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Wolf-Points.com Review:

You might have been invited to join wolf-points.com and have decided to do proper research before joining.

You might be curious to know if Wolf-points.com is a Scam? How much money can you make with this? Will you actually get paid ? You would definitely be looking forward to get answers to all these questions.

If that's the case then you have landed on the right place. In this Wolf-Points.com Review, I am going to reveal everything you should know before joining the system.

There are different kind of Scams found on the internet, therefore I appreciate that you have decided to do due diligence before committing something.

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What is Wolf-POINTS.com  -quick review

Name: Wolfpoints.com
Website: Click Here
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free to Join 

Best For : No One




The only motive behind lunching these type of websites is to make money for the owners.

Free never means Free. Yes will not have to spend a penny on joining this program but what about your time and efforts.

You will only be promoting this system on Social Medial like many others.

The information Collected by your efforts will  be sold to other vendors for sending their promotional mails and at the end of the day you will not make any money. 

What is Wolf-points.com 

When you try to access the website, you will be taken to a login page and you will be asked to register yourself without giving you any details about the program.

It seems that website has been launched for data harvesting and therefore it does not have any homepage.

As the registration is free, you will create your account without thinking too much. Many Seamsters are playing this psychological trick. People do not hesitate in signing up as they believe that there is no risk involved.

There are many type of fraud out there like:

  • Cheap Done For You (DFY) Systems that never perform.
  • System with complicated strategies that no one can learn.
  • Pyramid Scams that do not promote any legitimate product.
  • Free to Join program like Wolf-net.com to capture your data.

These free to join program also offer a huge joining bonus and very high referral incentive to make the program more attractive. Whether they actually pay or not is something you must consider before joining.

On the similar lines wolf-points.com offer a $50 signup bonus, $20 for every referral who joins through your link and $2 for every click on you affiliate link. 


Newbies like you may join the program for making fast money with the program just by sharing the links on Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You will be very disappointed you are planning to withdraw the signup bonus of $50 immediately after signing up. All your thoughts of withdrawing you first online income would be shattered as minimum threshold amount is $200 and you can withdraw after earning $200.


I have observed many red-flags with the program that I will share with you in this article. Believe me free signup programs can also be Scams and you must avoid sharing your data everywhere.

How Does Wolf-Points.com Work:

Wolf-Points.com is created with the sole purpose of making money for its owner. None other than the owner will be able to make any money. I can say that it does not work as being advertised. 

When you Join the programme and login to your dashboard, you may not find many tasks inside the member area. You may then plan to make money by promoting it on your Social Media accounts and that's what owner is looking forward to.

As already mentioned, Wolf-poimnts.com claims that you can earn $2 per click and $20 per referral and $35 for completing every task.

The money offered is very huge amount. Just think for a moment when there is not membership Fee, from where the owner would pay you the referral fee. 

Any one with basic computer knowledge and having friends on Facebook can share the links and request friends to join for free. It does not make any sense. I can bet you will never get paid. Making money is not that easy or else every one would be a millionaire without working.

Moreover if you have logged on to the Wolf-point platform , you will find that they are not running any advertisements and not making any money through ads. 

Advertisers start releasing ads on any website when they see a real traffic coming to site which means site is not receiving lot of organic traffic and not making money. 

When they are not making any money, they won't pay you.

Suppose on a single day there are 500 referrals then they will have to pay $10000 without making money. The owner of the website has to be one of the richest person that can distribute this amount for many months or days without making any money. 

Can you imagine such a person hiding behind the curtain and do not have any social media presence?

The people behind this program just want you to believe that you can make lot of money but they do not have any intentions of paying you even a single penny. 

They want as many people as possible to sign up at the earliest to collect the information and also make money when they complete those tasks available in the dash board.

They will make small amount when people complete tasks though not many available and also be selling your information to more scammers.

Is Wolf-Points.com Worth Joining?

Let us the discuss the red-flags observed before taking the final call.

RedFlag 1: No Home Page

You will straightway be taken to login page when you visit wolf-point.com. Home page is generally used to share the information about companies main products. 

That indicate that company does not like you to know what are they doing and How can you make money with them before you have joined them.

This is a huge red-flag. I would b=never join any organisation without knowing the products or services being offered by the company.

RedFlag 2: No About Us Page

When you Join the Wolf-point.com , you may like to have information about the company like How long it is in the business? Who is the owner of company? and vision and mission of the organisation. 

The legitimate business use about us page for providing this information. 

The missing about us page raise a huge red flag.

RedFlag 3: Owner is Hiding

There is no information about the people behind this platform.

I am not totally surprises by this as all the scam websites follow the same rout.

These scammers normally launch a website and after scamming people and making money, they would close the website and launch a new website. They do not want to get recognised and hence they do not disclose their information. 

I do not trust a business website without

  • Home Page
  • About us Page
  • Contact Page
  • Testimonials
  • Payment-proof
  • Customer Support

All these are missing on wolf-points.com website.

RedFlag 4: No Testimonials:

When people purchase a product and found suitable they tend to share their experiences. 

I do not say that every one would leave a comment or review the product on your site but even if .01% people share their experience, there must be many testimonials.

Moreover if company has paid the commissions, they would have shown the payment proofs on their website.

On Wolf-points.com website you will nether find the testimonials nor payment proof.This is another RedFlag.

Is Wolf-points.com a Scam?

Yes  Wolf-points.com is a Scam and does not works as promised.

The website is launched with the aim to make money only for the people behind its creation.

The only plus point is that it is free to join and you will not lose any money by just signing up but this does not make it legitimate anyways.

The main purpose of website owners is to collect data and sell it to third party so that they can promote more scams. I can bet once you leave your details, your inbox will be flooded with promotional mails.  

In last few years I have reviewed hundreds of similar scams so that newbies like you can avoid them.

I was scammed and lost my hard earned money when I got started and I do not want you to loose money same way.

That's my way of giving back to society as I am now making 6 figure income online.

Is there any other alternative available?

There are many legitimate money making opportunities online. 

I can suggest you many cash survey sites as well but they won't help you in becoming rich. They are just good for making some pocket money by spending lot of time.

The Model I follow to make money online is known as affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer you can help people in selecting the best product out of the millions of products available and thereby making money when they buy the product. 

You can either start a price comparison shop or may write product reviews to help people make an informed decision.

Affiliate marketing is no a quick rich scheme out there but you can definitely have a chance of making huge passive income much more than your present salary if you are ready to put efforts and spend time in learning it.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online

I hope that you have enjoyed this Wolf-points.com review and this will help you in making an informed decision.

If you need more information or have any other question about wolf-points.com or making money online, please leave a comment below. I will respond at the earliest. 

Please feel free to share the article on your social media for benefit of others. 

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