You might be planning to start your own dropshipping business for making money online and that is really a good idea. Contrary to many people’s belief, Dropshipping is not a quick rich scheme but a legitimate online business.

Like any other business, it may have its own complications and drawbacks but if approached the right way using the proven strategies, you can easily establish a successful Dropshipping venture.

For a successful Dropshipping business You should have the right tools that may just not only help you to identify the right vendors but also manages most of the work in Auto mode. That’s where an App like Spocket comes into the picture.

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For all newbies, Dropshipping business works on order fulfillment by a third party and does not require you to keep inventory in stock.  When the product is sold, you pass on the order to third party supplier and they ship the product to customer on your behalf.

A lot of people are now attracted towards this business model as the start-up cost is very less. The only upfront cost involved is the cost of Domain and webhosting.

Though everything seems to be very simple it is not. To succeed in the dropship business, you need to find reliable suppliers who can fulfill orders on your behalf. Besides, you will also have to manually list the products on your website, add your margins and keep track of dispatches and send emails to the customers with dispatch status.

All these activities are very time consuming and there will hardly be any time left for marketing activities and growing your business.

To every problem, there is a solution. All the above problems can easily be resolved with a smart software application known as Spocket.

In this Spocket review, I will explain how this application makes the dropshipping business very easy by connecting you directly to suppliers around the world, automatically pull their products in your Shopify or woo commerce shopping store and manage many other activities as well. Keep on reading the Spocket review.


Name: Spocket
Website: Click Here
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free to $99 Per Month



Spocket review -summary

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

With the help of Machine Learning, Spocket is an application for building your e-commerce store with dropship products. It has completely revolutionized the dropshipping business with the help of Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In a very limited period of time since its launch, it has helped more than 60000 entrepreneurs on five continents to launch and scale up their online e-commerce business.  It has enabled the entrepreneurs to source the products from carefully vetted suppliers from across the world with the main focus on US and EU products.

Carefully vetting suppliers and merchants has ensured fast shipping, best quality products. The application further can be used for branded invoicing and is backed by the world-class customer support team. The app can easily be integrated with Shopify and Woo Commerce,

How Does Spocket Work?


Spocket team has collected and compiled the database of suppliers from across the world who can supply high-quality products and print-on goods.

Spocket application allow you to import these products to your eCommerce store build on Shopify, WordPress woo commerce or Facebook Shop.

When someone buys the product from your store, the application automatically forwards the order to the respective supplier who then ships the item to your customer in plain packaging without their brand image. However, the item will be shipped with your branded invoice.

As already explained above, all the dropship suppliers are thoroughly vetted before allowing them to become a supplier on Spocket. Every interested supplier has to satisfy the following three-step assessment criteria.

  1. The suppliers must agree to ship the items in neutral packaging, offer low shipping times and rates and must be capable of offering high discounts of up to 60% or even more.
  2. They must clear the investigative interview to ensure that they are legitimate.
  3. Spocket team actually place an order to evaluate the quality and shipping time.


You can launch Spocket store 5 easy steps as mentioned below:

1.    Register your Account on Spocket

2.    Integrate your store with Spocket. I have shared the complete process for integrating Shopify and woo commerce store.

3.    Select the products you want to sell.

4.    Decide your selling price by adding your profit.

5.    Publish your store on Spocket.

How to Connect Shopify Store with Spocket?


For connecting you can logon to your Spocket or Shopify account.

Option 1:  By Login to your Spocket account

  • Click My store on the toolbar
  • Select Shopify and input your Shopify URL

Option 2: By Login to your Shopify Account

  • After login into your Shopify account, search for Spocket App in the Shopify app store.
  • Install Spocket by clicking on Add App
  • Give necessary permission as asked by the App
  • Once App s installed successfully, you will be directed to your Spocket Dashboard



Woo Commerce Store can easily be connected with Spocket by following the following steps.

