Are you looking for the quickest way to monetize your WordPress websites or blogs? Yes, WP Speedy Links is supposed to act very fast. As per the claims made by owner, this WordPress Plugin takes less than 10 seconds to monetize your website for any keyword on AutoPilot.  In my WP Speedy Links review, I am going to discuss how this WordPress plugin works. We will find out if the claims made by the owner are hyped or true.


Name: WP Speedy Links
Website: Click Here
Owner: John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson
Price: $9.95 Discounted

(Claim discount Now)



As an affiliate marketer, I am always searching for the tools which can help monetizing my websites.

WP Speedy Links is a WordPress Plugin which can save lot of your time and efforts.

WP Speedy Links is claimed to be the fastest way to monetize your entire Website or blog for ANY keyword on full AutoPilot.

In my Review I have discussed all the Pros and Cons transparency.

Please read complete article before buying the Plugin.

The plugin is recommended for experienced Affiliate marketers who already have a website with lot of traffic.

This is not a money making opportunity but a tool to help you in already existing affiliate marketing business.

In case you are new to online marketing, I would advise you to learn affiliate marketing from the leaders in Industry to make money online. With sincere efforts, you can make a full time income online just like me.

What is WP Speedy Links:

As claimed on the Sales Page page of the website, the WP Speedy Links is a very Powerful WordPress Plugin that simplifies the whole process of monetization of your website in seconds.

Being an affiliate marketer myself, I always keep my eye open for the new tools which can be helpful in adding the links to new and different products and offers. You may not have the time to revisit and each post on your blog for adding new links.

WP Speedy links WordPress plugin will do the job for you in Automod. All you have to do is just specify the Keyword and the targeted affiliate URL  in the plugin and Save it. Now the links would be added to the particular keyword on the whole website.

For example, if you have just started to promote a weight loss product on your blog. Now you can specify the word weight or weight-loss and add the Product link you are going to promote. WP Speedy Link Plugin will automatically add the Links to the keyword weight wherever it appears on your website in less than 10 seconds. You are not required to visit hundreds of your posts and add the link manually.

This is going to save a lot of your time.

Who is the Owner of WP Speedy Links?

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson are the co-creators of the WP Speedy Plugin. They are the experienced online marketers and are trusted name. They have created and marketed many successful products earlier like "CB Affiliate Master"; "Instant Azon" and  "List Phoenix" etc.

How does WP Speedy Links Work?

WP Speedy Links is a WordPress plugin. Therefore you must have a website to install WP Speedy Links. If you already have a website, you can install this plugin to get more keywords on your websites linking to Sale Page.

When a site visitor would click the hyperlink on your webpage and buy the Product through your Link, you will make money.

Besides having a website, you must have the skills to drive the traffic to your website.

If you do not have a website or even if you have a website without traffic, I do not think this offer is for you.

The first and foremost condition of making money with WP Speedy Links word press plugin is to have your own website with good amount of traffic.

The benefit of setting up this plugin on a website is that whenever you come up with a new post with the same keyword, it will automatically create links to the sales page.

You can follow the 3 simple steps for creating links with this plugin.

First Step: Get the Affiliate Link of the Product You are Promoting.

Let me assume that you are promoting a very popular product Stream Store on Jvzoo. Now you can logon to your Jvzoo Account and press Get Links for the Stream Store.


Second Step: Configure the WP Speedy Link Plugin for Keyword

Now Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to the admin panel of the WP speedy Links WordPress Plugin. You must now add the new keyword, let's say "affiliate store"  in the Add New keyword section and then paste the link you’ve just copied as shown below in Picture.


In case you decide to promote some other affiliate product and not Stream Store with the same keyword, you can just paste the new Link and save. The Affiliate link will be changed in the whole website.

Final Step: Check the results

Once you have saved the setting, you will just have to refresh the WordPress to see the results. You will find that everywhere the keyword " Affiliate Store" has been converted to the HyperLink which would lead the customer to the Sales Page.

 Experience Required To Make This Work?

The setting up the Plugin is very easy. All you have to do is install the Plugin. I hope when you are reading this article, you are well versed with the installation of Plugins.

Once you have installed you can set up your Links as explained above. No Experience or special skills are required to make this Plugin work.

Who Can Use WP Speedy Links Plugin?

The WP Seedy Link Plugin would be the best tool for anyone who has a website and wants to promote products in any niche.

It is best for Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Freelancers, and Online Marketers.

Cost of WP Speedy Links Plugin:

You will have to pay just $9.95 to have this Plugin on your website. This is quite surprisingly very economialy priced as compared to other WP Plugins.

If you consider the time and efforts saved by this Plugin, you will know that you are making the right decision in buying this Plugin. Just think of all the frustrations you may have to go through if you’d have to edit thousands of pages manually.

However, this price may only last for a limited period of time and after that, it may be sold at a higher price.

WP Speedy Links Plugin is available with a risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee Deal.

WP Speedy Links Plugin Pros:

1. Unlimited keywords and Links:

Once you have purchased the Plugin, there is no restriction on the number of keywords or Links. You can add an unlimited number of Keywords and Links to your Blog

2. Completely Editable Links:

You are always in full control. You can edit the links in second whenever you Like. Whenever you decide to promote some new product, you can save the new Link for the same keyword in the WP Speedy Links Plugin and all the hyperlinks would not point to your new affiliate link.

3. No Experience or Special Skills required to use this Plugin.

4. Economically Priced.

5. 30 Days Money-back Guarantee.

WP Speedy Links Cons:

Product is meant only for Experienced marketers. This is not a stand-alone product for making money. The Plugin can enhance your profit to some extent if you already have a traffic driven website.

Moreover, As an affiliate marketer, after the recent updates, search engines do not like many promotional links and the links have to placed very judiciously.

When you use this kind of Automated plugins, you do not have control over the number of links in any post. If you have the keyword say for 10 times in a post, every repetition will have the hyperlink and there are chances that your website is penalized by the search engines.

In that scenario, rather than making money, your website will lose the ranking and you would lose any chance of making money.

Bottom Line:

WP speedy Plugin can be a decent choice for the experienced marketers who can save some time and efforts by automating the link creation process. WP Speedy Links Plugin can be a handy tool in your kit.

But in case you are searching for a money-making opportunity, this is not for you.

You might have landed on this page searching for some legitimate money making opportunity.

Who better than me can know the agony of not having a Job or not making the Sufficient money to support your family.

I was laid of from the Job at 51 and only then I knew the market scenario. 

After Lot of struggle, I have established my on online business and making regular 6 figure Income

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review. In case you have any more queries, Do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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