WP SmartLinks Plugin Review | Make 30% more commission as an Affiliate

WP SmartLinks Plugin Review:

instantly make 10 times sale as an affiliate marketer



If are an online marketer then you might be looking for the ways to post the affiliate links on social media without being banned.

The WP Smart Links Plugin assure that not only your work will become easier by using this plugin but your affiliate income will increase by 30 to 60%.

Is is legitimate to use a plugin for Cloaking your links? How this plugin will help you in your affiliate marketing efforts. In this WP Smart links plugin review, we are going to find the answers to all these questions. We will also see how the plugin works so that you can decide if it is is worth buying.

WP SmartLinks Plugin Review- Quick Report

Name: WP Smart Links

Owner: Matt Garret

Website: Click Here

Price : $37


Recommended : Yes


WP Smart Links plugin will fix all your affiliate links to look “natural” so that the Social Media platforms like Facebook do not block these links or ban your account.

The Plugin is very much Legitimate and I am myself using this Plugin for Cloaking my affiliate Links.

When you are promoting any product without Cloaking your affiliate Links, chances are that 30% of your affiliate commission may be stolen. 

Affiliate marketing is not some unknown business now-a-days and people would easily recognise the affiliate links. They would rather be happy to buy the product using their own affiliate link rather than signing up using your links.

That's not only way that you're going to looses your affiliate commission. SOme offers may end without letting you know and if yo have cloaked the links, you can easily redirect the same links to other offers across all your posts in one click.

What is WP Smart Links Plugin?

WP Smart Links is the world’s first all-in-one next generation link cloaker tool that uses the advanced smart bridge technology to protect your links and allows you easily make more sales.

The Plugin totally eliminate the risk of losing any commissions.

WP Smartlinks would precisely create the open graph protocol from your cloaked site to give you a live preview of how your link will look on social media platforms.

You can add your own "Pixel" as well so as to boost your re-targeting campaigns.

Features of WP Smart Links:

WP smart Links Plugin comes with a lot of Features that will help you in protecting your 60% commission and increasing your affiliate income. 

Some of these Features are given below:

User Friendly WordPress Plugin:

WP Smart Links can be added to your site very easily like any other wordpress Plugin. You can install and use the plugin without any special skills or Experience.

Use Your Own Domain:

SInce you can install plugin on your own Website, WP Smart can always be used with your own domain for Cloaking the links. Your affiliate links will look very pretty and  inspire the confidence of people who clicks the Affiliate Links.

Manage all Your Links in One Place:

WP Smart links will let you keep all your affiliate links in one place only i.e right on your WordPress dashboard. You do not need to keep text files and spreadsheets for saving your links.

Change Your Links on the Fly:

Affiliate programs  and Offers change many times. Many affiliate sites go down in the long run. Not  only the traffic being sent to broken links will go waste but the broken links will also harm your website's SERP rankings.

WP Smart Link will let you manage your links on the Fly and send organic traffic instantly to any other other site so that you will never waste traffic and miss out on sales.

Eliminate Theft Completely:

WP Smart Links WordPress Plugin will completely cloak your links and neutralize browser switching. This would eliminate affiliates theft and ensures that you get paid for all your efforts every time.

Dodge The Spam Filters:

You will be sending the emails for promoting the links on your domains. This will not only reduce the risk of getting blacklisted as spam and it will also increase your views, clicks and sales.

Avoid The Ban:

When you share links on Social media with your own domain name, that would greatly reduce the risk of your affiliate links being banned or removed.

Smart bridge technology has been specifically designed keeping social media in mind, The Technology will ensure that your links can be shared on social media without fear of ever being blocked.

Who Is This SmartLinks Plugin For:


This WP Smart Links plugin is for any one interested in promoting their products on the other platforms apart from their own website. 

The Plugin is highly recommended for affiliate marketers who are making their living by promoting affiliate products and face trouble in posting their links on the Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest etc that have very strict spamming policy and do not allow posting affiliate links.

How Do I get Benefited with WP Smart Links Plugin?

As per a research Many Site visitors do not like buying the products using affiliate links as if the products would cost them more if they buy through referrals. They normally switch the browsers before buying and you would loose the affiliate commission.

Since all the site visitors are not technically sound and when they found the link poiting to your domain they will not treat it as an affiliate Link.

As per a survey, Many affiliates are losing upto 60% of their affiliate commission due to the diferent reasons.

As an affiliate you may also loose commission due to the reasons mentioned below:

  • Spam Filters in email marketing.
  • Banned Affiliate Links on Social Media.
  • Ugly looking links that people do not like to click.

WP Smart Links completely eliminates the risk of losing your commissions.

When you Buy WP Smart Links Affiliate Plugin, You get the following benefits.

  • Create 100 % Natural Looking Links
  • Prevention against Link Blocking.
  • Use Your own Domain for Smart Links
  • Manage All your Links at One Place
  • Avoid Social Media Bans.
  • Eliminate Links Theft.
  • Use Pixel for retargeting Traffic

WP Smart Links Plugin Upsells

OTO 1: WP Smart Links AddON

This Add will monitor Smart Links to auto detect the broken links this and redirect them to a predetermined link to bid goodbye to broken affiliate links.

Auto Redirect Feature allows you to set start and end times for links. Outside these times the clicks will be redirected to a link of your choice. 

The Feature is a great option for limited time offers and therefore your affiliate links will always be pointing somewhere profitable.

Geo-Targeting Feature will allow you to set which locations the SmartLink is for so that traffic from other locations can be redirected to any other locations or another link of your choice.

OTO 2: Ultimate Ads Plugin:

Ultimate Ads Plugin offer the following features for easily monetizing any WordPress blog. 

  • Theme Ads for adding upto 5 widgets to your site that can be used for Google Adwords, Amazon Ads or  any other CPA advertisements.
  • Ad  Bar for taking benefit of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to catch site visitors attention and generate Links. 
  • Pop Messenger for Popping us a new message to grab the attention of site visitors and force them to click on your affiliate Links.
  • Pop Under message to open a new Page under current opened browser window when your site visitors click on anything on your blog.

WP Smart Links Plugin Pros:

  • Legitimate WordPress Plugin
  • Help you in increasing Affiliate Sales and Commission.
  • Step By Step VIdeo Training
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

WP Smart Links Plugin Cons:

I could not find any. If you have any specific concern after buying the plugin, You may contact me by leaving a comment below in the comment section.

Bottom Line: How to make Money Online?

I am using the Plugin myself and have got amazing results. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the results.

The plugin will provide you enough flexibility in running your promotional campaign across any platform.

WP Smart Links is not a Scam and is highly recommended.

The Plugin will help you increase the sales by upto 60%.if you already have an affiliate marketing business.

In case you are not involved in online marketing and are planning to start affiliate marketing, you would still like to but it before launching your website so that all the links are cloaked from the beginning.

But if you are absolutely new to online marketing, I would advise you to learn affiliate marketing from the expert in the industry like I did few years back. 

I joined wealthy affiliate university that has been helping people for last more than 15 years and have trained more than 1.5 million people. The training has helped me making more than $10000per month last year.

I hope you have liked this WP Smart Links review and in case you need any more information, Please leave a comment below and I will respond at the earliest possible. 


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