You might have landed on this page looking for some information about this program called Use2Earn before investing your money.

This seems to be a shiny object attracting a lot of newbies who would be searching for some fast money online. Before I start my review, let me tell you there is no way you can make money without doing some work be it online or offline.

 is use2earn a scam ? quick review

Name: Use2Earn
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free to Join 



USe2eARN REVIEW - Summary

Use2Earn is a fake website website launched to make money only for the owners. I found this website while surfing the net.The conlclusion is based on my detailed research and this use2earn review article share all the details.

You may continue to read detailed review of this Scam in case you are interested in and want to join it for making money.

In case you are fed up with reading Scam's review and want to join a legitimate training for making money online, You may join the same training platform that have helped me in making $10000 or more every month last year.

Therefore My advice to you would be to stop running after such an advertisement that suggests that you will become a millionaire through a completely automated system that too without doing any work.

Till date, I have reviewed so many similar online programs and most of them turned out to be scammed while few others were legit but offering a very complicated process that a newbie can not follow

 In this post, I will share all the information about Use2Earn and after reading it You will be able to decide if you should give it a chance.

What is ?

 As per the information available on their website, Use2Earn claims to be the #1 influencer network in the world for making money online.

According to the website, the Use2Earn started its operations in 2015 in Amsterdam. The site was launched with an aim to serve as the middle man to connect top corporations with Top influencers.

Since their inception, they have worked with some of the biggest influencers in Social Media and have worked with more than 300 corporate. They have participated in more than 30 advertising summits and have won awards for best-paying offers.

They claim that to date they have paid more than $158,670,000 to more than 730,000 members

All sounds too good but the moment I started digging in, I noticed a few things that put doubts over the claims and legitimacy of this network

This all sounds good but the moment I started doing some research I noticed that some things didn’t add which makes me worry about the legitimacy of this network.

Before we discuss all those red flags, Let us discuss how Use2Earn works.

How does Use2Earn work?


As usual, joining this platform is very easy like similar other platforms. You just have to visit their website and fill in the opt-in form with your name and email ID to become a member. Joining is absolutely free and they do not charge any money and rather you will be given a $25 joining bonus which you may not be able to withdraw in your lifetime.

Making money also seems to be a very simple 3 step process as explained below

  1. Sign-up on the website using the opt-in form. There not need to confirm your email Id.
  2. Once you have joined, you will have to invite the people using your referral link. You can post the referral link on various social media platforms.
  3. If someone joins the platform using your referral link, you will earn $10. You will get paid $2 for every click on your referral link.

This way you can make a lot of money. Very Simple. Isn't it. We will further discuss it.

From where the money would come to pay you?

If you believe, all their money comes from the ad revenues generated from the sponsors of the website that advertise their products on the Use2Earn platform.

As per the claims they want many people to visit their website to see the advertisements and hence they pay you for driving traffic to their website.

Besides advertisements, they also make money from the surveys and other tasks conducted on behalf of their clients. They get paid huge money out of which they share little money to you for referring new members.

There seems to be a huge problem with their claims and we shall discuss it in the red flags section.

Who can be benefiTted from Use2Earn?

By now you might have realized that you can make a lot of money by referring all your friends and followers by sharing your referral links on social media but unfortunately, the only people who will make money from this platform are the founders of Use2Earn. Let me be very clear, you are not going to make any money irrespective of how many people you may refer to use2earn


 1. False Claim About Year of Incorporation :

When I checked Whois details of the website, I found that the Use2earn website was launched in the year 2019 and not in the year 2015 as claimed by them. 


This is quite a possiblity that they might have been scamming the people since 2015 using some other name. These type of scammers keep on changing the websites but basic modus of Operandi remain the same.

I can tell you that they have already booked a new domain and you can check it yourself. When you try to sign up on you will be taken to a new domain This domain is booked in 2020 only.

This clearly indicates that the founders have planned to shut down the use2earn and move on to the new domain. They keep on changing the websites to avoid paying to the members.

2. Unkown Founders :

I have never seen any legitimate business website without details of its founders. There is no mention of Use2earn founders on their website. I could not find the owner's reference even on Social media.

3. No Mention on Forbs :

In one section on the use2earn website, they inform about being mentioned by Forbs. For the newbies who may not be aware, Forbs is an American online popular magazine that is published 8 times a year.

it features articles on finance, investment, marketing, and industry and is famous for its lists and ranking including American richest. Therefore if your business gets a mention in Forbes it is really a big deal.

Since Forbs's article gets highly ranked on google, you can easily search them. I tried to find out any article on google using various search queries like "Forbs"+ Use2earn but could not find any relevant result.

Moreover, if you get mentioned in a Magazine like Forbs, you will definitely post a link on your website. No such link is provided on their website also.

The wrong information raises a big red flag.

 4. Provoking members for Fake Video Review :

In the member's dashboard area you will find a link for YouTube submission. The company wants you to post reviews about Use2Earn on YouTube. You will get paid for submitting the reviews.

Of course, you can make money by posting the reviews but you will get paid only when the review submitted by you get approved by Use2Earn. That would lead you to post a positive and biased review only.

A real company would never force you to write only positive reviews and that raises a red flag.

 5. Copy of other scam websites :

After reviewing hundreds of online money-making" opportunities, I have come across many websites with almost the same red flags.  I can even tell you from a distance that this website is a big scam but I would never declare it a scam without reviewing it in detail

How does Use2Earn Scam You?


You may still be wondering how does Use2Earn scam you when they do not ask for any money or future commitment.

The founders of these types of websites know that they can make a lot of money even without a paid membership drive.

Data is very important. These websites are launched for collecting your information and selling it to third parties for huge money.

You may not lose money directly but you will start receiving a lot of promotional emails in your inbox. These mails will further promote shiny objects with false promises of making fast money online. You are the soft target as they know you are looking for online money-making opportunities.


What is ? Is Use2Earn a Scam?

Yes, Use2Earn is definitely a scam. I have not tried Use2Earn as I do not want to leave my information on such platforms. Though the founders are hidden behind curtains, I guess they are the same people involved in many other similar scams I have already reviewed. Some of these are mentioned below.

  1. Home wealth Remedy
  2. My Home Job Connection
  3. Padlock Income

I wouldn’t recommend Use2earn to anybody. 

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