is the live video Streaming Platform operated by Amazon. The Twitch Partner Program is a step ahead of the Twitch Affiliate Program. Before Discussing the Twitch Partner Program , we will first put emphasis on the Twitch Affiliate Program. 

The Twitch Affiliate program is devised to help streamers make money online by Streaming their contents and building Audiences. This is what streamers like to do. Therefore the program has provided an opportunity to make a living from their passion.

In this Twitch Affiliate Program review, we will discuss the opportunity and find out if this is legitimate program for making money and how much money can you make with Twitch Affiliate Program.

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What is Twitch Partner Program- Quick Review

Name: Twitch Partner / Affiliate Program
Website: Click Here
Owner: Amazon
Price: Free to Join




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun was launched by Justin Kan in the year 2007 to allow people broadcast their videos online. Users were able to broadcast any content and registration was not required to view the contents unless it is not offensive.

The website acquired lot of popularity and contents were divided into various categories. The Gaming category especially grew very fast and was launched separately as Twitch TV on June 6, 2011.

The name was inspired by the name Twitch Game play, a video game play scenario used to test the players response time. Headquartered at San Francisco Financial District was acquired by Amazon on 25th August 2014 for US$970 million.

Twitch Partner Program was launched in July 2011 where as the Twitch Affiliate Program was Launched in April 2017.

The Purpose of the Twitch Partner program was to allow the popular content producers to stream their content for sharing advertisement revenue generated through their content. It was quite similar to what Youtube is doing now a days.  

The Twitch Affiliate program was launched specifically to help smaller channels make money online by streaming their contents.

The Twitch Affiliate Program allows the streamers to make money as follow:

  • By Accepting subscription from twitch users.
  • By Selling the Games or in-Game Items 
  • By enabling Bits to Cheer on their channels.

In short Twitchis a Legitimate website for making money mainly by the streamers mainly experiences.

In case you have your own channel or Planning to launch a new, You can take benefit of Twitch Affiliate Program

In case you are not comfortable with making videos or games, there are other Legitimate option are available. 

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How to Join Twitch Affiliate Program:

The following are the basic requirements for becoming an Twitch Affiliate:

  1. At the time of application, You must be at least 13 Years Old.
  2. You should a channel with at least 50 followers.
  3. In the last 30 days, Your channel must have broad cast the contents over 500 hours.
  4. You must have streamed on minimum 7 days in past 30 days.
  5. Each of your streams must have been viewed by minimum 3 or more twitch users.
  6. You can check your progress towards becoming an affiliate by clicking the tab - "Path to Affiliate".
  7. The above requirements get automatically checked once they are completed but in case you fail to maintain the status, you would be required to re-qualify.
  8. Once all the requirement are fulfilled, an invite button would appear in the Dashboard.
  9. Upon pressing the Button, you will receive an invitation mail for becoming an Affiliate. The company normally take 2 to 3 weeks for reviewing your application.
  10. Upon receiving the mail, You can get registered for the Twitch Affiliate program by clicking the Get Started button.
  11. You will be redirected to the setting Tabs where you have to follow the following steps.
    • Provide the basic information.
    • Accept the Twitch Affiliate program Agreement along with the terms and conditions for using the site.
    • Provide your Tax information to Amazon.
    • Complete your payment profile.

How to make Money with Twitch Affiliate / Partner Program:

Twitch Partners and Affiliates can make money in the following manner:

1. By Channel Subscription and Emote:


As an affiliate or Twitch partner, you can subscribe viewers for your Channel. The Following subscription offers are available.

  1. Twitch Prime Free Subscription.
  2. Monthly Subscription of $4.99 / $9.99/ $24.99.

Affiliate and Partners get the 50% of subscription Fee and rest is retained by Twitch. For example , if viewer buys the monthly subscription of $4.99 the affiliate or partner will make $2.5 and Twitch will get $2.49. 

Affiliates will have only one sub emotes whereas the Partners can also unlock up to 50 channel emotes

2. Earning on Twitch with Bits:


As a Twitch Affiliate, You can enable bits on your Channel. Bits are the smallest form of virtual currency that a streamer can receive or viewer can Purchase.

When Viewers buy a bit, they get the small GIF emoticons which can be used by them to cheer in Chat. 

A Streamer will get $.01 for every bit cheered on your channel. 

Partners can customize their Cheermotes and Bit Badges where as Affiliate can not.

3. By Selling Games and In-game Items:


Affiliates and Partners can earn 5% of the revenue generated on their channel through sale of Games or in-gametes which may appear on the channel page below video.

4. Ad sharing Revenue ( Not Available for Affiliates):

The Partners can make money by sharing the revenue generated by Twitch by running the Ads on your content just Like YouTube

Twitch Affiliate Payout:


The minimum Threshold is $100. It means you will have to accumulate at least $100 before withdrawing the amount.

You will become eligible to receive your payment after 45 days from the end day of month , you have generated minimum $100.

The money will continue to roll into your account till the threshold limit is achieved.

You have the option to select to receive your payment through direct transfer to your account,  Cheque, Wired Transfer or Paypal. The transaction Fee shall be applicable based on the mode of payment selected.  

The Twitch may close your account if you fail to earn minimum $100 in 12 months and under such circumstances a closure fee of $25 will be applicable. 

Difference Between Twitch Affiliates and Partners

Twitch Affiliate is a nice way to get started for small channels. The affiliates and partners program are almost similar except that twitch has withheld some of the capabilities and monetization options only for their partners.

The table below covers the major difference and what is available for both.


Bottom Line - How much money can you make with Twitch Partner Program?

Twitch Affiliate program is an excellent legitimate opportunity of making money online for all those who love to to do live streaming. The company pays you money when your contents are viewed by their membres. 

How much money can you make with this program is difficult to answer as it would depend upon a number of factors. Income would be directly proportional to the efforts you put in. 

Apart from creating the videos for broadcasting, you will have to bring the viewers by promoting them on Social media, Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook Groups etc.

Moreover You will be required to network with other streamers in your niche or the games you played. You may have to play games with them and become friends. 

All I am saying that for making good income, you should have good content and a large viewership.

You will have to use all your expertise in affiliate marketing. In case you are new to affiliate marketing it may not be possible for you to make money with Twitch Partner Program.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

If you are new to affiliate marketing, I would not advise you to join Twitch Affiliate Program.

You may not be able to generate enough money and your account may be terminated.

I would advise you to learn affiliate marketing first from the people who know the Job.

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