Do you want to make $ 1000 per day with a very simple system? The name of the system is ” Your Dream Websites”. If the system is something which it claims to be then upon joining, you will find your financial freedom. But before Joining the program, Please read the complete review. After “Your Dream websites” review, you can decide how much money you can make with the system and how?

Quick Report:

Name: Your Dream Websites
Owner: Jake
Price: $37 + Upsells.
Rating: We will decide after review.

Your Dream Websites Review:

I just received an email in my inbox regarding an opportunity to make $1000 per day and following the link, I landed at the homepage of “Your Dream Websites”. At first glance, It appeared to me that something is wrong. It looked like a scam website I have reviewed a few months back.
The similarity could be incidental but that tagline ” Copy My Free Weird Trick to Make $1000.00 per day” raised a red flag.  The site does not look like a proper website but Just a sales landing page with a video.

I have reviewed many programs till now but I never call a program scam (or legit) without actually going into details and researching thoroughly.

Therefore I decided to watch the video to review the information shared in the video before making a comment on its legitimacy.

You can learn from successful entrepreneurs and achieve success by following their training and advise but not by just copying some weird tricks. Business is not about just some tricks here and there. It needs proper understanding and a lot of hard work.

I am a successful entrepreneur my self and earn a full-time income doing online marketing and affiliate marketing. I have worked very hard to reach this stage. I took proper training and it took me almost 3 months in earning my first commission



and that too was not more than a dollar.


I started earning in 4 figures after spending a year or so in training and a full-time income in 18 months. Therefore when I saw the above scroll on their website, I could sense that website is a scam.

Any real business takes time to show the result and I knew it and was ready to spend time on my business with complete devotion.

Only thing I knew that I was following a genuine training and was moving in the right direction.


How Does Your Dream Websites Work?

The video on the site is presented by Jake, who claimed to be an internet guru but in reality, but it seems he is an artist just hired for video and a fake personality selling the system for $37.

Jake claims that he is setting up your account now with the click of some mouse clicks. Sounds Funny.  When you are watching a recorded video and he is not live, how can he be setting your account?

The above claims are followed by the testimony of some people who claimed to make money online but how? None of then reveal the name of the program they are using to make the money. It seems that the owners have very smartly used the clips from other video recordings.

After testimonies, he will inform that your system is ready and making you money as you watch the video.

Does it sound true? You have not joined any program and you have not taken any action to set up your account and still, your account is set up and making money.

Is making money that easy?

Can you earn while watching a video?

I told you that something clicked my mind when I landed at their webpage and while watching the testimonies I recollect that these are the same people involved in another scam MOBE reviewed by me long ago.

More Red Flags :

  1. Stock Pictures used from Shutterstock and similar sites.
  2. Any time you land on the page, the video will suggest today is the last day of the offer.
  3. Fake Testimonials.
  4. The fake identity of Jake

If you are still bent upon joining “Your Dream websites” even after all these red flags, you will not get such a site which can make you money. One page websites would never rank in search engines like google. Rather if many people would buy the same sites having the same contents, the website would be penalized by Google.

Once you have paid the joining amount, You will be left only with one option i.e to promote the website using paid advertisements and spend more money.  You can try to promote these websites on Social media but to generate targetted traffic on Social media, you must have a lot of followers.

The best way of promoting any business is by generating organic traffic and these websites are not optimized to generate organic traffic.

Moreover, if you buy this program, you will start receiving the messages for upsells. This is the only way the owner of these type of websites make money.

They would lure newbies, who are not aware of such scams, with a low-cost offer and if you join the program, you will be bombarded with high priced upsells.

Even someone buys the upsell in pursuit of money, they will get access to some generic training material which otherwise may be available for free on youtube.

Is Your Dream Websites a Scam?

There is no iota of doubt.

I can call this program a Scam, without any hesitation. I won’t take this program even for free as my time is precious and have to be spent on something real.

This is not a real deal and even if you follow their generic training, that will not help you earn a single penny.

If you still want to buy this program, the choice is yours but I won’t recommend this program to anyone.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a legitimate way of earning money, you must opt for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not easy but which business is easy then?

If you follow the training and stick with it for 4 to 6 month, you will not look back. To start with training you do not need any technical skills and you can get started for free.

I have reviewed the best affiliate training platform, wealthy affiliate.

You can read my reviews here.

Just joining the training will not help. You must follow is sincerely and do all the activities recommended. I will myself be there to guide you and take you to the next level.

I hope you have liked my review. In case need more information, Do not hesitate to leave a comment below in the comment section.

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  1. Lets say someone you know did fall for this scam… what is your recommendation on how to go about getting your money back? My friend said she called the 800 # on the site for refunds, and it was to, who told her they had no record of any of her information. Please offer any advice possible, other than the obvious…DONT FALL FOR IT! Thank you

    1. Hi
      In my opinion, it is not possible to get the money back. Owners have not revealed the real identity and they can shut down their website anytime. Internet marketing is still not strictly regulated,
      I have started this website to help people avoid scams and join a legitimate business. I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am earning $10000 per month. Wealthy Affiliate is into business for the last 14 years and is available in 195 countries. Joining it is free as a starter member and once you have evaluated the program, you can become a premium member. A program trusted by the millions of people and run by real people can not be a scam.
      I will just check It seems that they do not have the links with ” Your Dream Website” and look like a website providing some useful tools for affiliate marketing. Soon I will go into details and review it.

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