You might have landed on this page searching for Youtube Secrets after watching some promotional video of the Program or you might have actually landed on   

The website claims that you can make money with Youtube without any website. You are not required to create any Video and you can make money with the videos created by other people. That sounds too good. That is why I decided to write a Youtube Secrets review. 

In case you are planning to Join Youtube Secrets, hold on for some time and read the complete review.

Quick Report

Name: YouTube Secrets
Owner: Mike Williams
Price: $27 Per Month (7 Days Trial for $1)




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

YouTube Secrets is training created by Mike Williams to teach you to make money on Youtube with Other's Video.

Youtube Secrets a not a Scam and You may opt for 7 days trial for $1 and have access to the complete system upfront.

The training concentrates only on making money with YouTube and is not a complete step-by-step Training on Affiliate marketing.

If you are looking forward to be a successful online marketer, you need a training created by the masters in the field and trusted by  a community of more than a millions

What Is YouTube Secrets?

Youtube Secrets is a Training Program created by Mike Williams to teach you the ways to make passive income on Youtube using the videos created by Other People. The Program can be used by anyone trying to make money online.

Following are the highlights of the Program:

  1. Make money with YouTube without marketing,  filming, and website.
  2. You can Choose any of the Video from millions of YouTube videos and make them yours.
  3. No Experience or Technical Skills required.
  4. You will Receive regular payments by check or wire transfer direct to your bank account.

It goes without saying that money making online is not that easy as it is proposed to be.

You can make a lot of money on YouTube by creating your Videos and Uploading on your Youtube Channel.

The Videos must be based on some rich contents and you should know how to drive traffic on your Youtube Channel. The people who are making money with Youtube Videos have a large number of Subscribers for their Youtube Channels.

But here Mike Williams Claim that you are not required to create any Video for making money by just spending 30 minutes online every weekend. He has cracked the code to make money on YouTube without many Efforts.

What do you get Inside YouTube Secrets?


Youtube Secrets Training consists of 46 Videos and 17 ebooks on Various Topics to train you to make Money online without Filming the YouTUbe Videos.

These Videos and eBooks more or less cover the Following topics in Detail:
  • To access more than 25 million YouTube Videos for free and repurpose them without Copyright Problem.
  • How to select a Longtail Keyword for Using Others Videos and where to Place these Keywords. You will have to select Keywords and Tags so that you are not penalized by Youtube. The Youtube Secrets provide the proper training
  • It teaches you to write the attention Catching Description to give a boost to the Rankings.
  • Importance of Thumbnails
  • .Communicating with your Channel Subscribers.
  • How To increase Youtube Video Views.
  • Keep track of Your competitors videos by Reverse Engineering and taking vital inputs to boost your rankings.
  • To UseYoutube to advertise your Site for free.
  • The ways to create PlayLists and use them to your full advantage.
  • Retaining your Audience is very important and The training touches the base with different methods and helps in increasing  Audience engagement with Youtube Videos.
  • Analyzing Data and setting up Demographics to know more about your viewers so that you can provide them what they are looking for.

The Tools - Do they Still Work?

Training put a lot of emphasis on tools and resources for Editing the Videos created by Others. However, On checking, I have found that some of these Softwares do not work anymore.

Software Like TubeChop and DragonTape have stopped working but I feel You are bent upon Joining YouTube Secrets, you may find the Alternatives.

TubeChop is used for cutting the Portion of video. As this software does not work any more you can use YtCutter. Similarly, You can find some other software in place of Dragon Tape for merging the videos.

There are many other tools to be used like, Youtube Captions, Youtube Test Tube and Tube Gating, etc. You will be trained to use these tools inside the training.

I feel that the training has not been updated since its Launch or else owner would have prescribed the new Tools.

The main problem with the outdated training is that you do not know if these methods still work for making money online.

If the trial version is still available for $1, You can still use the training for an overview of the processes.

In Case trial version is not available,  you better research for an updated training that is current to today’s YouTube terms & conditions.

How Does YouTube Secrets  Work?


The training is created to help you make money from other people’s videos. All you have to do is find the YouTube videos related to your niche using the tools. These tools have been discussed within training. Once you have found the Videos, you can edit them or repurpose them to use as your own videos by editing, merging and adding different music.

Once you are satisfied with video quality, you can upload the same to your YouTube channel for monetizing.

You can make money when your channel starts driving the traffic. Once you have enough subscribers, YouTube will start showing ads on your videos and share a part of the income with you.

Mike Williams does not tell you that it is easier said than done. Making money online needs a lot more efforts than just editing other's video and sharing on your YouTube Channel.

How Much is Cost:

You can Join YouTube Secrets for a 7 Days Trial for $1. ( Click here to check, if it is still available). Thereafter you will have to pay $27 per month.

I am really not aware why you would be paying $27 per month for this system when you get all the material upon joining the System.

The training is not being updated and you do not get any additional support apart from the Email Support. I do not recommend to continue the system after the trial period is over.

Moreover, You will have to be very careful while using the system. There is one-click upsell available for $28. One click upsell means, you click the button once and money will be charged to your Credit Card.

YouTube Secrets Pros:

  1. 60 days money back Guarantee.
  2. One week Trial for $1.
  3. A nice Training on Youtube marketing.
  4. You can still make some money.

YouTube Secrets Cons:

  1. The training has not been updated.
  2. $27 per month for no reason.
  3. Obsolete Tools.
  4. Does not touch other aspects of affiliate marketing.

Is YouTube Secrets A Scam:

YouTube Secrets is not a Scam. When I heard about this, it appeared to be a Scam. But the system provides you some training on making money with YouTube.

But I do not recommend YouTube Secrets, However, you can trial membership of 7 days by paying $1. You will get all the training material as a trial member and There is no need to pay monthly Fee.

I do not recommend the system due to ethical reasons. Mike Williams tells you that you can make money with Other's videos and I am sure he would equip you to make some money online. But about the YouTubers who have put a lot of hard work in creating the videos and You are stealing their Videos.

Apart from Ethics, I am not aware of the new Algorithm of YouTube will allow you to use edited videos in your channel.

Bottom Line:

Making money with YouTube is a legitimate job. But you can not achieve financial freedom just by using one aspect of Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a broad concept and if have to achieve permanent success, you will have to be fully trained on all the aspects.

You will have to have your own website to create your own brand and branding is must in any business.

Once you have your own website, You need to write the contents and use SEO to drive traffic to your website.

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science and you do not require any special skills. All you need is a step by step training from the masters in the field. Once you have access to the training and ready to do the hard work, you will start making enough money to support your family and enjoy a luxurious life.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online

I hope you have liked my review and in case you need more information, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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