  • Download Spocket for WordPress following this Link
  • Go to your WordPress website Dashboard
  • Select Plugins and then Click Add
  • Upload the zip file downloaded from the above link.
  • Activate Plugin
  • You will find Spocket on the left-hand side Toolbar.
  • Click – “Connect to Spocket” in case you do not have Spocket account. Now you can register on Spocket website and get Auth from “My Store” toolbar on the left.
  • If you are already registered on a Spocket account, you must Click on Connect with Auth Key and enter your Auth Key

Click Here to connect Spocket with Wix, Big Commerce, or Aliexpress Store.

Spocket Features

The application is loaded with many outstanding features to make your dropshipping business very easy. We have already discussed some important features like Automatic Order fulfillment, integration of all famous eCommerce platforms. There are many more distinctive features that make this app very useful for Dropshipping entrepreneurs. Some of these are discussed below

14 Days Free Trial

Spocket offer 14 days’ free trial on all the plans. You can test all the features of the App for 14 days before taking a final decision on continuation.

Fast Deliveries to US and EU:

More than 60% of suppliers are from UK and USA therefore the shipping time for the US and EU is very less. The products are delivered in 4-7 days while other items may take 4 to 14 days. The Shipping timings are similar to the ones offered by Dropified however Oberlo and Alidropship takes close to 3 weeks.

Spocket Global Price Rule:

You can easily mark-up the prices for all the products either using a percent-based, a multiplier, or fixed pricing rule and reduce the manual labor.

This can be achieved by selecting the Global pricing rule under setting tab. The rule will not apply to the items already imported but only to new products imported after finalizing the rule.

You can setup three either of three Mark Up rules:

  1. 1
    Fixed Mark : This will add a fixed amount to you listing. Suppose you chose $10 as a fixed mark up and import a product costing $10 then Product retail price will be set up as as $20 on your website.  
  2. 2
    The Multiplier Markup :  If you select a multiplier of 1.5 and import a prodcut worth $20 then product retail price will be set up as $30 (1.5 times)  on your website.
  3. 3
    The Percent Markup : This option will add a percentage to the list price. For example if you add a product with listing price of $ 30 and choose a markup of 50% then the retail price will be $45 (50% higher than list price) on your website 

Sample Products: 

 Before starting to sell the product, you would like to check the quality of the products and shipment time by ordering a sample. Spocket App allows you to buy the sample from your own dashboard.

Spocket Plans and Pricing. Structure:

Four different Plans are available.

  1. Free Plan: The user can join Free plan to surf through the Spocket Catalogue.
  2. Spocket Starter Plan: This plan is available for $24 each month and is useful for new entrepreneurs. You can import 25 unique products in your Dropshipping store. Only email customer support is available.
  3. Spocket Pro Plan: This plan costs $49 monthly. You can import up to 250 products in this plan out of which 25 products are premium. The supplier will send your branded invoice to your customers. Chat Support is available.
  4. Spocket Empire Plan: It would cost $ $99/ month. You can import up to 10000 premium products in your dropshipping store. Branded invoicing and chat support are available.

 Spocket Shipping Prices :

The shipping costs will depend upon the item cost, size and shipping region. The shipping price varies from $2 to $15. You must carefully set your shipping price depending upon the Item cost or weight or shipping region otherwise they will not be added during the checkout process.

Though I would advise you to add shipping cost in your mark-up and offer free shipping to your customers for higher conversion rates.

Bottom Line - Is Spocket Worth it?


Make Money With Spocket Dropshipping App

Spocket is definitely a great solution for all those in dropshipping business. It offers a 14 days’ free trial so that you can check if the App is suitable for you. Evet the starter plan is very affordable and can be used for setting up your online business.

It is worth mentioning here that Spocket has got a 4.7-star rating from over 1600 Votes. This is considered to be very good.

Before finally deciding, you may like to read my Dropified and Alidropship review as well and make an informed decision.

As far as Spocket is concerned, it is definitely worth buying.

I hope I have been able to reply to the main quaestion What is Spocket Dropship App" in my Spocket Review. In case you have more querie, do not forget to leave a question in comment section. I would definilty reply to all your queires at the earliest.

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