Let us find out if work at Home Untied is a Legitimate Opportunity or a Scam

Quick Report:

Name: Work At Home United

WebSite: http://www.workathomeunited.com

Price: Free to Join. You can join and view their free Business Opportunity presentation on Joining. They operate like any other MLM organization. Big dreams. But they will not tell you a lot of things. They themselves are representing some other company. Read my complete article to know the hidden truth.

Rating: 3 out of 10

What is Work at Home United:


Work At Home United or WAHU is a marketing organization representing other MLM company named Melaleuca, which promote and sells health and cleansing products, and recruits multi-level marketers.

Work at Home United does not provide any information about this on their landing page or website. Once you land on their web page, you will have to click on the more in formation link provided on their web-page.

Once you click the link, they will ask for your details and after capturing your email they will start sending the mails with the related information and you will then know how much you need to pay for actually becoming the part of the business.

Once you have filled the requisite information and they have obtained your phone number, they will schedule an appointment for an online or teleconference  which is a pre-recorded presentation on how to make money with “Work at Home United”

They can share the same information in much-edited form but they have wasted this opportunity repeating the same things again and again.

The reality is that WAHU will try to sell you the products from Melaleuca and then join their network to direct more people to their site. They will do the same tricks with your referrals and if they join and buy Melaleuca products, you may probably make some money.

The basic purpose of this website is to grow the sale of the products offered by Melaleuca and making a team of members at the same time to grow their MLM.

But as I told you that these things would be disclosed to you only when you have provided them with your detailed information. The reason behind the non-transparency could be that most of the people have already fed up of MLM programs.

Can You Make Money with Work at Home United:

Yes, you can make some money with every MLM opportunity but can not think of making it a career.

In order to make any real income from MLM opportunity provided by Work At Home United, you will have to get lots of others to people to buy products worth hundreds of dollars. In case you want to earn some decent money, you will have to keep on doing this continuously.

The products offered by Melaleuca are very costly and beyond the reach of an average home buyer who can buy similar products at a very cheap price from the super market.

All the testimonials from others can be fabricated to be very convincing and are not to be trusted. The Melaleuca culture is very similar to a cult and some become loyal followers. They tend to go after easy targets. Kind of like the way Amway was.

You will then ask yourself why would you like to promote such expensive products when better and branded products are available in the market at a very competitive price

People who have joined these kinds are programs have left with no option but to promote such expensive products to recover their own signing up amount and money you need to spend buying compulsory minimum products every month to get your commission.

Once you have joined them it seems difficult to get out without losing your money even if you have realized that work at home united is a Scam.

You may see a lot of other sites similar to work at home united desperate to get you signed up and then buy and promote their expensive products. I always advise not to share your information on such sites.

Disclosure on My Part:

  1. I am not a member of work at Home United. All I have shared on the basis of similar programs or MLM I had Joined in the past. The working principle of any product based MLM organization remain the same.
  2. I have heard few good things about Melaleuca products. Though they may be a bit expensive there are actually people who like their products. I am sharing this observation based on my online research.
  3. I may seem bit biased but I am actually not in favor of MLM or cold calling for selling the products. Most of these companies would actually advise you to start using their products so that they can achieve targeted sales and then start promoting these to your acquaintances. When I was doing MLM, some of my friends actually started avoiding me thinking that I would try to sell my products to them.
  4. I always hate direct selling.

Bottom Line:

Work at home united do not share all these information on their website and hence may be treated as a Scam.

You can make money through MLM by putting a lot of efforts making others to join the program. Offcourse you can sell the products only but you will make money by selling the memberships.

If you are an expert in direct selling, cold calling, arranging meetings and seminars, you may opt for any MLM opportunity but I teach a different way of earning money online.

  1. You need not approach a client rather client themselves will approach you for the product.
  2. You need not keep any physical inventory and spend a lot of money.
  3. You are free to promote the product of any big company without becoming their franchise but still get a commission.
  4. You promote the products which actually sell and everyone needs them.

Here is how it Goes

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