Welcome to my ZoanCash review.

You might probably have received some email for joining this platform for making money online and have decided to check if it is worth joining it.

In this review I will share everything I know about this platform transparently to help you make an informed decision.

As you are aware of the fact that there are so many online frauds there, I am glad that you have decided to do your own research before joining a program.

That's the only way to avoid scams and save your hard earned money.

I have reviewed many online programs in last few years to help newbies like you avoid online scam. I do not want you commit the same mistakes as committed by me I did during my initial days.

Quick Report- ZoanCash Review

  • Product Name:ZoanCash
  • Web Site: www.zoancash.com
  • Owner: Hidden
  • Price: Free to Signup

Over All Rating :

Zoancash claims that you can make $300 per day with their platform.

That seems to a good opportunity if it is real. I have seen many platforms that make similar type of claims but don't deliver.

When I visited this website for the first time, ZoanCash look  a Scam.

The website claims that you can make $15 for every person who join through your referral.​

I really fail to understand, when joining is free and they are not charging any membership fee how would they pay $15 for every joining.

 This raise a red flag. However I decided to review it thoroughly before calling it a Scam.

In the meanwhile, if you are sick of Scams , you can check a legitimate online opportunity for making money.

What is ZoanCash?

As per the information provided on the website, ZoanCash is the one of the top network for influencers and gamers.

These influencers work with them for daily projects and tasks, however they have failed to give any details of the tasks and projects. 

On their home page they invite you to join this huge network of influencers and start getting paid for referring people.

You will get $10 for every new referral joined through your affiliate link and $2 for every click on  your link.

You will also be paid for posting on Social Media and uploading a youtube video about ZoanCash.

Zoan Cash Also Offer onetime Joining Bonus of $25.

How Does ZoanCash works?

ZoanCash does not work as advertised. In my opinion ZoanCash does not work at all.

When you Join ZoanCash, you will see a Signing up bonus of $25 in your account and when you complete few tasks advertised on the platform, you will observe an increase in your balance there.

But there is no reason to feel happy as the money shown in your account will never be paid. That's not real money.

The whole platform is designed to believe you that you are making huge money and you keep on advertising the fake program on social media even at a risk of banning your account.

You must understand their exact business Model.

ZoanCash.com claims to pay you $2 for every visitor on their website through your links.

This really seems impossible as the owners of Zoancash.com don’t get paid when someone visits it.

SImilarly the owners of ZoanCash.com can not afford to pay you $10 per referral because they are not charging any sign up Fee.

Besides the owners of ZoanCash claims that they will pay you $30 for every completes task or survey. That is also not possible as ZoanCash themselves do not get more than $3 for the tasks completed by you.

Is ZoanCash a Scam?

Before we go into details and check the red flags , let me tell you few facts.

People Join ZoanCash.com as it is free to join. People do not realize before joining that it could be a Scam as they are not being asked for any money.

People fail to realize that there are many scams which do not ask for direct payment.

People also join the program to earn $25 as signing up bonus but they do not know that $25 will just be reflected in their account but will never be paid. They will not be allowed to withdraw this amount.

Red Flag # 1 : No Real Owner:

ZoanCash.com website do not reveal any information related to the website Owner.

This raises a huge red flag because scammers generally hide their identities so that they are not recognized and they keep coming up with new Scams every few days.

I could not imagine any legitimate company whose CEO do not have Social presence. But when you search for the credential of the owner of ZoanCash.

Red Flag # 2 : Fake Date of Incorporation


On the about us page of website, it is mentioned that ZoanCash was started in March 2008 in Amsterdam but when i researched further I found that the website is launched recently  in the month of March 2020. 

They have provided is with the wrong information so as to make us believe that they have been around since so long.

This is a huge red flag.

Red Flag #3 : Fake Payment Proofs

I have been repeatedly telling you in this review that you will not get any money. Now I will substantiate with the proofs.


The dates of payment mentioned in the payment proofs provided on their website are prior to March 2020 i.e the date of launching this program. how can that be possible.

Red Flag # 4 : Fake Testimonials

The testimonials shown on the website are all Fake and that is a huge red Flag.

I have already reviewed a Scam named NextCash which turned out to ba a Scam.


I feel that both ZoanCash and NextCash belong to the same owner and are big scams.

Moreover you observe closely, all the payments have been made into one account. This indicate that the owner of website have transferred the amount in his own Paypal account.

I can show so many more red flags but I do not want to waste more time on this Scam.

Yes ZoanCash is a Scam.

Bottom Line - Can you make money On Line?

ZoanCash Claims that you can make $300 per day and let me tell you it is quite possible to make that much money online but not with ZoanCash.

ZoanCash is created just to take your information and sell it to Scammers. They want you to promote it and let more people join using your links so that they have more data to sell.

Though you are not paying them a dime but actually you are becoming a part of Scam.

The information will be used to hack personal information. Since most of the people use combination of Same email and password for online transactions, You may end up loosing your paypal and other account information.

In case you have registered at ZoanCash using combination of same email and password as being used on other paying sites , I would advise you to change the password immediately on those sites.

I would like you to avoid these online scams and use legitimate options to make money online.

There are alternatives available.

You can make some money on sites Like Shoppers Voice View, Fusion Cash or Cash Magnet App by completing some tasks or participating in surveys but can not achieve financial Freedom. 

The above mentioned sites are legitimate but not worth your time.

Therefore I suggest you to start your online business using a different model called affiliate marketing. This is the model being used by me for making 6 figure passive income online.

The Reason for using this model is : 

  • You dont require your own product for making money.
  • You are not required to keep any inventory.
  • You can promote any brand without paying any franchisee fee.
  • You are not required to handle shipments
  • You are not worried about returns and refunds.
  • You are not required to provide any warranty.
  • You should not be bothered about customer support.
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In Case you serious about making money and ready to learn affiliate marketing, I Invite you to join the same  training  for free that has helped me making $10000 or more per month last year.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. In case you need more information or have any question do not forget to leave a comment below in the comment section. I will respond at the earliest.

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