You might be planning to join a website like providing writing Jobs online to make some passive income. 

Starting an online career as a Freelancer writer seems like a good plan. But, unfortunately, most of the websites claiming to provide such opportunities turned out to be Scams.

While searching for freelancing opportunities as a writer, you might have stumbled upon such websites offering paid jobs. Unfortunately, though some of these sites do pay the freelancers, in most cases, people failed to recover even the membership amount paid by them for joining the platform.

In this "writing Jobs online" review, I will share the truth about the online writing jobs website. I have reviewed hundreds of online Job Scams, So I believe I will tell you the truth about these writing Jobs Platforms.

Quick Report

Name: Writing jobs
Owner: Glenn Anderson
Price: $1 for 7 days and $47 per month thereafter.




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

You can make some passive income as an Online writer. The website provide some opportunities to the members join the platform.

The major problem with the website is that it charges a recurring amount of $47 per month  after the trial period of 1 week.

In case you are interested to use the data base to get the writing Jobs, You can join them for a trial period by clicking here.

In my opinion you can not make huge money as an online writer.

There are other legitimate options available to make money online and support your family

What is writing Jobs Online Platform?

The platform is supposedly launched to provide an opportunity to achieve financial freedom by writing online. They claim that you can earn from $700 per month to $5ooo per month or more their online jobs.

As per the information provided on their website, they provide different jobs like writing for blogs,  different website, eBooks and taking online surveys.

While they charge monthly Fee from their members while other freelancing websites like and Fiverr do not charge you for joining. This raises a red flag.

Let’s dig more into details to find out the credentials of the man behind this website.

Glenn Anderson is the owner of  He is also operating other similar website named Gaming Jobs Online.

The sales video of all the three websites has the same lady narrator in their sales video. It seems that all the three sites are linked together in some way or other. That raises the suspicion on their legitimacy. If they are providing online Jobs, I do not find the necessity to operate many websites.

The design and the structure of all the three websites is the same and they all prevent you to move away from the web page. Whenever you try to close the website you get a pop-up that changes would not be saved.; It indicates that all the websites are designed by one person.

Who is this website for?

Writing Jobs are for all those people who want to make money by using their writing skills. If you have great writing skills or just starting out, this website may help you.

The major problem with is that you will have to buy the paid membership to access the job area.

As I said earlier there are many legitimate options available online where you can enroll your self as a freelancer writer for free and get the online jobs.

In case you are not aware of free  platforms for Freelancing work, You can just check out for,, and

You need to be a resident of the USA for joining Jobs are available for residents of 150 countries across the globe.

How to Join Writing Jobs Online?

The website does not offer free membership and is a paid site.

You can buy the trial membership of 7 days for $1 after which you will be charged on a monthly basis. You will have to pay the monthly membership fee irrespective of the fact whether you make any money or not.

The website charges a monthly recurring fee as they do not take the commission from your earnings whereas site like Fiverr takes a cut from your payments.

Normally most of the freelancers do the freelancing jobs in their spare time and they would not like to pay a monthly recurring Fee, They would be more happy to pass on a commission from their earnings.

Moreover when you but the trial membership, you have shared your credit card information with them. Hence you need to cancel the subscription in time if you do not want to continue,  otherwise, they will charge the next month fee.

I have come across the cases where people have forgotten to cancel the trial membership and monthly fee have been charged on their credit cards.

How to make money with writing


You can make money with the writing jobs in three easy steps.

  1. Select a suitable Job.
  2. Complete the Job and submit.
  3. Get paid for completed Jobs.

There are many online Jobs available on the platform in various categories as shown below.

How Much Money Can You Make with Online Writing Jobs?

I do not sincerely think that by working as a freelance writer, you can achieve financial freedom. But you have the opportunity to enhance your writing capabilities besides making some additional income.

There are chances that you get noticed by one of those big names like CNN, TMS, lifeHacker, and many others listed on the

Though the website makes bold claims that you can earn anything between $700 to $5000 per month but these figures are rarely achieved by the Freelancers.

To earn such money, you need to have a lot of experience and get hired by the big Paymasters.

In my opinion, Working as a Freelancing writer is not a Lucrative option. In case you are looking for a stable passive income which can support your family, you can start affiliate marketing.

What do you get inside the writing

I would like to share some details of major job-related sections available for paid members inside the platform so that it would become easier for you to decide if the is meant for you or not?


1. Writing Jobs Database: Here you get a list of various websites related to writing job boards and freelance jobs featuring like,, Job Database actually does not have any real jobs but the links to various websites.

2.  $50 – $100 Writing Jobs:  This section provides the list of websites which accept articles. Though these websites pay for the writing Jobs, they normally hire the experienced writers.

3. $100 – $200 Writing Gigs: In order get  hired by these websites, you may have to submit your previous work as they would mainly be looking for the experienced writers with exceptional writing skills.'

4. Writing and Online Magazine Writing Gigs:  Here they have provided the links of some more websites. You may have to search for the site matching your experience. They have listed the sites in alphabetical order from A to J. I do not have any explanation why the List stops abruptly.

Writing Jobs Pros:  and Cons


  • You can make some money as a freelancing writer.
  • You may get connected with some big organization.
  • Some useful training is provided.
  • Fe writing tools are available.
  • Offers a trial period of 7 days at a very reasonable cost.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.

Writing Jobs Cons:

  • Recurring monthly fee of $47 per month.
  • Some of the links do not work.
  • There are free resources available for writing jobs.
  • Job database is just linked to some other sites having writing jobs.

Is Writing Jobs a Scam?

I have shared the inside information with you. Though I don't call them a Scam, they do not offer anything worth monthly recurring amount of $47.

They have just shared the links and Job lists from other websites.

Though a long term membership is not recommended, however, you can opt for a trial at $1 just to check the database of various organizations and later you can approach them directly.

 How do I Make Money Online As A Writer? 

I do make money using my writing skills but I do not work for others as a Freelancer. I used to write articles for others but the money paid was very less. Competition is growing in the online Freelancing domain.

I have adopted other ways of making money still by writing online and you can follow the same. The method is known as affiliate marketing.

I have created my website where I publish articles to help the people making the buying decision. People searching for the products land on my website and read my reviews about the products.

Once they buy the products using the links provided on my website. I get paid by websites like Amazon and eBay.

The process of earning money with affiliate marketing is very simple but you may require step by step training to start your own blog and drive traffic to your blog.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the post and the review is helpful to you. In case you need more information, Please leave a comment below.

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