What SEO copywriting is?

It is quite frustrating for many of us. It seems that most of the people just won’t get it right There have been lots of discussions about SEO copywriting these days, but hardly any of these are on target.
Majority of the conversations, posts and articles out there only deal with topics like keyword density, allowable limits, over optimization and similar things. All These people are making search engine copywriting all about the search engines. They genuinely forget that SEO copywriting is still copywriting.


What does it mean:

Generally Speaking, it means that you are writing a promotional copy designed and meant to cause a *person* or *visitor* to take a pre-defined specific action. Your target audience i.e. your site visitors must come first. The elements designed to help the post rank well absolutely come last. That means your copy or the post should try to impart knowledge or solve a specific problem related to the product. The copy must answer the question visitor are looking forward to, rather than just being a sales pitch.

Do you feel that all the traffic in the world is no good if your site copy doesn’t convert visitors into buyers?
No that is not the case.
That’s why while writing SEO copy, you must ensure that it is human read as the human visitor comes first. A properly written review will build a trust and relationship with your visitors and then they can be led to buying not one but many items/services.

Unfortunately, SEO copywriting is getting a bad name because most of what is being cranked out are repetitive burble. Most of these pages would never have made any sense to be on to a site, except for the fact that the website owner just wanted to rank highly for certain keywords.

So, just in the interest of reinstating the good name of search engine copywriting, let me offer some guidelines before it’s too late.

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What SEO Post Is ?:

  1. First and foremost – written for the visitor.
  2. Unique and purposeful.
  3. Natural-sounding – it flows.

What SEO Post Is Not:

  1. Written exclusively keeping search engines in mind.
  2. Mirrored, Spun articles using a cheap article spinner to create new pages by simply changing keyphrases. (Disclaimer: I use Spin article Rewriter for web2.0 Contents)
  3. Over repetitive just forcing visitors to take action.

The Do’s of SEO Copywriting:

When writing SEO copy, you would like to:

  • Understand your target audience, who you are writing for.
  • Choose the focus of the page and what you want to convey?
  • Create a plan outlining the message to be conveyed.
  • Choose the best keyphrases to be incorporated in the post/copy.
  • Ensure those keyphrases gell with the page and the planned copy.
  • Incorporate keyphrases as you write and maintain flowability rather than incorporating or forcing keywords after you write.

The Don’ts of SEO Copywriting:

When writing SEO copy, you should never:

  • Create a plan solely based on the purpose of ranking high.
  • Add posts simply to appease search engines.
  • Replace every instance the generic terms with keyphrases.
  • Rely unnecessary upon keyword density ratios and formulas.
  • Propel keyphrases everywhere possible without making a sense.

Therefore, in my opinion, SEO copywriting is not the process of writing exclusively for search engines. It is the process of writing copy to appeal to your audience or site visitors while including elements and unique keywords to help the search engines and your visitors understand what the page is all about.

Please remember that it is site visitor and engagement, which truly makes or breaks your site’s ( and your customer’s) success.

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