What is The Secret Society of Millionaires- A Scam or Legit?

Today I am going to have a closer look at another website, the Secret Society of Millionaires, to find out the truth behind their bold claims.

The Secret Society of Millionaire claims to be an automated system through which you can earn $ 2550 per week. Are the claims real or whether The Secret Society of millionaire another scam. How does this website work? Is it safe to put money and buy their membership?

I have reviewed and exposed so many websites making these big claims that ultimately found out to be a scam. It has become very difficult to find real online money-making opportunities and work from home.

You are probably on this page looking for a genuine online earning opportunity.

There is a genuine opportunity, which has helped me, make $25000 in the last 10 months.

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Let us get started now with the review.

Quick Report

Name: The Secret Society of Millionaires

Website: www.secretsocietyofmillionaires.com

Ratings: 1 out of 10

What is The Secret Society of Millionaires?


The Secret Society of Millionaires system is a well-made site made to make you believe that they have paid more than $ 76190274 to its members.

The title states that a millionaire mentor will train you. The mentor will try to convince you that by following his training and automated business you can earn a lot of money online and be able to quit your job.

You will be made to believe that the system is business in the box and ready to roll. They would specifically tell you that it is not multilevel marketing or pyramid schemes. But that is a pure lie.

I will share the truth.

The Secret Society of Millionaire is not a system but merely a website put together to direct you to purchase another product “MOBE” which means My Own Business Education.

Matt Lloyd, an Australian entrepreneur, started MOBE a few years back. MOBE may one of the oldest active businesses in its class and we can give credit to Matt Lloyd. iSO many programs have come after MOBE and have failed.


MOBE is a multi-level program and as Secret Society Millionaire is pushing you to purchase MOBE products, they are telling lies by saying they are not a pyramid scheme.


How Does It Work?

There is no secret on the Secret Society of Millionaires website. The work is very simple. The owner of the website is promoting an affiliate product through this landing or sales page.

They are trying to be different from other affiliate marketers and instead of driving direct traffic to MOBE; they are first creating their own sales funnel.

They have listed their website of many affiliate networks where new affiliate marketers can sign up and promote their website. They are paying commission for promoting their website with the aim to get some affiliates for MOBE.


Is the Secret Society of Millionaires a Scam?

Secret Society of Millionaire in itself is not a program but a website promoting an affiliate program. I, my self do not like this kind of promotion and I don’t understand why they have adopted the indirect method.

In my opinion, if they are promoting a real money-earning affiliate program, rather than shying away they must explain the pros and cons of that program.

I am a premium member of a wealthy affiliate myself and have made $25000 in the last 10 months. Rather than hiding behind any sales page, I have explained its positives and negatives.

If you want to test the system, you can join it free here.

The secret society of Millionaire is promoting a legit program but legit does not mean recommended always.

I am not a big fan of Multi-level marketing or high ticket coaching programs.

In these systems, you must own the item you are promoting.

They will allow you to join at entry level but once you start promoting you will be forced to but High ticket program.

In case someone buys one of those high ticket training that you do not own within their system, you will not get the commission.

Sometimes a business demand investment but must calculate ROI, return on investment before investing.

MOBE sells the license of their training products but as I said to get the maximum advantage of their system, you must purchase all the products which need investment in 5 figures.


Conclusion – Secret Society of Millionaires

I won’t recommend you to get started with this business opportunity. Though they are promoting a legitimate business but earning potential is uncertain. Unless you enough money (close to 5 –figures) to invest, you must not even think about joining such a system and waste your time.


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