Lance Writers.
  • Remote Accountants
  • Get paid to watch Videos.
  • Copy Editors
  • Trainers and Coach
  • Software Engineers
  • Tech Support
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Tattoo Makers.
  • Customer Service Support
  • Graphic Designers
  • Drivers
  • Web Developers etc

Rat Race Rebellion Pros:

  • Organized Search List to let you search the newest Jobs First.
  • Email Subscription for the Jobs and they won't send the Spam emails. Also, they do not share your email with the third party.
  • You can find jobs in a wide range of categories.
  • Their Facebook group is also very active.

 Rat Race Rebellion Cons:

  • Most Jobs are available for only USA residents.
  • Many Jobs are the full-time basis.
  • Few Jobs are very demanding but payment is very less.
  • I observed few broken Links.
  • You will find Google ads also which are keyword specific.

Is Rat Race Rebellion a Scam?

No, Definitely not. This is not a typical website offering Copy and paste or Typing Jobs. Most of those Jobs are Scams. Rat Race Rebellion offers a wide range of Legit Jobs.

For a platform like this, It is not quite possible to 100% filter the jobs and hence they can always not be put responsible for some typical scams being posted on the site. I am sure if you find any Scam being promoted there and report it on their Facebook group or otherwise, they will definitely take the action.

The Site has built a great reputation and has been recommended even by reputed channels also. This can not happen if they are a Scam.

How I Prefer to make Money online?

Having worked for other for so many years I have decided to walk on entrepreneur path. I hate working for others at a very less paid salary.

Becoming an Entrepreneur was always a dream and Internet has provided me with an opportunity realize my Dream and be my Own Boss.

Contrary to common perception, It is not very difficult to establish your own business but it always takes some time. In case you are in real need of money, you can find a Job at Rat Rabbit rebellion but side by side make the strategies to build your own empire.

I love this business because it keeps on generating the money even when you are holidaying. Few days I spend the whole day on my online business and sometimes I don't care even for a week.

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I Hope you have enjoyed this review. In case you are looking for more information to work from home or online Legitimate Job opportunities, Just Leave a comment and I assure you that I will reciprocate at earliest possible.

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